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Shame, Albert Nobbs, Jodie Foster Nominated for Golden Globes

The Golden Globes nominations list came out of its flaxen closet yesterday, and there’s some good gay-interest picks to be had.

Over in the best-actor category, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association nominated Leo DiCaprio for his role as a closet-case bully pink-tinged J. Edgar. Lacking, though, was a nod for co-star Armie Hammer, who got a SAG nom as Hoover’s “confidante.”

In what may be the first time an NC-17 film has been honored, Shame‘s Michael Fassbender also scored for playing a Manhattan sex addict who, in the throes of anguish, goes on a crazy sex bender. It’s mostly straight banging, but he does gets a hummer from an anonymous male partner.

In the ladies’ acting arena, lesbian icon Jodie Foster was recognized for her role in Carnage. Then there’s nods for Glenn Close and Janet McTeer, who play cross-dressers in Albert Nobbs, and Rooney Mara, who plays ambibisexual and androgynous in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Other gay-interest nominees include The Skin I Live In, Beginners, Glee and Modern Family.

In music, Elton John, along with co-writer Bernie Taupin, scored a nod for best song in a motion picture for “Hello, Hello” in the animated Gnomeo and Juliet. Madonna’s second feature film W.E.—though largely panned by critics—will be competing with Elton in the best song category for “Masterpiece,” written by Madge along with Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry. This isn’t Madonna’s first grab at the globes—she won for Evita back in 1997.

Oh, and it’s the 69th Annual Golden Globes, and that number is kinda gay. So there’s that too.

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  • Cinesnatch

    It wasn’t just BEGINNERS that was nominated, it was CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER in Beginners, who appears to be on track to win the Oscar this year. He portrays a gay man who comes out of the closet after his wife of several decades dies. Perhaps it’s not as sexy as the one brief blow job Michael Fassbender’s character receives from a guy or Armie Hammer’s omission, but it’s the most gay-positive-related nomination out of the lot and deserves to be specifically singled out.

  • D P

    I didn’t know that Michael Fassbender’s character in Shame had service from a male partner! I held off seeing the movie even though I really wanted to see it because Fassbender stars in it, because I thought the only encounters portrayed in the storyline were heterosexual… . I have to say: I’m envious of the actor and the character who does service him! Now, I’ll have to go…

  • John

    @D P: The brief gay scene is thrown in the movie gratuitously, to illustrate how perverse and depraved Michael Fassbender’s character has become. The fact that the film’s only two scenes that depict gay characters/desire [that trip to a gay sex club and a male-female-female threesome he gets into immediately after] are used to show that he has hit ‘bottom’ struck me as astonishingly homophobic and artistically lazy.

    It is terribly misleading of Queerty to be suggesting that an incident of gay sex so lamentably portrayed somehow makes this a ‘gay film’ or even one of ‘gay interest’. I would encourage all self-respecting homos to spend their time and money on other things.

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