Dr. Joe Kort

Meet Dr. Joe Kort, an openly gay sex therapist and author. Kort has taken his practice online to TikTok, where his claim–that sex between men is a “guy thing”–has made him infamous.

In a recent video, Kort made the assertion as part of an underlying thesis that behavior doesn’t determine sexual orientation; rather, feelings do.

“When straight men have sex with men it’s not a gay thing, it’s a guy thing,” he said in the video. “In general, men have more transactional sex with one another, in general women don’t. Men have objectified sex where it’s just about the act, it’s just about getting off.”

“Straight men are not attracted to men, they’re attracted to the sex with men,” he added. “Could some of these men be gay or bisexual? Absolutely, but that comes over time and that’s a trajectory that only they can be in touch with to figure that out. The straight man who is having sex with another man is into it because the guy is into him, it’s all about him.”

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Of course, many of his 300,000 followers had to weigh in on the issue.

“Some people amaze me,” said one follower. “The double standard too. Women ‘make out’ with other women and still be 100 percent straight.”

“This has been happening since the beginning of time,” said another. “People need to research.”

The debate carried over onto Twitter, where a number of Dr. Kort’s videos also circulate.

“I relate so much on this vid bc I’ve met several ‘straight’ men who treat gays as sexual objects,” said Twitter user @alter_kovu. “This short vid kinda explains that behavior.”


“Thank you, Dr. Joe Kort, what are your rates?” asked @comrade_nikita. “I am in need of sexual healing”

According to his website, Dr. Joe Kort has practiced sex therapy since 1985. He earned his doctorate (Ph.D.) in Clinical Sexology from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, a Florida-based graduate school. He operates his own practice which specializes in the treatment of sex addiction and issues surrounding queer sexuality. He’s authored articles in such publications as Huffington Post and Psychology Today, as well as four books dealing with gay male sexuality and relationships.

We have a feeling he’s about to get a big influx of clients.

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