Sharron Angle Wants Nevada Republicans’ Votes, You HIV-Spreading Child-Molesting Queer

Nevada Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle not only calls herself a “true protector of the Nevada Constitution”, she also calls LGBT people “child-molesting, HIV-carrying, Hell-bound freaks.” She made those statements 16-years-ago, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use them to play Beguile The Bigot now!

Before going Republican in 1997 just to get elected to statewide office, Angle had pledged six years of allegiance to the “Christian conservative-cum-libertarian” far-right Independent American Party (IAP). During her stint with them, she published a 1992 whackjob manifesto railing against America’s financing of “the New World Order,” a fundamentalist reference to the Antichrist-run world government at the End of Days.

Then in 1994, the IAP placed a 16-page insert in state newspapers advocating for a state amendment allowing businesses and governments to discriminate against “sodomites” and “brazen perverts” as much as they like.

Sample headlines include: “Homosexual Curriculum In The First Grade” … “Flawed Science Nurtures Genetic Origin For Homosexuality” … “No Constitutional Right To Be A Sodomite.” Here’s a passage from an item headlined “True Homosexual Character Revealed”

Please, please, please let her opponent Sen. Harry Reid, or the Nevada media, bring up pseudo-scientific tidbits such as “HIV is passed through public water sources” and the “top six U.S. male killers were all homosexual.”

She and Palin’s pick for Congress (who thinks gay-marriage causes HIV) should go bowling.

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