Shirley Phelps Warns Teen Vlogger He’ll Burn In Hell For Being A “Fag Enabler” In Uncomfortable Interview

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.48.22 AMWhat good can possibly come from giving Shriley “Westboro Baptist” Phelps a platform of any kind to spout her vitriol?

Well for one thing, it kind of takes the power out of her message. “God hates fags” is jarring, harsh, and violent. Seeing it on a sign is upsetting to say the least.

But there’s something just sad about watching Shirley try to articulate her viewpoint in this odd interview she granted to 17-year-old vlogger Andrew Demnter.

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Andrew doesn’t fall into the trap of reacting to Shirley, which is really all she wants. Instead we see what happens when she’s faced with civil conversation, which neutralizes any shock appeal she might hope for.

Alex explained to HuffPost, “My goal for the interview was simple: to attempt to understand the “rationale” of a hate-monger. This, however, soon proved futile as I was seeking out logic and reason where it wasn’t meant to be found. Another motivation for interviewing Shirley was to uncover from where her hatred [stemmed].”

Watch below: