Sharron Angle Wants Nevada Republicans’ Votes, You HIV-Spreading Child-Molesting Queer

Nevada Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle not only calls herself a “true protector of the Nevada Constitution”, she also calls LGBT people “child-molesting, HIV-carrying, Hell-bound freaks.” She made those statements 16-years-ago, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use them to play Beguile The Bigot now!

Before going Republican in 1997 just to get elected to statewide office, Angle had pledged six years of allegiance to the “Christian conservative-cum-libertarian” far-right Independent American Party (IAP). During her stint with them, she published a 1992 whackjob manifesto railing against America’s financing of “the New World Order,” a fundamentalist reference to the Antichrist-run world government at the End of Days.

Then in 1994, the IAP placed a 16-page insert in state newspapers advocating for a state amendment allowing businesses and governments to discriminate against “sodomites” and “brazen perverts” as much as they like.

Sample headlines include: “Homosexual Curriculum In The First Grade” … “Flawed Science Nurtures Genetic Origin For Homosexuality” … “No Constitutional Right To Be A Sodomite.” Here’s a passage from an item headlined “True Homosexual Character Revealed”

Please, please, please let her opponent Sen. Harry Reid, or the Nevada media, bring up pseudo-scientific tidbits such as “HIV is passed through public water sources” and the “top six U.S. male killers were all homosexual.”

She and Palin’s pick for Congress (who thinks gay-marriage causes HIV) should go bowling.

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  • Jay

    And yet, somewhere in the state of Nevada there will be a bunch of self-hatin’, queerhole, douchey, Log Cabin or closeted Republicans who will vote for this witch.


    Believe it or not, sometimes I attempt to be somewhat constrained when I fire off a volly towards the vile scumbags who toss their hate at the Gays. I sometimes refer to one of these scumbags of the female persuasion as “crunts” as opposed to not adding the “r”. However in this case I do not feel the need for constraint in my description of this far right Angle freak. She is a vile miserable hate spewing reprehensive despicable cunt……………

  • whatever

    Harry Reid is a lucky man. It was either chicken lady or this nut job. She is dodging th press at every turn. S

    ee, teatards. This is what happens when your favorite morons get nominated.

  • whatever

    Facial recognition.

    You can tell a Republican male by the lack of an upper lip.

    You can tell a Republican female by the huge grill.

  • Mac McNeill

    The problem is, she might just win. The republicans of Nevada were very anti Health Bill. They do not believe in paying taxes to help ANYONE. If a mother of 10 was on the ground dying of stavation, they wouldn’t help because “she did it to herself”.

    I work in a government office where our insurance is paid for and the majority of the people were complaining because the law says you have to have insurance. They already have it, it doesn’t apply to them but they are so anti Reid it didn’t make any difference.

  • Beth Ly

    Prove it. Send me the direct quote and source from 16 years ago
    You must.

  • jeffree

    @Beth Ly: Sorry: you must be new to the internet! Welcome! Some ideas for youi:
    ++Learn to recognize a link & click on it
    ++Go to something called google.com where you can type in words and it will pull up web-pages for you
    ++Go to a better LGBT blog, and search for Sharron Angle and click their links
    ++Ask your doctor about proper dosages of your meds!

    I sure hope this helps!
    Godspeed to you, dearie.

  • jeffree

    Let’s give Sharron a little smidge of credit for her honesty. Many other teabaggers & repugnicants may believe as she does, but they “talk nice” and PC and hide their true feelings. She’s left a solid paper trail of her beliefs. At least she is clear on where she stands….

    I disagree of course with everything I’ve seen her say but I’m crystal clear on what she represents.

    Nevada’s economy has been torn a part by the decline in tourism so maybe the voters will turn to the tea-patriots for answers.
    I hope cooler heads prevail.

  • Anybody Butt Reid

    Nevada is going to butt Reid in November. Are you excited?

  • Sharron: Clean Your Toilet Mouth

    Seems to me, Sharron Angle is much more anti-Chtist in her behavior and words, than Harry Reid.

    Oh, and she needs to give up on DC, and go back to cleaning toilets – starting with the one in her own mouth that stinks to high heaven every time she opens it.

  • Sharron: Clean Your Toilet Mouth

    Sharron Angle is one vile creature. Not sure what species, but she isn’t part of humankind, catkind, dogkind, ratkind, mousekind, birdkind, or any other kind. She isn’t of this country, this world.

    She originated in a porta toilet, and licked it clean as she emerged. So, when you hear her talk about her toilet cleaning experience, just remember she emerged from one.

  • Sharron: Clean Your Toilet Mouth

    Her horsey, tooth baring mouth looks painfully stretched. Does she ever relax? She looks so contrived, and nasty.

  • Lanjier

    Remember, the bigger the christian conservative smile, the more ugly and unpatriotic thoughts swill in their heads.

  • Brentinpdx

    When the right wing agenda comes back into power( and you know it will) it will be a really scary world. I’m not sure who will be worse, the Republicans or the Taliban.

  • Vegas Tea Room



    In Nevada they put on their Armani’s and join HRC, the Homosexual Republican’s Club. That way they get to fly under the radar of neutrality while promulgating their rich/selfish GLB conservative views AND go to FABULOUS cocktail parties and galas.

    Lambda Legal is the only Gay Inc. org. that gets my money these days.

  • LuckyBlueEyez

    I guess maybe some time ago her girlfriend broke the relationship off and now it appears she resents all gay people. Either that or there is serious problems with her perception and mental capabilities.



    I’ll get you my pretty………….Ha Ha Ha Ha

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