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Shirtless Superheroes are Superheroes who are Shirtless

We were researching a post about Michigan Representative Dave Agema (he’s a stridently anti-gay Republican, so, you know) when we came upon our new favorite site: Shirtless Superheroes. It is pretty much exactly what the name suggests: superheroes. Shirtless. Ta da!

Finally, something to relieve the usual monotony of the Marvel/DC soap operas: hunky pecs and rippling abs! All your faves are there: Marvel Boy, the ambisexual Starman, a shredded Superboy, and a naked Captain Atom. Super indeed!

Now, somebody go find out if Prez is past the age of consent.

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  • Chris

    Not to make myself more of a nerd than I already am, but Captain Comet (above) in Mystery is Space was a pretty good comic. And easy on the eyes too. :-)

  • gryphen

    Ugh! I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the day…. (Thanks Queerty!)

  • Lefty

    Fantastic!!! Thanks, Queerty.

  • puck247


    Hey Chris, let your nerd flag fly high ! I LOVED that miniseries too. Did you read the first mini done by drawn by Carlos Pacheco ?
    ? Fantabulous !

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