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SHOCK: Gay Texas 13-Year-Old Asher Brown Shoots Himself In The Head After Horrific School Torment

There is no good news in this story. None. It’s sad, and it’s endemic of the nightmares today’s LGBT youth continue to face every. single. day. Asher Brown, a 13-year-old eighth grader at Hamilton Middle School outside Houston, shot himself in the head last week after being “bullied to death.”

Asher was tormented for being small. For his religious beliefs. For the way he dressed. And for being gay. His bullies acted out mock gay sex acts in phys ed class.

As is growing increasingly typical, Asher’s mother and stepfather Amy (pictured below) and David Truong say they notified administrators at the Harris, Texas school about how their son was being taunted. They say it’s been a year and a half since they first alerted the school, but no action was taken. Calls to the school went unanswered. The school, meanwhile, says it never received any calls. School district spokeswoman Kelli Durham insists no students or teachers registered complaints, either. Update: Durham says the school received an email from Amy earlier this month, but it was about problems at home, not school bullying.

That statement infuriated the Truongs, who accused the school district of protecting the bullies and their parents. “That’s absolutely inaccurate — it’s completely false,” Amy Truong said. “I did not hallucinate phone calls to counselors and assistant principals. We have no reason to make this up. … It’s like they’re calling us liars.” David Truong said, “We want justice. The people here need to be held responsible and to be stopped. It did happen. There are witnesses everywhere.”

Asher took his own life with his stepfather’s 9 mm Beretta, which was “stored on one of the closet’s shelves.” There was no suicide note. His stepfather David found his body, lifeless, after coming home from work. “I thought he was laying there reading a book or something,” he says. “My son put a gun to his head because he couldn’t take what he was hearing and the constant teasing.”

His mother Amy came home to police sirens and yellow tape at her house. “They called him different names for being homosexual,” she says. “He just had enough.”

One report says Asher came out to his parents over the summer, and that they were so accepting he might have come out to his classmates. Another report says the morning of his death, Asher came out to David.

The day before, a student tripped him on the school steps and kicked his books all over the floor.

There’s no more room to debate whether LGBT kids need our protection. It’s inarguable. That American people, who love their children and their families and their sons and daughters and brothers and sisters can even fathom voting for bigots like Tom Emmer, who doesn’t think queer kids need our kindness and our strength and our safety, is unconscionable.

His Facebook tribute page is here.

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  • Ricky

    RIP little Asher. Fuck you Harris, Tx.

  • Ann Cunter

    You’re right, Ann; not oppressed at all.

  • Steven Michael


  • thomas

    poor baby
    they just do not care
    and it’s a shame a fuckin shame makes my heart crumble
    to hear that another teen has taken their own life cuz mothafuckas don’t know when to stop

  • Hypocrites (John from England)

    Queerty, did you or didn’t you insult Dan Savage because of his project about gays feeling like sh*t as kids?

    Does this at least make you proud your job is done? If I remember correctly you have also instigated a campaign against Barack Obama who bought forward the bullying hate bill.

    How do you sleep at night?

  • reason

    This happened in the school district that I graduated from, and I would be cautious about jumping to conclusions about the administration. I didn’t attend Hamilton, luckily, but the ones I attended had a zero tolerance policy for fighting, bullying, and things that disrupted the learning process. Cy-Fair values education and is one of the best school systems in the state and the country for that matter. It hails from a more conservative area Cypress Texas, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cypress,_Texas, then Houston, but has a very forward thinking administration that is purely focused on achievement not discriminating against people. The majority of the schools perform well above average academically including Hamilton. You literally could be expelled for fighting or bullying and I could count the fights I saw on one hand during my tenor in High School. A sign of the districts forward thinking though it is a republican area is during all the hoopla over Obama’s address to the children, while other district in the state were making a stink, viewing the speech was mandatory in Cy-Fair. If it was Houston’s school district I could see the administration being notified and not doing anything with the level of incompatiance that resides there but not in Cy-Fair. I would be slow to blame this incident on the administration, it likely resides with a particular group of kids that went unnoticed and Asher. I don’t know the parents motives but she is likely angry and looking to place blame, it also is a very wealthy school district and I am sure her lawyer is looking for a way to sue. Also, it is middle school and kids can be mean no matter who you are, it is to bad he took his life, he would have been happier in high school.

    The only incident of homophobia besides the use of the word gay I saw in high school was a kid getting taunted in the cafeteria but, in what would shock most people around the country, players on the basketball team actually stepped in and put an end to it. It is a sad time for the family and I am sorry for their loss, I wish them the best. I also think people should refrain from vilifying the district when it goes above and beyond most in the country to keep things like this from happening.

  • Ryan

    They live in Texas? Good luck getting anything done.

  • Keppler

    Oh, come now. Surely it’s clear to everyone. Gay people are second-class rejects. They’re not allowed to marry, to serve their country, to give blood, or in some places to adopt children. They’re diseased, and everyone, even our president, agrees. That’s why good christians like those in the Family Research Council, oppose anti-bullying laws that would curtail the ability of their sons and daughters to abuse us. That’s why the senate opposed the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” And that’s why our president works so hard on behalf of true citizens by defending anti-gay laws in court and by ensuring that everyone knows of his opposition to same-sex marriage.

    Dan Savage would like teenagers to know that suicide is not the answer, that life gets better. But, does it?

  • Fin

    @reason: What a fool you are. Because you didn’t see widespread homophobia when you attended a different school in a different time period, you conclude that this kid’s parents are making up their detailed stories of the relentless abuse visited on their son. And on top of that, you misspell the word “too”.

    I am as pro-tort reform as they come. I hate litigious people and I am always aware that a victim of some unwelcome event can try to spin a story to boost their anticipated lawsuit. But that does not remotely appear to be what is happening here. The mother’s claims are specific and they are verifiable. There are phone records and there likely are internal memoranda reflecting the telephone calls in the school records, all of which will be available in discovery.

    I hope this family does sue and imposes vast costs on this school district. I hope they sue individual administrators and teachers and the kids who tormented their son and I hope that they include punitive damages claims (which are not covered by insurance or indemnification) and bankrupt them all. Most of all, I hope that they do not settle for a check, but rather insist on taking the savage pack animals that pass for human in Cypress Texas to trial, so that the whole world can see and be horrified by the diseased minds and hearts of these Texans. If the family does all of that, it wouldn’t begin to be enough.

  • reason

    @Ryan: Texas actually passed hate crimes legislation long before the federal government that included sexual orientation. Houston has a gay mayor, and while Cypress an outlying suburb is more conservative than the city it is not really that socially conservative, it is about industry and finances. The school district also implemented a strict zero tolerance policy long before the federal government even started thinking about anti-bullying policies. At some point their is only so much you can do with laws and oversight, the sad truth is their are bigots among us no matter where you reside, and children that come from those households can be vicious at young ages. Trying to blame the administration is a mistake in this instance, at some districts around the country sure. The sad truth is that the schools can not instill the good values in children, it has to be done at home. A school can only do so much to make a child want to succeed, or to be a good citizen. The blame should be on the children that were responsible for the taunts and the parents of those children. As a kid that attended school in the district I can tell you that they provide all the tools and beyond to help you succeed and do their best to stomp out the menaces to society. Those people are generally separated from the schools and sent to an alternative behavioral facility that the district has set up for mentally deranged kids like the bullies in this case. I can guarantee you that the district is going to do a full investigation at Hamilton to determine if there was an ounce of wrong doing by the administration, if there was they will be fired. The district has openly gay individuals in many schools that are treated well. I just don’t believe that calls to the school went unanswered when the school calls parents if you haven’t arrived by a certain time.

  • reason

    I also should be noted that the counselor had received a call earlier in the month to keep an eye on the child about an issue going on at home. Also, the victim shot himself with his step dads gun that was supposedly laying around unsecured in a closet, the boy actually came out to his step dad just earlier in the day and no suicide note was found. There seems to be a lot more going on than meets the eye and the school district cannot divulge their information due to federal law, so you just have the families story out their. If the school documented receiving a call about keeping an eye on the kid over an issue he was having at home earlier in the month why wouldn’t they pickup the phone when the mom or whoever attempted to call them. The school also investigated a claim that he was attacked on the stairs by a bully but the video did not corroborate the story. We should let the facts come out before rushing to judgment.

  • KiomainNY

    If this many black, Hispanic, ANY minority group you insert CHILDREN…took their lives for demographic specific bigotry…America would be at a stand still. The entire country. Shame on every LGBT person for allowing homophobia to still live. This kids blood is on our hands for being complacent and too concerned to fit in, be mainstream or not care (“My sexuality doesn’t define me”…oh yeah? for straight people it DOES define you no matter how “str8 acting” you are so learn to CONTRIBUTE to your community)….those of you who are by standards to being gay, and don’t seek to inform, educate and contribute to our cause are part of this problem.

    Being gay in 2010 nearly 2011 should not be an issue. Our complacent attitues in eagerly taking the back seat in a bus is resulting in a climate and society where the only group of people it is okay to bash on is gay people. That means we are not doing our job of being one galvanized community with force, power and stronger in numbers.

  • mark snyder

    Shame on the gay community and organizations for continuing to put 100s of millions of dollars toward marriage and pennies towards our youth. We must demand a change or these tragedies will continue. I was lucky enough to have the resources to run away from this kind of harassment, but so many can’t. It’s infuriating.

  • Jason L.

    @reason: Spoken like a true defender and by standard toward homopbia and bullying. You should feel disgusted in your lack of morality. The mother is sue happy? and who are YOU to say just because your expeeriences at high school was little homophobia that thats what other gay kids endure? You have some vile nerve. Ask any gay man or woman what they endured in school and 99.999% of cases it was nothing short of living hell. For you to justify it (EXACTLY what you did) tells me the kidn of disturbed mentality you have. How you sleep at night makes my skin crawl.

  • KiomainNY

    the fact is, a gay boy was indeed bullied and probably suffered a great deal of pain during that bullying for something he was born with -being gay. You make it sounds as though gay bullying is completely natural, normal and unavoidable. Your rather relaxed approach to this is exactly what those bullies want. To keep being able to terrorize kids and have people like yourself turn the blind eye.

    you say “blame game”? as if it’s a far fetched idea. America needs to be held accountable for the alarming high rates of gay suicide in our country, more so than any other group. If you are asking gays to accept our children in our community being killed for being like us, than you probably expect us to accept a no vote on gay marriage.

  • Dan

    @MarkSnyder: Direct your anger at the real culprits. The politicians, religious leaders, and others who base their careers on violating the human rights of millions of gay people. They deserve all the wrath in the world.

  • reason

    @Fin: The abuse on the kids at this time is hearsay, they should carry out an investigation like the district has done in the past when they fired a bus driver and had a kid charged with aggravated assault for assaulting a gay kid. I personally don’t doubt that the kid was bullied, granted that some level of bullying is fairly common no matter who you are. They should also do a comprehensive investigation on the parents becuase something is not right at that home, and there has apparently been a call about something taking place at that household earlier in the month. The kid comes out to the step-dad, and within a matter of hours gains access to his step dads gun and kills himself. For starters the step-dad needs to be charged for failure to secure a firearm and leaving it in a spot, laying in a closet, were a minor could gain access. I have to wonder what happened when he came out to the step-dad earlier in the day. Demonizing Texans as pack animals, trying to impose vast cost on my school district, and trying to burden the hard working taxpayers that reside in it before a shred of evidence comes to light reeks of a callousness that I will graciously attribute to your emotional state. A gay kid has just died, be angry but a witch hunt is not the mature way to go about this. If the district is at fault they will handle it responsible, if something more malicious happened at this kids home, we need to get to the bottom of it. The family knows that the districts mouth is sealed due to federal statutes and may be trying to entice the public to prejudge the reality. Lets not do this child a disservice by not getting to the truth, there is a lot of homophobic parents out there that that will do the unimaginable as many in this community can attest to. As we have both stated the school keeps records of phone calls and the schools are well equipped with surveillance systems. As far as the bullies go, it will be difficult to charge them granted that the witness has been silenced and there is no evidence of a physical assault.

  • reason

    @Jason L.: @reason: Asking people to wait before placing blame is not justifying anything. All I am saying is that alternate scenarios are possible including the parents rejecting his coming out that very day, monetary compensation, or something that we may not foresee. The facts will come out in due time. How do I sleep at night? I sleep at night by not crucifying anyone before the facts come out and the trial is over. There are enough people being exonerated from Texas prisons decades after being convicted from a group that contains mixtures of malicious, emotional, well meaning and incompetent individuals. There is currently a capital punishment case, in which the punishment has already been carried out, that is being investigated in which Governor Perry is working diligently to obstruct as we speak. Emotionally charged crowds have hanged innocent people in broad daylight in this countries history. So I sleep at night by not letting my mind cloud my judgment into committing a tragedy on top of another tragedy.

  • reason

    @KiomainNY: Your statements are offensive. Not once have I said that bullying is not a horrific event, especially gay bullying, I am gay after all, on top of all the other traumas that a gay kid goes through especially at that age. As I said above we need to stay calm and get to the bottom of it so the correct person is punished. I merely tried to provide more information to inform people that the Cy-Fair school district has already enshrined anti-bullying measures in the policy without the prodding of anyone. The truth is we can pass as many laws as possible in put in as many safeguards as possible, as Cypress Fair ISD has, and still not be able to prevent such tragedies. We have tried the laws, implemented the measures and played the hang them high blame game that makes us feel better and kids are still dying. Unfortunately, with history as my witness, laws cannot wipe hatred out of hearts. Of course we should still pass them. Bullies will always be there, granted that bigoted parents, neglectful parents, incompetent parents, and sometimes just innately evil kids will always be out there. We can’t change that, but what we can do is try to inoculate GBLT and other stigmatized kids from bullying. We need to express that we love them and things will be okay, that a bully is no reason to take your life. We have to approach this thing from our end as well becuase you personally cannot catch or change all the bullies out there. The kid comes out to his parent in shoots himself in the same day there is a probability that things didn’t go well, but their is a certainty that what ever conversation he had with his parent/parents that day they failed to reach him. We have to reach the kids in the gay community so this doesn’t happen. If you look at Mexican American, African American, Jewish, and other children that face adversity at the hands of bullies their outcomes are different. Why? I can’t answer that question, but I could purpose that at home they are loved or not demonized on those particular characteristics. Parents need to make sure their gay kids, sometimes they don’t know, or their “kid” knows that they love them unequivocally no matter what. Obviously where in lies a problem is that there are parents out there that reject their child’s sexuality adding the weight that snuffs out their life. Was that weight added to this kids shoulders that very morning, or did they just fail to convey that it doesn’t matter and they loved him? Some may think I am cruel for not trying to cleaver the first person in sight, but I assure you it is not the case.

  • me

    You are kidding, right?

    Black children likely don’t get the chance to kill themselves. When they are bullied, death may soon follow at the hands of the bully.

    Does it matter the reason? There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying of any sort, end of story.

    While homicide is the second leading cause of death for persons 15 to 25 yo, it is the leading cause of death for Black and Hispanic youth in this age group, as of 1997.

    As of 1998, almost 50% of all violent crimes were committed by persons under the age of 25. Homicide was the second leading cause of deaths for 15-24 year olds.

    In 2006, 1,539 murder victims were under the age of 18. Those committing homicide, 1,111 were offenders under the age of 18. 15% of all arrests in 2006 were done to individuals under the age of 18.

    Please try to educate yourself before going on a future rant. With the Internet, there is no excuse for you not to.

  • Ben

    Your story is inaccurate. The official report, thus far, states the boy’s body was found by the stepfather in the stepfather’s closet, killed with the stepfather’s gun. There were no witnesses, and no suicide note was left. The stepfather indicated the boy had admitted he was gay the in the morning of his death. The school has acknowledged receipt of only one email from the mother earlier in the month, asking them to keep an eye on her son, because of ongoing concerns at home, and not about bullying.

  • jon

    GUN LOCKS!!!! USE THEM!!!! RIP Asher Brown. Be strong others who get shit from bullies.

  • jason

    Don’t underestimate the role of women in this bullying. Women – as mothers – are known to bring up homophobic children. Mothers teach their sons that it’s wrong for one boy to hug another or for one boy to kiss another.

    When it comes to their daughters, these mothers are far more permissive, telling their daughters that it’s OK for a girl to find another girl pretty. See the double standard??

    No wonder American society is screwed. Homophobic acts of violence in the school-ground will continue so long as we allow women to get away with this double standard.

  • Enron

    I believe if there are no changes within the next 15 to 20 years or even 30 years, the best thing LGBT people from every nation, color, background will need to do is simply find a way to come together and start our own country somewhere on this planet. We can then write our own laws, live in peace, free to be who we want without fear. The reason why I bring this up, since the beginning of civilization it seems we have not gotten a break. We are lower than scum in some parts of every country, even if its just some parts. The fact that we are not free from harassment or discrimination anywhere we go, make me seriously believe its time we look to doing this.

    We can can invite heterosexuals who are tolerant and like minded to live and work there too. We can build our own army where anybody can serve freely and openly, build our own cities, take care of all the sick who want to come, especially HIV patients who are discriminated against.

    You know what will be the best part, when we have our own booming economy and the other countries start falling apart because they didn’t realize how integral we are to everyday life and how normal we are. Another thing, if any homophobe sneaks into our country, we can arrest them, persecute them, then take pleasure in deporting them back to wherever they came from.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Everyone is arguing about the what. But what about the why? Why did this child feel ending his life–so violently–was better than living?

    We all failed him–his parents, the school, the LGBTQ community. Everyone.

    I’m sorry Asher.


    How utterly fucking sad……….And what makes this story so much more revolting is I am so very sure there are parents in that school who are expressing relief that the Gay kid isn’t around any more to try and hit on their kids…………Parents of bullies very seldom respond to pleas to correct their kids behaviour because most times the kids are mimicing the hate the hear spewed every night at the dinner table. The parents of Gay kids need to take actions, by not allowing the school adiminstration to push them off. And the parents need to make sure their kids are confident enough and able to confront the bullies before the shit spins out of control…………..

    I posted a on another thread about my friend in grammer school, Kyle. There is a sweetness about Kyle’s story but in this instance I am gonna cut to the chase. Kyle was a tiny,oh so very queeney, adorable little kid. His parents knew what he would face and enrolled him in martial arts training at age 4. By age 9 he was a fourth degree black belt. He had the ability to and was forced to do so many times to land hatefull bullies more than twice his size right on their vile fat asses. He could have put a whole lot more of hurt on these kids, but offered this warning only once. After the stars they were seeing slowed down and they say four foot nothing Kyle standing over them, he told them “you just had your only warning, don’t ever touch me or anyone else smaller than you again, because if you do I will act as stupid as you do”……

  • Cam

    Message to parents etc…

    If you have gotten no response to your phone call to the school, and even if you have.

    DOCUMENT THE CALL. Just an e-mail to yourself that says who you spoke to and what you said.

    Then after the phone call send them an e-mail saying “I’m just following up on our phone call about my son being bullied. I appriciate your time and thank you for saying you would look into it.”

    Once you do that, they are stuck, you have written documentation that they have been contacted.

    This story sucks, I hope when they are through with the school admins that they get ahold of the bullies and throw assault charges at them.

  • Bobby in Seattle

    My heart is literally broken, over this story.

  • Michael

    Of course this death is a tragedy, but suicide has not been ruled as the official cause of death in this case. A suicide note was not found at the scene, only the stepfather’s pistol. The allegations of bullying the day before the the boy’s death are the sole claim of the mother. There are no witnesses, and video tapes of the alleged area do not support her claim. The mother did advise school authorities via one earlier email that there was trouble in the home. This is a developing story, and it is not good to form conclusions. I do note the memorial Facebook page has been removed.

  • DR


    Once again, Jason finds a way to make this about the women he fears so much. What’s next, Jason, will you blame Asher’s mom for him taking his own life? After all, women have been known to mollycoddle their children, so maybe we ought to make this her fault?

    You’re sick. Get some therapy or something, your irrational need to constantly blame women is becoming more and more insane.

  • Ogre Magi

    What was his religion and how did it factor in his bullying?

  • Maplewoody

    Trouble at home? Perhaps Step Daddy couldn’t handle Asher as his Gay Step son and was his Murderer?

  • REBELComx

    @Enron: Lots of us have had that idea for a long time. The problem with it would be the same one that Israel has…other nations not recognizing them or being directly hostile and even pining for their complete annihilation.

    I’m deeply troubled by BOTH accounts and back stories to this terrible loss. Be it by his own hand due to the bullying or by his step-father’s, as some reports and other comments might suggest, this is heartbreaking and terribly enraging. Stories like this always hit me very hard and I don’t know whether to cry or scream in righteous anger. Either way, I hope justice comes to the proper cause… be it the school and bullies or the stepfather.

  • michael

    such sad sad news, I can’t believe someone would even keep a gun in a house with a child in it. That’s a red flag there…

  • Ogre Magi

    @Maplewoody: That is what I was thinking, the article mentions his religion. May it was a very homophobic religion that contributed to his death! Just what religion was it?

  • Jim Scheibel

    This makes me so sad and it also makes me more determined that we cannot stop protecting our youth until we have achieved wide spread acceptance. We need to protect innocent children from intolerance and hate. Rather than trying to abscond responsibility school officials should already be jumping into tolerance program development.

    May this young man rest in peace…and may we all get our game face on and get back to work..as longas one child is till at risk, we are not done…

    God Bless you young child

  • Flipper

    @reason: If your horrendous spelling and grammar skills speak at all to the strengths of the school district you’re working so hard to defend, then I have every reason to believe that the school district did nothing to protect this young man (and others like him). Their anti-bullying policy is only as effective as its enforcement; likewise, I’m sure the school has a policy about graduates taking so many English classes, but it clearly hasn’t enforced those rules, since you managed to graduate without being able to employ basic English.

  • w

    Write the school. I did.

  • Soupy

    Thanks W. It’s nice to see some concrete ideas without comment.

  • Hyhybt

    Too many possibilities here, all horrible: either the parents’ story is true, he killed himself because of bullying at school that the school officials are covering up remarkably well; or he came out to his stepfather, who took it badly and murdered him; or he came out to his stepfather, who took it so badly that the kid then killed himself… regardless of what the facts turn out to be (if they’re ever known) what remains is almost certainly that yet another teenager is DEAD simply because he was gay.

    Which scenario is the true one is important, of course, for the sake of justice and the reputation of the innocent; but it’s awful any way around.

  • eDWARD


  • Kev C

    I have to wonder where were the parents? Their son is constantly harrassed in school FOR YEARS! They complained to school officials who did nothing, and that was the extent of their actions they took to help their son. If it was my child, I’d have done a lot more. I’m not going to wait until I have a dead kid to get off my ass and do something.
    1. Complain to school officials.
    2. Complain to Police.
    3. Complain to the public/Newspapers.
    4. Complain to the parents of the bullies.
    5. File charges agains the bullies.
    6. File lawsuits against the school.
    7. Move to a different school.
    8. Teach my child self defense and give him the tools he needs to defend himself.
    9. Personally confront the bullies with some good old fashioned discipline.

    I’m sick of clueless, apathetic parents. You don’t bully my child, because I will hunt you down and make your life a living hell.

  • kenny

    Wow :( First of all 51 thumbs up for LOL?! WTF? This society NEEDS to get its act together for all of these silent voices and cries for help that no one hears until it is too late.I am not religious but I still believe Asher is in a better place no longer treated as if he was inhuman for being gay but loved and protected. Not only do the students need to be held accountable so does the faculty the teachers and those sick kids parents .The fact is most of the time people do not blame the parents for something like this only the kids most of the time.But the fact is it all starts in the home they were raised this way they got this mentality about gays from someone and I believe it stems from their parents.

    It is always so tragic when something like this happens and I grieve for Asher and his parents this world has to get its act together and LGBT kids and teenagers need protection in school these bigots always seem to applaud when another innocent life that is gay is taken away too soon or period in this world. We can’t let their hatred win and we cant let it thrive in this world otherwise it is only going to get worse then it already is. RIP Asher one of the many sad and unfair casualties of anti gay bullying in this country.

  • Lauren

    A demonstration should be held near the school with people (straight and gay) holding up signs that read ‘Homophobia Kills’. Because it does.

    Whether the homophobia came mostly from school or home or just society in general – we need to call it out and shame it. If we don’t, the homophobia will continue from generation to generation and will never stop.

  • Matt R.

    I woke up this morning and saw this on a friends facebook page and it absolutely tore me apart. It breaks my heart to know that a 13 year old child put a gun to his own head over the heartache that other ignorant children caused. It is so important that parents teach tolerance and acceptance to their children no matter their sexuality. This child had his entire future ripped away because he didn’t know what else to do. I am 29 years old and I also happen to be a gay male. Like little Asher I had a horrible time in school and I promise you that for years I would walk off the school bus in the afternoon, into my house and would immediately cry. This went on for years and it was an absolutely horrible time in my life. I didn’t know that in just a few short years I would turn 18 and I would find a community (a family) that would take me in and love me for who I was. I run into those kids from school from time to time and I always hear the same thing. “Gosh you have changed, you seem so different.” In a way they are right. I am different in the way that I love myself and accept myself. The very things they accosted me for in school are the things that other people love me for as an adult. Asher will never get to know that a whole world exists out there just for him. I pray for his family and I pray for the children that woke up today and realized just what they had done. It is a shame that Ashers life had to end to shed some much needed light. It is a time for change in this world and it has to start at home. I don’t want to see another story like this in the news but sadly I know that I will. I sit here typing this and Im crying so hard that I can’t even see the screen. If for any reason Ashers mother reads this please don’t blame yourself. Having a gay child has to be a hard thing for a strait parent. Thank you for loving Asher and accepting him for who he was. I promise you that Asher was thankful that he atleast had peace with his family. Knowing that your parents accept you for something that at a young age you don’t fully understand and are ridiculed for is probably the most important thing he had in his life.

  • Devon Poole

    I’m so sorry Asher that you felt the need to end your life, and had to live through such torment and bullying for just being yourself. The world is missing you, and hopefully this doesn’t have to happen to anymore kids. My heart goes out to your family, and I hope that all of the kids that bullied you have to live with the fact that they contributed to your death. You’re free now Asher from all the pain, rest in peace sweetheart.

  • D

    Dearest Asher,
    My heart goes out to you, and your family. I’m so sorry that you had to endure so much pain at such a young age. You were a brave little guy with a heart that was broken by those who didn’t understand, and don’t think we who have lived your pain think anything less of you for what you have done. Sometimes, I don’t know how I did it for so many years. the names, the beatings, the tauntings…but I could not cry. I couldn’t tell anyone because it would have gotten worse. I thought so many time how I could take my own life, and if there had been a gun in the house, I cant say that I wouldn’t have used it. To this day, those taunts haunt me. Those words still cut through my heart, those bullies that treated me less because I was different STILL ring in my ears. I don’t think it ever goes away. Your at peace now my friend. Maybe someday, people will learn to embrace our differences, and realize we are human, and just as vulnerable and everyone else. Why should it matter what kind of lifestyle we choose? We are still human. I’m so deeply upset by your passing, but I understand why. My heart goes out to your family.
    May you rest in peace my little brother,

  • Kaderade

    This is devestating. This same type of headline is battering my heart one at a time and there have been so many in the past year.

  • Smihc

    Another young life needlessly lost to plain ignorance and sanctioned bigotry. I’m glad the administration knows to cover their own butts because they are equally, if not more, culpable as the bullies themselves (and the parents who teach their kids to hate and discriminate). I plan on sending the Superintendent of the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD a personal email and letting him know how unacceptable this is and that things need to change before another tragedy strikes. His email address is [email protected], and I encourage all of you who are as outraged I am do the same. They need to hear from those who will not tolerate this kind of injustice. All children deserve a safe environment to grow and learn.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @ No. 44 Kev C

    Absolutely! No excuses for the school staff and administrators who failed to protect their charges; No excuses for the bullies and their parents, good Christianists I’m sure, that shit on the golden rule every time “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

    BUT, what the fuck kind of parents, according to their own statements about what happened, allow their child to be so mistreated? By their own words, they too repeatedly failed this poor kid, they allowed this to continue, again according to them for years without ANY type of satisfaction. They kept making this child walk through, once again according to them, hell every fucking school day.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @ No. 31 DR

    I have written similar postings about several previous Jason misogynist rantings, also suggesting (imploring?) professional help cause, damn, that is one fucked up dude.

    Question or food for thought: What kind of monster (think Maggot Gallagher) spawned such craziness? I mean, really, at some point Jason was, like Asher in this story, just a kid trying to figure out life and his role in it. To have such misguided boarding-on violent characterizations of women as a whole class, it would take a monster. I’m thinking Thomas Harris’ characterization of the “Tooth Faerie” and his grandmother in Red Dragon. In the book and movie, Dr. Lecter says that monsters aren’t born that way, but made that way by systematic abuse by other monsters.

    As much as Jason’s insipid comments infuriate me, I also have empathy for someone who must have been raised under horrible conditions. (Of course, Dr. Lecter also states though that the innocent-turned-into-monsters are still monsters who must be put down.

  • Jeff

    Wether it was bullying for him being gay or anything else. Hateful people are the scum of the earth wether you claim it for religion reasoning or simply because your a disgusting person, That highschool should be ashamed. I, a gay man, pray to god that the supervisors of that school are punished severely.

  • Kent David Robinson

    OH MY GOD…
    From one man, who was extremely bullied as a youth for my differences, I am literally sitting here with a lump in my throat! I CANNOT understand such HATRED and STUPIDITY!! Nor, will I CHOOSE to!!!
    May God above be their judge and jury, for if He left it up to me…I think, I’d be WORSE on them as He would be. These violators of such NEEDLESS ,,UNSPEAKABLE ‘”crimes'”shall have their day in the ultimate courtroom! Until then, I hope their KARMA will come back on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    After reading this I honestly wanted to throw up. It is absurd for a grown woman to simply deny that there were any complaints.

    Kelli Durham makes over $100,000.00 a year but no amount of money in my opinion could stop the guilt from the simply DISGUSTING denial of not receiving any concerns by the Truong family.

    UPDATE: YOU DID!!! Now there is all this talk of an email from Asher’s parent’s informing the school they were concerned for their child (regardless of whether the problem was at home or not!)and nobody has made a big deal about this!? HELLO!!!!

  • Student @ Hamilton

    I actually go to Hamilton Middle School and I am in the same grade as Asher. First of all, I wouldn’t get mad at HMS, they are VERY strict about everything that is said, acted, worn, and even more. We are not even allowed to wear gas station shirts that say Bucce’s on them because it means something bad. Also, we are not allowed to wear friendship bracelets or things of that nature because it is considered “gang” like nature. I would not completely jump to the conclusion of the staff at HMS. We have won numerous awards and more honorable titles. It may have happened at HMS but I think I would go for the kids more. I know for a fact the guy who tripped Asher down the stairs has not been in any of my classes for Mon. and Tues. (today is Tues. 28th) One more thing is that, it wasn’t just him. MANY students bullied and no one noticed. The only time people cared was when he died.

  • Soupy

    When I was little, my twin brother and I used to ride the school bus. There was an older bully at the back of the bus who used to demand the chocolate bars in our lunch boxes everyday. Eventually, my mom found out about it. One morning, she waited for the school bus with us. She got on and headed to the back of the bus. She grabbed him by the shirt and said something to him that put the fear of god into him. He never bothered us again. My mom was a lioness.

  • Tarot

    @Cam: The parents can prove they made phone calls to the school by simply having the phone company print out all the calls they placed from their house phone (cell companies send out/ & or post itemized bills). Let the school try to explain why X~many calls were placed by the parents.

  • Giovannidude

    If many students bullied and no one noticed, then there is something radically wrong with the school and its students. Nice they cared when he died, though.

  • Kori

    I’m a gay woman from southern Louisiana,hearing this story just makes me so sad and angers me horribly..No child should ever feel like they have to take thier own life because of what other people think….

  • Alex

    Sorry Asher. You were in some of my classes and you were a completely normal guy. You were funny and did nothing to ever deserve anything that happemed to you. You have everyones prayers.

  • don in LA

    I am bothered by his age. He is 13 – He should be a kid, not a gay kid or a sraight kid, but just a kid. There is some need to sexualize children, and that too is part of the story here. At 13 he should have been a child, and allowed to be a child. I am sickened by what happened here, but most of you seem to want revenge. Or to use this as a cause. That too is wrong.

  • Alysa

    Asher Brown, you will be missed all of us at Hamiltion will miss you so much. You didn’t deserve anything that people said to you. </3

  • kenny

    Though this event breaks my heart in so many ways the comments for the most part that is warm my heart.Especially the comments made by the people who knew Asher or even the kind words written here about the kind of person Asher was.It just goes to show that even through this horrific tragedy love still found a way to shine through the hatred and the ignorance that our society sadly continues to perpetuate and spread.For all those silent voices for all those children teenagers and even adults too afraid to say something for all those who feel insignificant know you are all loved and wanted in this world you all BELONG here like anyone else does.RIP Asher may you and every other innocent child who has been lost to violence harassment hatred or ignorance find the peace that you truly deserved.You are loved wherever you are .

  • Bryce

    I only hope there is justice in this case. Words kill. Plain and simple.

  • kenny

    @don in LA:

    Excuse me?

    How is it sexualizing a child when even his parents said he was gay?He even came out to them before this horrible tragedy happened.

    Yes he was a child you are correct but he was also a HUMAN BEING gay or straight he was an innocent child who never deserved what he went through no one deserves to be bullied he deserved love and he received it from his parents.I dont understand why people here are bashing his parents they did their best to help him and they loved him you could tell they did.No one should ever feel the agonizing pain of losing their child no one he didnt deserve the bullying and harassment and his parents didnt deserve to lose their only child either.None of this is fair for all parties involved except the bullies.So you mean that people here want revenge and you are acting as if we are using Asher as some kind of gay hate symbol ?None of us are using this poor child period we are doing what any other compassionate understanding human being does: showing we care.

    I dont want revenge but Asher deserves Justice for what happened to him and what made him feel like his life was not worth living anymore.Until you are in one of these kids shoes you have no right to judge either .FYI I was one of those kids almost that is twice and I know how it feels to be bullied persecuted and humiliated.Asher was a 13 year old boy who deserved life like anyone else did.

    Realistically yes the people who tormented him and caused this to happen both mentally and emotionally should be punished for what they did .To me being expelled would be the first step in their punishment. Every human being deserves life to be able to live sadly there are many people in this world though who are determined to make that life as unbearable as it can get in order to feel better about themselves and their own insecurities.

  • Houstonian

    @Ricky: @Ricky:

    While I agree with your sentiment, just want to point out there is no such place as Harris, Texas. The incident occurred Harris COUNTY, in Cypress, which is a suburb of Houston. It is sad that the fourth largest city in America, which incidentally has a gay mayor, has this type of tragedy occurring so close by.

    Hate can happen anywhere, not just Texas. Stop getting angry at a location, and get angry at the problem, people.

  • roger

    Regardless of the story. why did the father have a gun within his reach? not locked up? I think the parents are partially to blame. don’t leave guns out for kids to reach otherwise this would be another Columbine situation. surprised he didn’t go to school with the gun, dont get me wrong. neither suicide or murder would have been good but really. what idiots.

    did they ever GO in to the school and talk to some one either? only a phone call? if any parent really cared THAT much they would get off their ass and get in peoples faces.

  • Christopher Lutton

    to the family of this beautiful child, my heart and my sincerest regrets go out for you, that you will find some way to find the silver lining to this horrible situation that i pray will not plague you, but that you will know and understand Gods mercy and his Love for you and your baby boy.

    my heart and my prayers are with you in this YOUR time of need

  • sean

    I think the teachers and the students should be ashamed, my heart goes out to the family of this child. Its sad that teachers were aware what was going on and did nothing, and for that reason an innocent person took there life because of ignorant people that need to teach there children that there are other people out there that live diffrent lifestyles and that everyone isn’t the same. It is 2010 people!! It doesn’t mean you should be downed because of race ,relgious beliefs, sexual origin.. I really hope this wakes the people of harris tx up!!

  • Rory

    This story really makes me sad. It seems like people just don’t care sometimes. The people at the school just didn’t care. People who are against homosexuality and stuff like that see homosexuals as lesser and just don’t care when they’re bullied, they probably think they deserve it. I don’t understand the mentality behind people who need to make other people’s lives living hell just because they disagree with the way the person presents themselves or their sexual orientation. I’m 14 and I’ve been bullied before for being gay and small and everything, but NOTHING compared to this, but this is Los Angeles. I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to be him where he saw that there was no way out of that personal hell other than suicide.

    R.I.P. Asher.

  • ewe

    DEVASTATING. Every last teacher, principal and administrative employee should be FIRED. Don’t tell me adults in a middle school do not see every fucking thing going on every fucking day. This is an outrage.

  • Mark

    I am sitting here crying my eyes out over this little guy. What a tragedy. I am a gay man and I went through the same things he went through I even contemplated suicide but by the grace of god I didn’t. In the world we live in today this should have never happened and only in Tex-ass would this happen. We as a society wether we are gay or straight need to help all children cope with life. There was no need for this tragedy to happen if only someone would have been there to talk to this kid.
    I know that GOd has his arms around him and is loving him. I just hope that schools and society wake up and see that this shouldn’t happen.

  • shaun fletcher

    This story while unquestionably tragic, has a lot of questionable details to it. Before everyone jumps on the bully bandwagon (albeit a serious issue that needs addressing), we should await a full investigation.

  • Michael

    @Maplewoody: This scenario is equally plausible, and is part of the investigation. It’s fair to say that parental resentment and denial over gay children have ruined quite a few families. It’s simply too early to lay blame on the school and other students, particularly in the absence of any evidence, other than the mother and step father’s stories. For what it’s worth, the school does have an established policy of no tolerance for bullying. The entrance to the school displays a large sign reading; “Entering a no bullying zone.”

  • gilber

    i just feel sad with this,there is no doubt that the gay community must do something. i blame the professors, their role is not only to teach but also to protect minors, and they clearly didn’t do anything to help this kid.gay kids must also find other ways to achieve they academic goals, and try not to be stuck with high school as the only possibility.i have two gay friends, one is a pharmacist and the other has a phd in microbiology,they dropped high school and got their high school equivalency degree instead.they say high school is overrated and is a waste of time.after all, once you get into college you begin with zero gpa and all college courses begin at an introductory level anyway.what many gay kids have to realize is that if even immigrants,many of them with fake high school diplomas from their countries,have no problem enrolling in a community college,how come a American kid won’t be able to do it just as well.the level of maturity at a community college is totally different than in high school.gay kids will be much safer,even emotionally.

  • Michael

    I’m sorry, but this is a parenting issue. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of kids go through bullying on a daily basis. If he was having problems at school there are logical ways of going about it. Make an appointment with a teacher/counslor/administrator (in that order) between them and the student/parent. If no action is taken, have the parents give some PARENTING ADVICE on how their son should handle it.

    There was an email about problems at home? Well MAYBE there shouldn’t be a freaking handgun readily accessible to the kid. MAYBE the parents should have had a more interactive PARENTING role for their kid.

    I went through more bullying up through my current senior year in college than most people do in their lifetime. I’m a strong individual. I use my intellect and intelligence to come up with resolutions that will allow me to live me life the way i want to.

    The parents should be thrown in jail for neglect.

  • Bryan

    If only he had an ALSO to come to…. Alsoyouth.org

  • Autumn

    Asher went to my school, Hamilton Middle School. And his twin brother Killian goes to my High School now. The parents were right, they did get bullied a lot, both of them. :( R.I.P. Asher Brown.



  • J.

    @Mark: I feel your pain, but this happens EVERYWHERE in America, not just Texas. I went to the high school that Hamilton feeds into, and believe it or not, it’s not as backwards as some might think. There were many forward thinking teachers that taught in the school district. I remember a teacher writing me a note saying I was going places and to keep my head up high no matter what. I think she may have sensed some of the pain and loneliness I was going through at the time. But till this day ( 7 years later) I still keep that note. I just think this poor kid fell through the cracks. It’s such a shame. But I blame the bullies for tormenting him, their parents for teaching the bullies their twisted values, and the teachers who turned a blind eye.

    I just hope wherever he is he is at peace.

  • Michael

    The stepfather is requesting PayPal donations be made to the church founded by his brother, Zin Tuorong over here:

  • Ben

    @Michael: There’s something very odd about this. On the site, Zin Tuorong’s church advertises and links to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. Osteen is certainly no friend to the Gay community. Zin has an interesting video discussing his faith found through two unknown “beautiful Mormon girls” who just happened to show up at his house one day. From Zin’s church page, he also links to his website development business; Zin Design Studio. Call me skeptical, but something really creepy is going on in all this.

  • reason

    @J.: Yep I went to school in the district as well and all of the administrators were nice, and the zero tolerance policy exist in every school in the district. I never in my tenure saw an authority figure standing around idly when something negative was happening. With so many kids it is impossible to catch everything. Some of our high schools have 3300 plus more then some small colleges yet several of the administrators took the time to know who I was. One of the assistant principals even used to call me in every once in awhile just to catch up, talk about plans aspirations etc. Some people on here are very insular and naive, they hear Texas and think bigotry, hatred, and religion. In Cypress that couldn’t be further form the truth. I never once heard a teacher express a religious view, or say something discriminatory. There are some horrific districts in the United States, but Cypress is not one of them. Matter-of-factly people would think you were crazy if you sent your kid to private school in this district. Out of all the GBLT in this district not one has come here and said something negative about the district, I think that speaks for itself.

  • Michael

    …..what comes around…..gos around…..mark my words.

  • John

    We need straight people, parents, like the Truongs, to sue the shit out of school districts and cities for not protecting their children. Then, and only then (when it costs money), will something be done. People don’t seem to want to listen to the cries for help of gay kids, and the gay adults who used to be tormented as kids. So we need our heterosexual allies to stand with us and stand up for us. No more gay kids need to lose their lives senselessly like this. Such a preventable tragedy. I’m so sorry for the Truongs’ loss, and all of our loss of another cute, good kid who happened to be gay.

  • me

    we’re grateful he didn’t turn that gun on his tormentors but boy, do they deserve it. Christians, my ass. Animals, bastards, lowlife despicable cretins.

  • Monica

    This is a tragedy on so many levels that it’s hard to pick. But because no one seems to even be bothered by this, I’ll raise the glaring issue being ignored: Why does a 13-year-old have such easy access to a loaded gun?!! What other civilized (ahem) place in this world makes such a thing possible? Does no one think that’s insane?

    That said, when I read things like this I get disgusted with the human species. What the hell is wrong with people? And with our schools? And (with apologies to many of its residents) … with Texas? If I remember correctly that’s where the GOP platform wants to throw gay people and those who help them behind bars and throw away the key. Can’t Texas secede or something?

  • Hyhybt

    @Monica: If there were any likelihood that he’d shot himself by *accident* then you’d have a point… but a suicide? Not having a gun accessible would only have meant that he’d have done it some other way. Hanging is pretty popular, for instance, and drowning yourself should be easy…. and nobody could argue that he shouldn’t have been allowed access to water.

  • Ellen

    When are PARENTS and TEACHERS going to take RESPONSIBILITY and do something about bullying? Statistically speaking, 85% of bullies in the United States are being abused or neglected by one or both parents at home. There needs to be accountability! Action should be taken by school districts, communities, counties, legislation, the Governor’s office and even the White House to resolve this devastating problem. Bullies need just as much help as their victims. It’s very disheartening that no one seems to care about our children. WAKE UP AMERICA AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!! PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES AND SAVE YOUR CHILDREN FROM DISTRUCTION AND DEATH!! Aren’t you tired of witnessing the casualties of teens?

  • Brandy Kennon

    First and for most my heart and prayers go to the family of this young human being. I lost my mother to suicide at 8 years old, she hung herself. I am dissapointed in my fellow brothers and sisters that do not value a life of true nature. Our country was founded by those who fought against thier own oppresion. The civil rights movement was a fight against our own oppresion. Today, our economy, we fight our own oppresion. When we think in a global perspective, like we Americans should be since one must be aware of the tons of money that assists other countries already. From a global perspective, I share one simple quote ” human life is of one source, we all live to breath the same air, we all seek love and acceptance, no matter who you are. Human beings are who we are, by nature, we are a species, we are together as a whole. We have to be.” -me I have full confidence that a day will come and all LGBT and their supporters will fight and win against the oppresion. We are all God’s children. And yes I did bring God into it and I stand with anyone who believes in A God of any sort. Agnostics, I would hope you would be supporters just by nature! :) As American, we have failed our independance in so many ways. We abuse our own system and our people.The only way human beings are going to thrive is if we become coheisive with our true nature. Its not within a Bible nor a Legislatives desk that we will find truth.I hope for the memory of Asher that one day soon, very soon, way past soon, like the philosophers back in the day had bath houses, history seems to have went backwards in acceptance for the LGBT community, we will finally fight the oppresion and bring to light true nature for so many individuals out there struggling with societies inacceptance of LGBT. I have full confidence that that day will come. There are always those who are lost to the fight, lost in so many different ways. May we not let Asher’s name fall in vain. I believe, I support and if one day I ever become an influential politician, I will support LGBT to the fullest. Your major premise was based on a faulty assumption. A classic fallacy. That would be my political arguement. I hope my message finds someone out there and that change will progress, the way it should be. And to the family, my heart is with you. A Supporter- Brandy Kennon

  • Kev C

    @Ben: I’m told Asher Brown was an atheist, and one of the reasons he was picked on. If anyone is going to donate to a church, it may not be what Asher would have wanted.

  • Don in LA

    You know so many of you bring politics into this. Bush’s solicitor general just helped overturn Prop8 and the Log Cabin Republicans just for DADT over turned. This has nothing to do with one political party or another. This little boy is dead, and many of you here in the gay community see it a tool for a political objective, rather then the tragedy that it is. You are as bad as the people who tormented this little kid. !!!

  • ewe

    @Autumn If you are who you say you are then i would like to suggest you hold on to your honesty. It will serve you well in life.

  • Don in LA

    There is also something else here, a 13 year old in Texas is NOT openly gay and NOT openly an atheist. Some one was ,…teaching this kid what it meant to be gay. At least their views of being gay. You may find child abuse and other dark things also in this story. I fear that there is more than we see upfront.

  • Celeste

    What a horrible tragedy.
    I was severely bullied every day in school for being a “hippy” from a hippy commune – for my clothes, the way I talked, religous beliefs, for being vegetarian, for being a lesbian (even tho I wasn’t, lol). I was harrassed, threatened, physically attacked, relentlessly teased. It was agonizing torture. I finally quit/got my GED in 10th grade. I think a lot of people without my stubborn proud attitude might have attempted suicide rather than enduring that long. Bullying is such a terrible thing to deal with and should not be tolerated.

    A lot of kids are brought up and taught to hate anyone different from them which is a sickness in our society which we will hopefully move beyond soon…
    It is such a shame that celebration and acceptance for others differences is not yet widespread throughout the world -especially in the USA – geeze! :(

    Lots of love to Asher & his family.

  • mike


    sadly,a father recently did the same as your mom and he will now face criminal charges because he was defending his disabled daughter.

  • mike

    i say everyone taunt the bullies and administrators by calling them murderers, and say it low and slow like Golum in Lord of the Rings did.

  • Andreusz

    The United States of America’s governing bodies and Obama are 100% responsible for what happened to this young man. They actually pulled the trigger, not Asher and not even his bullies. Until we recognize this to be true, we will never stop hatred being carried out towards LGBT people or any of those who do not conform with what the majority would like. Where is democracy I ask? It is very evident that democracy is an illusion and fantasy for some. There are many LGBT people who have not even been born yet, unfortunately, if governments do not recognize LGBT rights as being 100% equal to heterosexual rights, then Asher’s case will certainly not be the last. Come on America, get off your butts and challenge your government! We all know of someone who is LGBT, what if this was your son, daughter, sibling, best friend, neighbour or helpful colleague…would you not feel anger at what is happening!

  • Ben

    @Kev C: If Asher was an atheist, I would imagine you are correct. I should also think that Asher’s stepfather would have known Asher well enough to have realized this. However, it is the stepfather who is soliciting donations be made to his brother’s church. Odd.

  • V

    A 13 year old boy shot himself to death. 13!
    This poor child killed himself… it’s just too sad.
    The focus should remain on the school and most importantly the bullies and their parents.
    “Middle American” (i mean anywhere except NY, LA, SF) bigotry and christian hypocrisy is so mind-boggling. I don’t understand why the world looks at America as being the model of “righteous living.” I just don’t get it.

  • V

    I need to adjust my last comment:
    i don’t understand why many American’s think the rest of the world looks to them to be the model of “righteous living.”
    I’m only one voice abroad ( who has lived in the U.S.)- but I’m certain in saying that that belief is a misnomer.

  • Ellen Borak

    Rest in Peace Asher. I’m so sorry. Houston Texas is actually more progressive than most people think. Our Mayor is gay! How cool izzat?

  • Hypocrites (John from England)

    The stepfather did this now understanding tins story more. Can you believe they want money to go to a church? Instead of a gay youth group?

    Hate to sound like Jason but where was the mother to protect her child? She should be ashamed of herself but hey, at least she has a man by her side to keep her warm in bed.

  • Mike

    Why are we being so supportive of a 13-year-old who claims to have been sexually active?

    Who pulled the trigger?

    Who taught the child about sexual behavior?

  • Heidi

    @jason: Jason you are a damn fool. Women have nothing to do with free choice. Who you love is a personal matter and does not involve double standards. I am a woman and have been in love with a woman. I am currently in love with a man. My mother told others I was going through a “dike faze” when I informed her of my bisexuality. Or maybe it was my father’s fault that I am not completely straight? Considering he raped and beat my mother while molesting my sisters? Maybe you men are to blame for why lesbians are around. Maybe intolerant mothers are to blame for homosexuals. Get over yourself. There is no “blame” for homosexuality. There is choice.

  • Hypocrites (John from England)


    1) so anyone who is sexually active should not get support? Are you insane? Of course you are.

    2) who told you he was sexually active?

    Why do sociopaths bother to post messages? We know you don’t have the capability to care or feel for anyone. Go away….troll.

  • Heidi

    @Mike: It does not say he was sexually active. It says he was attracted to the same sex. You can like someone without being intimate with them. Celibate people are attracted to others yet refrain from sex. And the scum that abused this poor child every day pulled the trigger closer and closer to exploding with every taunt they pulled. And really? Who taught the bullies about sexual actions since they were abusing Asher with them.

  • Fredrick Jones

    Being gay or being bully is not the underlying problem. Focusing on that will doesn’t bring a solution but only highlights a problem. I am not a parent but I have 10 nieces and nephews. I do my best to ensure they are confident in there character and personality and always striving to improve in life. I can’t be every where all the time nor am I the dominant voice in there life. With the limited inlfuence and contact I have with them my voice is not great enough to assist with their mindset and self imago. I’ve had two of them come back stating how they have gotten picked on at school and how people talk about them. With the advent of the social media and realtiy shows how about using them to help promote kids and not make them try to find a click or pack to fit into. They use T.V. shows, music, and other media to find a place to fit in rather than allowing their beliefs and integrity create an atmosphere of acceptance just by living a life full of desire and happiness. I believe instead of constantly creating reality shows that glorifies self or send their audience to Australia netowrks and entertainers should create a reality T.V. show that accepts letters from children around the nation that has problems at shool with other people picking on them because they don’t belong to a certain group. After reading the letters try to get an actor, athlete, or some sort of public figure to visit their school and hold some sort of rally that promotes all the differences that people has and blast any critiscism or judgement that comes against being different or a n individual.
    How dare people use this childs tragedy to confirm their identity and place in society? What kind of sick twisted thoughts you have to think this beautiful child even knew or could conceive what a “sexual preference is?” He was a straight A student meaning his focus was on acheiving in life. The only reason he thought he was gay I believe was because of the bullying. It’s shameful that people try to validate their confusion with what this child went through. This goes to show that there are events and circumstances in a persons life that makes them question who they are. Even being straight or gay. This event and problems that this child faced was right before every one’s eyes but they neglected to tend to his needs. They’ve used this story to talk about so many issues with politics the pulpits. They still never waddressed the real issue. We’ve gotten so far off the target it has become socially acceptable to so be so called “who you are.” How can someone be themselves when society pushes popular belief on people rather than encouraging them to find out truth and pursue desire rather than the next thing that will just make them happy. Happiness comes with achievement not a night on the town every weekend. Instead of American Idol, or Survivor, or taking all of her audience to Australia, how about one of them really start reaching out to children and the heart of America. There are no individuals anymore but a group of individuals who are alike. Try not being gay and be different rather than saying your different because your gay. What a cop out.

  • Jon

    First my heart goes out to the poor parents , I know the schools here in California are no diffrent in my daughters class there ws a kid constantly harrassed not because he was gay but Diabetic and a little diffrent build then the rest ,I volunteered at the school so I saw the abuse I read in his class file the letters of complaints from his parents and other parents who saw first hand what was going on . My mouth does not stop I called the school several times personally speaking to the principal and being told that she had never had a complaint from the student ( He was afraid ) so there was nothing she could do I personally stopped at the parents house and spoke to the kids mother and she said they had been kicked off school grounds and police called on them for saying something to the tormentors, What is a parent left to do ?
    Next thought is This poor kid took his own life he could have easily pulled a Columbine and took the gun to school and shot the bullies then we would have the bullies parents hooping and hollering that there jocks were great kids and the shooter comes from a poor family and no idea why . Why because everyone has a boiling point, but not everyone starts on themselves they start on there agressors. People need to teach there kids about bulleying and it needs to stop. Dont ask dont tell is not the answer

  • monica

    sad i was a friend of his

  • Don in LA

    Again – we’re missing something here. This is so sad, but he was 13. He was a kid, what was he doing being sexually active, any truth to the story that his BF was 26 years old? Why did he kill himself? I am so sorry for this kid, most of us were bullied and being a teen is hard. But no one here knows the whole story, and you all seem to NEED to sexualize this child. Why could he not just be left to grow up – WHY do you have to lable him? NOW this poor kid is a cause – and like all causes he will be forgoten as a person and remembered ONLY for the tragedy. In some way you are all killing him over again, using his death for your own purposes. It is SO sad and such a loss.

    I looked for more information, this is the 3 or 4th teen to kill themselves over bullying in the past few months. You are NOT going to stop bullying, but you can teach children to cope.

    This poor little boy is gone, his family is shattered, and all some of you seem to care about is your cause. How friggin’ inhuman are you people!

  • Stephanie

    @michael: It’s Texas.Having a gun in a home w/a child is not the problem.Not having it secured is.

  • josephchiffano

    Just one more example of what we humans can do to one another. Where is the support system for gay teens? I never knew of any while growing up! As a child I was bullied, beaten and raped by ‘straight’ kids and nothing was ever done about it; only difference is, I survived! Some people just cannot be educated, so other means need to be found. Gay Teen support groups need to be known!!! SPEAK UP!!! Put yourselves out there for the gay teens to find, not hidden on page 30 of some obscure magazine! Or in some small, hole in the wall Gay~Lesbian information office! LET YOURSELVES BE KNOWN AND SEEN!!! It’s nice that everyone speaks up AFTER such a tragic even happens…but how about a little PREVENTION? My heart aches for this poor kid and his family~ as far as his parents involvement? Fact still remains, if he had some support system OTHER THAN family, he may still be with us! Shame, shame, shame on all the Gay~lesbian groups for failing this and other gay youth! You want a cause to chase, well, this is your flag! My invitation to any and all Gay Teens, you can Email me and I’ll answer any and all questions to the best of MY abilities, and will enlist any and all resorces I can find to answer what I cannot!

  • Don in LA

    There is something of a pedophilia nature in many of you people, wanting to talk to 13 year old children about sex. If you were a man and you offered to talk to a 13 year old girl about sex you would be a arrested. The same non-gender bias should apply here. Leave other people’s children ALONE. You come off as perverts and pedophiles. You’re not helping a child by talking about sex, your breaking the law. STOP SEXUALIZING CHILDREN.

    Someone “helped” this kid and look what happened.

  • KD


    There are some good points made in this post. In spite of the fact that the kid received a lot of bullying, that fact is *circumstantial* to his suicide. This case has to be investigated like any other case, with dispassionate and reasoned attention given to all probable factors.

    There *are* other facts to be considered, including what, if anything, his stepfather might have said to him. Sadly, of course, none of that can probably be proven.

    If nothing else, his stepfather *is* responsible for leaving a loaded firearm within easy access of the young man – negligence no matter what the other facts of the case.

    Whether or not the parents ever called the school to report the bullying may be a “he said / she said” argument. Which, like it or not, is what it is and what it is not: conclusive proof. This is another sad lesson in the importance of documenting and phone calls and sending written follow-up so you have a record of what was said.

    Like it or not, human nature being what it is, the mother in her grief has a vested interest in reconstructing the past to help her best make sense of this tragedy. I am not blaming her – that is a natural thing that *no one* is immune from. Just because she is grieving does not mean the investigators need to take everything she says as gospel

  • brian james


    you are the most fucked up person.

  • Michael

    @Hypocrites (John from England): What is a bit strange, is this is not a church in any traditional sense. It is website belonging to the stepfather’s brother.

  • Kamren

    Okay thats the gayest thing ive ever heard i would blow your made up country to pieces so we could just take the gay problem away how about that? If your gay your going to hell get over it.

  • Kaena808

    My ALOHA goes out to Asher’s family. My prayers are with you.
    I am saddened by this. It hurts me to know that there are real evil
    people out there. Parents should be teaching their children how to love and not to hate. Ignorance cannot be tolerated.
    RIP little bro.
    Me Ke Aloha Pumehana – With Warmest Wishes and Aloha

  • sara

    REST IN PEACE little boy, i didn’t know you but im sure you were a great kid. im sorry to hear you ended your life because of bulling, im sure if you would of stuck it out a little longer things would of gotten better but at least your happy now, hopefully your family is alright and will keep there heads up i know how it is to loose a baby! you were there baby it dosent matter how old you were, & it dosent matter if you were gay or not you were loved for who you were and always will be <3 prayers go out to family and friends keep your heads up we dont need anymore deaths in this world, :( let this be a lesson to everyone out there who has a tendency to bully others. remember there just like everyone else and have just as much feeling also even if it dosent seem like it THEY DO. Asher you really made a huge impact on me you taught me a big lesion even though your gone many kids will learn from your death rest in peace baby boy. <3

  • Laurie Welch

    My heart goes out to this young man’s family. Asher is now in the arms of a loving God who never would have condemned him for being a loving person. Hopefully the classmates, counselors, teachers and prinicpal of this school will each live out their lives knowing that they each pulled the trigger on that gun and cut short a loving human heart, they have murdered him. They will answer one day to a higher power over what they have done by killing one of his children. I pray that the family takes that school and school district all the way to the supreme court of the United States to change the policies and make them accountable for what they have done. Let there be ample compensation to the amount that hurts each of them so the money can be used to help his family obtain the therapy they will need over losing their family member and hopefully start a program for gay youth in their town where they can go to be with one another and have a chance for support from each other and loving supportive adults and counselors who can help them live through the horrible school age years those of us who came out young luckily lived through. I came out at 14, that was 33 years ago, I am saddened by every story like this that I hear and for those I know happen every day that noone hears. I have spread this to all of the people I know including those that are born again christians who are true christians that accept me for who I am and have always loved me. I am a lucky one, I survived. Never Forget, Never miss the opportunity to tell the world of these injustices. The fight for these childrens lives depends on us!!

  • reason

    @KD: Absolutely, emotions can cloud judgment and perception. You are correct that no one is immune from the pitfalls of emotion, but it is wise to divorce oneself from it in a crisis if one wishes to make sound judgments. I was reading about justice in some third world countries were the mob just lets their emotion take them; they make rash judgments and poor decisions with machine like consistence. They may blame and execute someone for a murder becuase he happened to be in town and stolen something in the past. They may feel ecstatic that they have delivered justice while the culprit goes unpunished. As I was reading, I was thinking these people are disgustingly beyond hope, but in actuality it is a reality no matter where you are. If some of the people on this blog had the opportunity to get their hands on these administrators there is no telling what they would do premised on some magical belief that they know what happened. It constantly reminds me of the need to exercise self control, it is generally the first thing that comes to mind when I experience a spike in blood pressure.

  • Anne M. Zachry

    The thing that troubles me about situations like this is that the parents have no proof that they put the school on notice about what was going on. What happens over the phone with a public education agency never really happens; you have to do everything in writing if you want to have proof of the exchange.

    Here’s the thing that jumped out at me that most people probably wouldn’t automatically think of: The district actually disclosed student information protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA),which is basically the educational version of HIPAA. [See http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html%5D

    The district said that it got an email from the mother a month ago but it was about issues at home, not at school. That’s not something they were likely authorized by the parents to disclose to the media. According to the article, the parents are outraged by what is implied by what was disclosed, so I think it’s safe to assume they did not consent to the district’s disclosure of their communications with the district to outside parties such as the media.

    The school district is a publicly funded agency. It is bound by regulations, not the least of which are those pertaining to the confidentiality of student information. The authority for disclosure, except as otherwise required by law, is vested in the parents. For the district to utilize protected student records, or make statements based on what it alleges is contained in protected student records, in an effort to build a defense of itself in the media is morally reprehensible.

    The parents could file a complaint with the Texas Department of Education for the violation of their rights under FERPA, among all of the other actions they take against the district (state departments of education usually take less time to investigate these things under comparable state law than it takes the feds to investigate a FERPA violation). It’s not just that the district disclosed confidential student information, or what it asserts is accurate information from a student’s confidential file, without parental consent; it’s that it did so in an effort to counter an unflattering view of itself in the media that could incline someone to believe that the district may have been culpable in some way for this young man’s tragic death.

    So, presuming for the moment that the parents’ assertions are true and the district was non-responsive to their requests for help, thereby contributing to this child’s death, then not only did the district neglect him to death, it violated the confidentiality of his student records in an effort to create a public defense for having so neglected him. This is shameful, if not criminal, if true.

    But, doing anything about it is going to come down to what kind of proof the parents can present. This is going to boil down to a mud-slinging he-said/she-said unless the parents can produce proof that they brought their concerns to the school’s attention, which means emails, letters, and/or faxes, preferably with proof of delivery.

    Other parents should seriously take heed at what is playing out here and start making sure that a well-maintained document trail exists for your exchanges with your children’s schools. You never know what could happen tomorrow, a week from now, 2 years from now…

    It’s better to be prepared and never need any of it than to deal with a disaster and not have it. You don’t have to be suspicious or hostile; just communicate everything in writing – email is usually fine – and keep copies of everything!

    The other thing I’d like to point out is that kids generally don’t become suicidal overnight. The suffering usually has to accumulate over time before they reach that extreme. Suicide usually arises from depression. Depression can become disabling.

    This young man may have qualified for services from his school district to help him deal with the emotional suffering he was experiencing and learn how to deal with the bullies. Plus, through these services, other adults at school would have presumably become aware of the seriousness of the bullying problems and dealt with them long before something like this ever happened.

    School districts have an affirmative duty to actively seek out and identify students who would qualify for and benefit from such services. It’s a federally mandated process called “child find.” So, where was the child find, here? Did no one pick up on what was going on with him at school or did they just ignore it? Was he discriminated against by school site personnel as well as the students who bullied him? Was he denied help with his emotional suffering by his school district and, if so, was this because he was gay?

    When students who, due to some kind of handicapping condition, require extra support and services in order to receive educational benefit – and I’d rather think you need to be alive in order to receive educational benefit, thereby making it likely that such supports and services were warranted for, but not provided to, this young man – for the public school system to deny these students such intervention is to discriminate against them on the basis of their handicapping conditions. That’s bad enough, but what is there to say about a publicly funded agency that discriminates against people with emotional health needs on the basis of their sexual orientation?

    It seems to me that this young man was potentially doubly-discriminated against: Once on the basis of his sexual orientation and again on the basis of some emotional health issue that, left unserved, culminated in suicide.

    I suspect that, if such is the case, the primary act of discrimination would be that on the basis of sexual orientation. It may be that had he not been gay, but otherwise presented with the same degree of emotional health issues, he would have been properly identified and served. Or, it could just turn out that the district deliberately fails to identify children for services across the board as a cost-cutting strategy and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. This kid could have been the victim of run-of-the-mill, stupid district politics rather than discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation for all I know.

    Presuming that he was denied help because he was gay, the discrimination on the basis of his handicapping condition was secondary, mainly serving as the vehicle by which the primary act of discrimination was carried out: inflicting him with his own disorder as punishment for being gay, determining that he deserved to suffer because he was gay, and/or presuming that the sort of suffering he experienced was a normal part of being gay without any thought as to probable depression and possible need for intervention.

    Again, this presumes the parents’ assertions are true. This is a terrible situation and I don’t mean to make the mechanics of what may have gone technically wrong here seem more important than the loss of a vibrant young life. But, in addressing this incredible wrong, I think it’s important for this child’s family to be armed with knowledge so that they and their supporters can successfully advocate for relief and a change in how the district operates.

    If the school is in any way responsible for any of this, it needs to be held to its duties; barring that, it needs to be held accountable for its dereliction of duty. Most taxpayers do not willingly commit their fiscal resources to publicly funded agencies that not only fail to spend that money on what it was intended for, but actually kill their constituents instead of serving them.

  • Rory

    @Don in LA:

    So in other words you’re saying the only reason he was gay is because people tried to “sexualize” him? Well guess what, people can know they’re gay at a young age. I knew when I was 13 and I could’ve been bullied for it too.

  • everfresh

    Some of these comments really don’t surprise me at all. Sitting on judgement is stupid. This is a tragedy and Asher’s family, friends, teachers, peers and anyone who had the honour of meeting him must be going through absolute anguish. This “blame game” does not work at all. Let us rather look at how we as a society can improve the quality of life for all our children. It would help for our youth and teachers to be educated more about sex, and what this actually means. Sex is extremely complex and if one thinks that they are abnormal in any way, then this might lead to low self-esteem. It doesn’t mean that everybody with low self-esteem is going to harm themselves. However, through understanding comes some level of acceptance. We have already seen huge changes around the world with regards to the acceptance of sexual diversity. We no longer look at the world as being only male and female, black and white, but embrace the multitude of differences.

  • swarm

    I don’t think there are many parents posting here. I call bullshit on this story. While I believe the boy was a victim of bullying at the school, the parents are at fault. You don’t “call” for a year and a half. “calls to the school went unanswered”?

    The mother makes no sense whatsoever. My kid’s high school math teacher made ONE unacceptable comment and I pulled him out of math the next day. I went to the principle and the school board IN PERSON and they HAD TO AGREE to my demand that he not go back in that class and he finished the year with a math tutor at home. Yes there are less proactive parents, likely most, however, this story? Key words: STEPfather, loaded gun, closet. hrmph.

    Besides the obvious suspicions cast on the parents, in so far as schools are concerned you have a ton of assholes both attending them AND working there, you don’t just sit back and “call”.

  • swarm

    From another article:

    “On the morning of his death, the teen told his stepfather he was gay, but Truong said he was fine with the disclosure. “We didn’t condemn,” he said.”

    Really? How many people do you know decide to come out to a STEPFATHER on the way to school one morning? Nice touch with the “WE didn’t condemn”. Where was the mother [not condemning] while the kid was coming out to the STEPfather then at school all day then at home alone after school? When did she squeeze in the WE not condemning part? Over the phone? Bullshit.

  • swarm

    Did anyone notice the “NEW website” for the brother’s “ministry” became active on Sept 21st? A google shows NOTHING for this “ministry” prior to that.

  • Don in LA

    Roy, That is NOT what I said. I am saying that if you talk to a child under the age of concent about sex (and your not a councelor or parent) it is a form of pedaphilia. That as AMERICANS we sexualize our children. At 13 he should have been alowed to grow up 1st. Lastly that we only know about 20% of what was happeneing here, and that many in your community are using this tragedy as a casue – ignoring the poor child and family. I saw one rant her on DADT, and another on why we should all hate republicans.

    This is all very sad, but it is not about YOU, it is about this kid, the famlies loss, and maybe what we can learn to keep it from happening again.

  • Michael

    Oh Asher…I UNDERSTAND! May you be at PEACE now. You are in my Prayers now and always. I’m 42 yrs old. When I was your age, the SAME THING happened to me. I’ve always wondered why I didn’t take my life back then. I was tortured at school and at home by my own Father, then by my step-father. I remember my Father telling me to “kick thier asses.” He was right, although, he was an abuser as well…wanting to make me into something I wasn’t. But he DID finally move several times so I could get away from the torture at school. We moved to 3 different schools. I only felt so guilty that he had to do this so I would just go to school. I can’t believe that after 20 years this is STILL happening. I was often times mistaken for a girl. I tried to deepen my voice, I found Peace only with my animals. What on earth puts this hatred in youths? As children, we are ‘helpless’ when nobody ‘gets it.’ This type of bullying only damages our Spirits. We get so beaten down emotionally, physically, and SPIRITUALLY. There must be a very special place in Heaven for those of us like you, that simply could find NO way out. When the schools are notified by concerned Mothers etc, it only makes it WORSE on the abused (“bullied”) victims…so, it isn’t parents’ fault for you taking your life, its the fault of those kids that join forces, attack us when we are doing our bests to fit in. With me, again, I only found relief in my animals. I didn’t care that I had no friends. I just wanted them to leave me alone! This explains so much as to why I am the Man I am now. I don’t know what the answer is, but if I had been there before you had to do what you had to do, I would have protected you, defended you, against those hate-filled kids that were relentless in badgering you! I am visualizing you in Paradise now with Jesus.
    WAKE UP WORLD! Love wins. I wish I had an answer to this ongoing epedimic. Rest now, Asher, you had nowhere else to go to in this world. I UNDERSTAND. I Pray for YOU. I don’t know how your parents were…from what I read, you Mother tried to help…perhaps your step-father did, but all I know is my Mother DID try, my Father only “tried,” yet he was a bully himself to me. My step-Father was so abusive. It DOES just get to be too much.
    God Bless your sweet Soul, Asher.

  • Geoff Kole

    Kids are cruel. Make sure yours know how to protect themselves emotionally and physically. It is not ok to tell people, especially kids vulnerable things about yourself. One must protect oneself. Especially in areas where people are brainwashed by religious dogma. I’m sure many big time football players are gay however they keep it to themselves. Why? Because of the crap they would have to take from society.

    I wish we lived in a perfect world, but we don’t. Being a gay young man in Texas is not necessarily going to be a nurturing experience. I say either remain in the closet until your a stronger man physically/emotionally, or move to areas where people are more loving and accepting. IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO BE VULNERABLE TO THOSE WHO WOULD ABUSE YOU. DID ANNE FRANK WAVE A FLAG WITH THE STAR OF DAVID ON IT OUTSIDE HER WINDOW? Its sad we live in such a world where people hurt others for their beliefs. Men do not have the right to express themselves openly. Until that happens, until we have the right, protect yourself (men) and the ones you love. Your business is nobody elses business. When you feel safe, then come out. Only when you feel safe

  • Hyhybt

    @Don in LA: And who do you claim has been talking to, or *wants* to talk to, 13-year-olds about sex? All I’ve seen is people wanting to reassure them that there is nothing wrong with being gay, that those who treat them badly for it are in the wrong, and that it gets better once you’re grown and can choose your own associations. NONE of that involves talking about sex.

  • Polyboy

    Don in LA is a fucking bastard, a hetrocentrist who just can’t fucking get that being gay isn’t solely about sex.

  • Don in LA

    @Hyhybt: Dude – YOU or ANYONE who is not the parent or a councilor should NOT be talking to someone else’s children about sex or their feeling about who they are attracted to. PERIOD. Look reverse the rolls – you have a kid, a 12 year old girl – and your 35 year old male neighbor want to tell her it is OK to be straight – that her having two mommies is not the norm – that she should feel free to explore men and her feeling toward them, maybe be her friend – come over to his house and have a cup of tea so you can talk. Honestly would you be 100% OK with that? It would not be this guys place to counsel your child about her choices. It is not your place to counsel other people’s children either.

    Those actions are as unappropriated as what some here have suggested. Heck lets make the guy divorced, alcoholic, an NRA member, and he watched Jerry Falwell on TV every day too!

    A 13 year old boy should be worried about football, or music or class schedules – not being a gay activist. He was friggin 13!

  • thadeouszeus

    Suicide attempts among homosexuals are six times greater than the average. (Remafedi et al. 1998).

    Bullying is a minor issue in the cases of suicide – almost a non factor. the homosexual community has overlooked the serious issues of the mental health in favor of striving to gain political acceptance. Attention must be giving to the mental health of Gays as a whole if they want to reduce the number of suicides.

  • Anyanka

    And for all those that think that bullying is just “kids being kids” or a good chance for the abused to learn to stand up for themselves, take a look at the potential consequences. You never know how your words or actions will affect someone. We are responsible for our actions and what they do to others.

  • RickyT

    Being 13 years of age 100 years ago, you could get married.
    Today, some are still a kid a 21.

    Peace and Light to all people, and this world we live on.
    There is no wrong or right. Just Beingness.

  • robby

    i am so sorry no one was there to help you babe i am 23 and gay i never met you but you will be misset in this world now you are in a better place fly free and just be you no one is better or bigger then you. go to those that need help and show them the light . to the ones that pushed this boy to do this you all will burn for ever for it and your parents should be shot for not teaching you to love and not be full of hate i will pray for you asher you are free now

  • Michael

    @swarm: I did notice that. I see the brother is a web developer in addition to having this mission or ministry. Not sure why he is advertising for Joel Osteen’s church as well as for a make-up artist and an auto broker on his church site. I’m sure I’ve never seen anything like that. Odd.

  • shane

    bullies should never have a place in this society. they don’t deserve to live. in my country, gays are accepted, recognized and respected as humans.

  • David neil Howarth

    They say America is the land of the free not when gay teens can not live there lives with out beening BULLIED for whom they are WAKE UP AMERICA befor its to late .

  • Mr. TPU

    @Enron: How appropriately written in purple. No offense meant. I just think its fitting for something so fanciful.

  • James

    @Kev C: Yes, I agree. Or let the kid homeschool until he figures out a better situation. I was subject to a high degree of taunting and some bullying, nothing ever violent. My parents were not necessarily aware of it and I think at the time I would’ve been embarrassed to tell them I was getting taunted for being gay. But since the parents claim to have been aware of the problem, they definitely could’ve taken the simple action of pulling him out of the school.

  • Hope

    I hope the kids that bullied him have learned their lesson too bad someone had to get hurt in order for change to happen i live in cypress and this is ridiculous and uncalled for and this should not have happened
    R.I.P Asher your in my prayer <3

  • Houston-chick

    Dont blame any location for this. If anything blame the people that tormented Asher Brown. Its a tragedy. Harris County is a good place, but young teens still dont understand the scars words can leave on someone. Or what people are capable of doing when it gets so far. Prays go out to the Brown Family.

  • swarm

    These parents were just on MSNBC. I didn’t see them, only heard on my Flotv but I was less than impressed. Not a single tear was shed by either “parent”. I couldn’t talk about my damn dog for a month after he died.

    STEPfather “I went to the school and ‘tried’ to talk to them”. WTAF. The mother claimed she asked the boy the night before “are you ok and he said yeah”. But the next morning he came out to the STEPfather? yeah, ok.

    Meanwhile, MSNBC has spent the entire week from Sunday on, on their “education & schools” week thing, including having Arnie Duncan and other admins speaking on tv CONSTANTLY 24/7…I watched it as much as I could stand… not a single word about any bullying initiative but PLENTY about getting other people’s money for the fed school funding.

    Michelle Obama takes on ~healthy FOOD as her big First Lady cause and not a single word about school bullying OR LGBT youth. Disgusting phoneys.

  • Taylor

    are you people even real.. who cares about your gay rights and shit, the kid was bullyed gay or not so shut up and respect that.. crums

  • Paul

    @Ricky: Harris is Houston, TX Harris County..why they did not say Houston I don’t know..

  • ihatethisguy^

    @Ricky: its not the whole county dipshit… its the fucking bullies dumbshit. youre so ignorant to say “Fuck Harris, Texas” when four little boys were making jokes. it is a terrible and sad situation, but you cant just say fuck the whole county. work on your social skills asshole

  • Justin

    This doesn’t happen very often but I actually cried over this story. This story makes me hate the fucking world. Asher Brown I wish I could have just talked to you for a couple minutes beforehand and told you how things will not always be this bad and how you have so much awaiting you in the future. I wish you hadn’t done this. Though I have never met you and didn’t know of your existence until after you were gone, I love you with all my heart and hope you are finally at peace.


    Why don’t parents keep their kids out of school or switch schools if the bullying is that bad? I feel bad for the parents loss, but frankly I think they didn’t deal with the problem effectively. When I was bullied as a teen, I stayed out of school, sometimes for weeks at a time. My parents always supported my decision to stay out of school if I felt it was necessary. I was always able to catch up on the school work, but even if your kid fails, at least they will be alive.


    I also wouldn’t put it past a homophobic bully to kill a gay and make it look like a suicide either.

  • Nicole P

    Not for nothing, but I don’t think this is even a gay rights issue. It doesn’t sound like Asher had come out of the closet to anyone but his own parents. This was just a case of regular old school bullying. He was being picked on because he was little, because he was smart, and because he was clearly not comfortable in his own skin.

    Maybe because I’m straight, you’ll think I’ve got blinders on here, but I think that by saying this is only an anti-gay issue, you’re really denying the bigger issue and giving those who are anti-gay the ability to brush this boy’s suicide off as a gay political movement. The real issue here is that it doesn’t matter what you are or who you are, every human being has the right to be treated well and to be respected, and every child has the right to an education free of violence and hatred.

  • Nicholas Giannino

    We love you Asher,, Our motto here is Fear No Fear.. You shouldn’t haven’t had to go through that. People need to understand that we are human beings with feelings. We’re tired of being pushed to the limits, pushed to the edge were we have to kill ourselves just to feel safe… It needs to end now.. We may not know you but your our brother for life.. and we will always love you.. and we will do whats right for you, stand up against gay hate… We deserve to live too.

    Dodge City Kansas.

  • Liz Ditz

    There are two groups of students who are routinely bullied in k-12 classrooms: children with learning disabilities (including autism and ADHD) and students who do not conform to gender norms (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ).

    There’s a new grassroots effort, started by the mother of a child with learning disabilities, who was bullied so badly he withdrew from school.

    End the Bullying

    End the Bullying uses its blog, a Facebook page, and Twitter to build a grassroots base of a grassroots base of people who are willing to provide support and insight for children who experience bullying and for their parents. Our hope is to provide resources via the Internet and, when needed, locally, for children and families who are experiencing bullying, especially when the authorities are not handling the situation as they should.

    In news stories about bullying, especially when it has led to suicide, parents note that they repeatedly tried to contact school administrators or other authorities, only to be ignored. Many families whose stories do not make the news also attest to this cycle of nonresponsiveness. End the Bullying focuses on identifying people across the United States who can serve as contacts and facilitators for parents and children whose complaints are not being heard.

  • Jo

    I am sorry….but I feel like the parent’s are not being totally truthful in this situation. I think that if things were as bad as they say they were, they would have been up at the school in the faces of the administrators and NOT leaving until something had been resloved!

    Also….I do not believe at all that the boy told his stepfather THAT morning he was gay and his stepfather just acted like it was fine and dandy! I imagine IF he did tell him that morning….there were some words said and the poor child felt like he had no choice but to end his life. Where WAS HIS MOM???? Don’t you think he would talk to her before talking to the stepfather???? I do!

    I think this family is wanting attenetion and money at this point and enjoy being on national news! Where are the tears?

  • Don in LA

    @Jo: – As more comes out about this is looks weirder and weirder. He was a small kid, and there was no way he could reach the gun with our a chair to stand on. No chair was next to the closet. If a gay child is rejected by a parent they are 8X more likely to commit suicide. The school has the e-mails the parents sent saying there was trouble in the home, no mention about trouble at school. The last person to see him alive was his step-father, who is also the ONLY one who can confirm the boy was saying he was gay.

    In so MANY ways this whole thing stinks. I feel so sorry for this kid. When he needed it no one was there for him, apparently not his parents either.

  • marlis

    @Ogre Magi: Buddhist. But his uncle at the memorial is a Christian minister, so I’m not sure sure Asher was truly buddhist. He maybe just said he was. He was the kind of kid, I hear, that liked to say silly thinks and make other kids laugh, and was slightly autistic. He would say that he wanted to come back in another life as an animal. Buddhists believe in reincarnation, so maybe that is why he said he was buddhist. I’n not so sure the family was actually a practicing buddhist family or if Asher ever had any formal education or training in buddhism. He was bullied because he was different. Not necessarily because of his religion OR sexual orientation. The kids at this school are 11-13 years old. They don’t think that deep. They pick on someone because he is different. The bullies pick on others just to pick on others. Just to be mean. They think it is fun. They find someone who it bothers, and continue it.

  • marlis

    There is an expression at this school that kids say to other kids that they think are weird or different. That expression is ‘you are so gay.’ They use it as an adjective for clothing, as in ‘that shirt is so gay’ if they don’t like the shirt. They use it in observing others, as in when someone does not run as fast as another, or if someone trips and falls, saying ‘that is so gay.’ They don’t mean ‘gay’ in the bisexual way. They mean ‘wierd’ in the ‘I am mean’ way. Asher was slightly autistic. I don’t know, but we can not jump to conclusions and say the parents did not support him, or would not support him, if he came ‘out.’ I think it really went something more like this: ‘Kids say I’m gay. I might be gay. What is gay? What if I am gay?” And the parents saying, to their sweet, straight A but autistic kid: “Asher, we love you no matter what. Don’t worry about what those mean kids say.”

  • Amanda

    this is a sick fucking world
    why won’t the world leave gays alone

  • Ogre Magi

    @marlis: Thanks for the info, what a sad sad story

  • Robin

    I want to take my gun and kill those people who are not tolerant

  • jess

    @jason: jason, i take great offense to this. i have a beautiful, sensitive little 5 year old boy who is a “boy’s boy” in all aspects of the word, but also loves to play with girls, dress up in my high heels, and sing, dance, and hug EVERYONE. boy or girl. i would never, ever in a million years tell my son that he has to change the way his little heart feels or stop being himself.
    do i think he will probably get shit from kids at school because he’s petite and sensitive? yes, just as i did for being a tomboy, and was called a “dike” and such- and i’m straight. and just as i was lucky to have had a family who always welcomed me with open arms when i endured that bullying, and took time to make me see how much i was loved and supported, i will do the same with my son. i pay attention. i talk WITH him, not at him. i make sure to tell him something wonderful about himself, every night before bed, we talk, and i tell him how special and amazing he is.
    THAT is where i see the issue. we (as a country, NOT women…) ignore our kids. we think they’re just kids. they’re not. they’re people. with hearts, and intense emotions, and complex personalities. whether they’re 2, or 20. and we ignore it. we send them to bed without telling them how loved they are, how glad we are that they are in our lives, and we then throw them into a cruel world and pretend that “everything will be ok”. i hate when i see parents with a child who is coming to them about ANYTHING, who say, “you’ll be ok. don’t worry.”
    does that help? really? does that really make them ok, or make the worry stop? no. it tells them that we don’t want to deal with it, so they clam up and stop talking to us, stop coming to us when they are NOT ok, and are worried sick, but are tired of us minimizing it.
    i blame everyone here. parents who contacted a school about harrassment with no response- what?! i woulda’ been in that principal’s office throwing a FIT until something was done. i would have been pulling my kid out of that school in the blink of an eye if nothing was done.
    stop taking it lying down. stand up. love your kids. TELL them so. fight for them. hard. and ALWAYS be on their side, in ANY situation, whether it makes you uncomfortable to do so or not.

    but jason, don’t blame one sex for this. woman-bashing is just as bad as the gay bashing that leads to shit like this. we should ALL take responsiblity for this one.

  • Catalina Gordillo

    Go and enjoy your new home baby , where there is no people with these criminals feelings,our Father must be receiving you with open arms,es mucho el dolor que una noticia como esta causa,mi mas sentido pesame por esta gran perdida,el corazon se estremece por tanta maldad ,quien les das derecho para tanta crueldad?

  • Kimberly

    R.I.P. Asher. That school is just about 15 minutes from where I live. I didn’t go to that school, and I never knew him, but this is just horrible. I can’t stand homophobia. It NEEDS to end, like, NOW.

  • Sophie

    The lack of action on the school’s part is just despicable. The backwards attitude of many conservatives on gay issues is not only irritating, it’s endangering peoples’ lives.

  • [email protected]

    RIP Asher!
    You left this world much to soon. You shouldn’t have had to go through all you’ve gone through just because of who you were.
    As for the school lack of commen sense and care; it disgust me to see that they couldn’t or wouldn’t take notice to something like this going on in their own school. As if you couldn’t return calls or emails or take notice that parents were trying to get to you about bullying that was taking place. I just can’t believe people would have no hearts.
    I honestly can’t see why the world has to be so cold. Why we have to single out a certain person because they don’t follow what we do, they don’t think or act the way we do. They don’t like the gender their supose to like. If everyone followed the same thing, this world would be a very boring place.
    Asher you didn’t deserve any of this, and I hope your parents get the justice they deserve. I hope the people who tormented you feel guilty in each and every possible way.
    RIP buddie <3

  • R Berry

    I hope the kids who bullied him are charged with a hate crime.

  • MO

    Blaming the administration is absurd. People do not commit suicide because of one thing, its always a spectrum of problems. Most likely his home life was not great either. I do reach out and feel horrible for the loss the Troungs and their family and friends have endured, but they are definitely not completely innocent either. I went to Hamilton Middle School, and I know plenty of faculty members that work there (including my mother and one of Asher’s teachers). The faculty was aware of problems at home and that Asher and his step-dad were not on the best of terms. I AM IN NO WAY BLAMING HIS PARENTS, I’m just saying that they cannot try and place all the blame on another 13 year old kid, when they themselves are not innocent. As Durham said, the email to school was not regarding bullying, I know this for a fact…it was regarding problems at home. Hamilton as well as all other schools have a strict zero tolerance policy if you are caught doing anything regarding bullying or hate crimes. But honestly, being picked on is a part of growing up. Everyone goes through it, if you didn’t you were the bully yourself. Yes it is sad, you get upset for awhile, but it helps you learn who you are, whats important to you, and who your true friends are. Most people learn to ignore, move on, and grow up. You eventually find a close knit group, make it through high school, and then you are free. It is very sad that Asher was not able to overcome adversity and hardships. and once again I do feel bad for his family and friends

  • Nothing

    Sorry he died, but I still hate Homosexuality. I hate the sin, but not the sinner!
    I hope he goes to heaven, but how can a boy that has reached the age of accountability go to heaven after been gay and committing suicide? The Bible makes it clear as to where gays and suiciders go

  • Ron in NY

    Well, as Barney Frank says, you heterosexuals made it into the Ten Commandments – we didn’t!

    The Bible says a lot of stuff, but when you engage in ‘selective reading’ to single out your own personal biases, that’s wrong.

    You might want to think about what’s behind all that hate you’re carrying around. Your kind of hate is what killed him.

    The Bible also makes it clear we should not be judgmental…or cast stones, or be so self-righteous (Ecclesiates 7:16), but you bigots always manage to miss the parts that single out YOUR sins. A lot of you Bible-thumpers are going to be in for some big surprises come Judgment Day. And when you can’t stand the heat, it’s going to be too bad. You’re going to be stuck down there with all the other haters.

    Oh, one more thing – Carl Jung said, “the things that irritate us about others is often a reflection of ourselves…” Maybe you have some unresolved homoerotic feelings you need to confront.

  • ewe

    @Nothing: You must be one of the countless dumb asses who think some book you happen to be reading is the end all be all explanation for everything and everyone? That obviously explains your tiny comprehension. Oh and fuck off while you are bitchin about your disturbing feelings of misplaced superiority. I would like to suggest you open more than just your one silly book.

  • ewe

    @Nothing: And i have the courage to flat out say that i hate YOU without blaming something outside of myself. Did you hear that? I do not need a book or a twist on love versus sin. I can just plain ol hate you for being a stupid fuck. Have yourself a shitty day while you’re at it asshole.

  • Deanna

    This is bulls**t. These kids shouldnt have to suffer because their teachers and principal are complete idiots. HOW MANY KIDS HAVE TO DIE BEFORE YOU F***ERS WAKE UP!!!! this is happening so do something about it. Kids should be able to express themselves for who they are and what they are and NOT get bullied for it. thats just ridiculous. I have several gay/lesbian friends whom i love dearly, and if i ever found out that they had been bullied when they were in high school i would want to go after the person or people who did it because its not okay. we tell our kids to express themselves and then when they actually do and feel confident enough to come out to us and their peers, they get ridiculed and called names for being different? NO!! that is not okay and something NEEDS to be done about it. Those teachers and school administrators need to be fired and that whole f***ing community needs to wake the hell up.

  • Kirk

    Anybody out there have some deep pockets that would like to help launch a media campaign to address the issue? I’m a graphic designer touched by this issue and would like to help any way I can. kirkzeel-at-gmail.com

  • Mo in VA


    So it’s okay to hate who and how someone loves and creates a family because it differs from the image planted in your mind but you don’t hate him/her? Do you really think anyone actually believes that? Funny how people who think the Bible should be taken literally without any historical context can also cherry-pick whatever passages they can twist to support their arguments.

    So, tell me then why you’re not going to hell for eating pork, watching grown men play homo-erotic games with the skin of a pig, wearing clothes made of unnatural fibers…and not loving your neighbor as yourself?

  • Hyhybt

    @Mo in VA: Ignoring Nothing, who’s only here to stir up trouble… but “hate the sin, love the sinner” (applied properly) is not only legitimate, but is something *everyone* does. This thread is on bullying and some of its results, and that works pretty well as an example. Suppose you found out your child was bullying other kids. Presumably, you hate bullying. Presumably, you love your child, and therefore don’t want him to be the sort of person who does that.

    The problems come in when 1) what they’re claiming to be sin (being gay) ISN’T, and when the expression is used as a cover for hating people. But the concept is sound.

  • Brian

    I was bullied almost every day through 6th and 7th grade, a little bit in 8th, not too bad. It seemed like i was going to the councilor and always meeting up with the principle about bullies, but my school never did anything. They didn’t care, and also i had a teacher bully me as well. I can see how this kid felt the way he did, as i felt it too. not because i was gay, because i was just that kid.

  • Tracy

    His parents sent emails and made phone calls for a year and a half of bullying? It does not say that they actually went into the school to proceed furthur. Young Asher came out to his stepdad the same day that he took his life. What was David’s response to his stepson’s awakening information? I just think that there is more to this than what is being revealed at this time. May Asher rest in peace.

  • Tracy

    Why are we focused on “gay”? In their own words,’Asher was tormented for being small. For his religious beliefs. For the way he dressed. And for being gay’.

  • mike

    nothing is “lol” or “cute” in this story and it is sad to see how many people find the death of a 13 year old and the sorrow of a mother funny and cute, surely these people are the ones need to be seen by a psychiatrist

  • Hyhybt

    @mike: That’s the trouble with the button selection: NONE of the choices is appropriate for a well-done/important to cover story of such a serious nature. Besides “LOL” and “cute,” the only other positive one is “more please,” and the last thing we want (well, most of us) is more children killing themselves!

  • Felix Montano

    asher heavenly father has blessed u……and its hard for the parents, family and close ones to him its their loved loss and its hard on the family…..the other kids that tortured bullied and called names…..they will have far worse happen to them !!

  • Qu'ran Robinson

    It;’s Truely a shame to see this YOUNG boy take his own life because of other kids who have a problem with the way he wants to live HIS life. I just dont see the purpose of bullying.
    Does it make you feel cool ?

  • Lyndsey

    The last thing a 13 year old boy should be doing is taking his own life…this breaks my heart. I pray that now he has some peace.

  • Muze226

    I have 2 boys in the public school system & from my experience I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that the school system did brush them off, if not ignore them altogether. What happened in this nation? Why do we hate each other so much? If these kids hated him so much, why were they wasting their energy on him at all? WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THESE KID’S PARENTS?!?! I prefer to teach my kids to treat everyone with respect & to treat others as they want to be treated & I will never understand why this happened! It takes a village people! Regardless if you have children in public schools, you pay taxes which pay for the school & you have the RIGHT to be heard, so lets start speaking out!
    I feel so badly for that baby’s parents & for him, but I cannot believe that these deaths will go unnoticed, I pray everyday that these unfortunate events will open everyone’s eyes to this problem, so that it will not be ignored! We can no longer brush this off! We have to tackle it head on & do what we can to prevent this from happening in the future! Rest in Peace Little One, Please know that you will never be forgotten…

  • Anonymous

    FU to a entire town?




  • John Simpson

    @Keppler: YES it DOES get better and better. Childhood is tough enough as it is without adding this bullshit on top of growing up. Poor baby, RIP. Hate, it’s a republican ideal!

  • jesus

    When Did This Happened Man If I KNew Him I Would Stick Up For Him I HAte It When People Bully Others Because they Are Smarter, Different Height, Gay, Bi Lesbian, Or Anything Alse Like WTF People Get A Life And Leave These Poor Innocent Kids Alone !! And Yes Im Bisexual Thats Why I Would Stick Up For Him .
    R.I.P. Asher Brown We Love U Buddy

  • DarriBerri

    Hi I go to Hamilton middle school and when Asher Brown was killed, I was in 7th grade. ( I am in 7th grade.) Our school district is no bad at all. I don’t know what was up with the kids who bullied asher but I’m sure they are unhappy. We now have bullying posters all around our school…and to those of you who thin our school is bad you can think that. But Mr. Durham (principal) did not recieve any emails or anything like that He told ME face-to-face. To show our love for Asher, we had a memorial service on the Monday morning after the death. And to those of you who think this is “cute” or “lol” to hell with yall because this is no laughing matter. R.I.P. Asher Brown.

  • anonymous

    this isnt even true… i go to hamilton and noone even knew he was gay. so stfu, you dont know anything. you just assume…

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Your lies are between you and your maker. Nothing more can be said.

  • Kid who goes to that school

    I go to that school. There is an openly gay kid there, asher wasnt open. The openly gay kid is not made fun of. And they are hyper conservative (like michell obama takes vacations every week, they hate obama)

    They just took jokes to far. They were just making fun. They are quietly against it. Not like, “ew gay” like “oh, gay i dont agree, but what ever”

    The openly gay kid has SO many friends, many conservative. The boys always make those motions, it is jokes they do. They are un-educated on gays, but this wasnt an open like “UR GAY I HATE YOU”

    These kids were just making fun of his girlyness and how short he was

    many are anti gay, but really, he might have had more friends if he came out

    The focus here should be against bullying and gay tollerance, but the school was not making fun of him because he is, but because he acted that way. I am not saying that that is ok, but they are less evil then u are painting them as.

    and they would have been more sensitive if they knew

    They are at a point to change their point of view. We can do that

    They arent as terrible as u think.

  • homostomper

    what a fag

  • Soupy

    You must have typed that because your mouth and ass are full of cock.

  • LaTisha

    I literally cried when I read this story. It breaks my heart as I sit here and type because I can NEVER fathom my two beautiful children being so stressed, at such a young age, that they feel there is nothing that can be done so they choose suicide. This has to stop, people! Why are so many against our young, pure, innocent children. They need our knowledge, our strength, our care, our love, our existence period. I am so overwhelmed right now because something else shocks me on the news and blogs day by day and some things are just utterly ridiculous. Let’s unite and make a change. Homosexuals, heterosexuals, it does not matter!!!! We are all people!

  • Kasey

    Okay, so yea I know I’m late, but this kid went to a school I’m very fimiliar with. I goto Aragon NOT far from hamilton and I knew people that knew him, it’s a shame for one of Houston and yea I bet y’all were shocked image the way we were right after it happen, yea it was pretty bad, but the really sad part even though there are all these restrictions of “bullying” its still happening and Im a victim and guess what the people that are call him a “fag and a cock ass sucker” how would you feel cuz I’d feel pretty dang bad. I mean people he’s gay BIG WHOOP, lets grow up.
    -Kasey Wood
    Sudent in the same district and grade as him.
    P.s Grow up and stop harrasing someone that killed himself over it.

  • Kasey

    @Ricky: No don’t F*** us. F*** the kids that tormented him, I knew him and I didnt do crap to him and its sad how people are, but not everyone did it.

  • taylorgang

    im a teenager around the same age as asher and i know how middle school kids can be. i feel that many people dont take bullying and name calling as serious as it is.i feel sorry for asher because his life ended to soon and it could have been prevented.as for school kids they are always going to be that way but they need to learn when to stop.i hope the kids who tormented him feel bad about their self for the rest of the life and as for asher even though you are gone you and others have shown the world just how serious this is.maybe one day the world wont be this way and treat LGBT better.i am straight but i dont have a problem with homosexuals. i dont believe in it but i dont protest them. but anyways back to the topic asher brown i wish you and your family the best.


  • person

    @homostomper: God, what is WRONG with you? i don’t hate anybody at all couse i’m not sopposed to but you and people like you make it hard.

  • RebeccaNichele

    @Ricky: Ok. I agree what happened was horrible but there is no reason to bash everyone in Harris County. Cypress is a complicated place. There are good people, and very bad ones. Honestly. I live there. I happen to go to Goodson Middle School (I have some close friends that went to Hamilton at the time of Asher’s death) where everyone is mostly supportive of whoever you are… But there is no reason at all to say that.

  • Theatergeek

    I would personally like a campaign to be started. Everything that has happened with the “It Gets Better Project” is wonderful. But it’s a lot of people who are already grown up. This is a good image to provide to kids, but sometimes they feel alone. I would love it if more teenagers who were gay, teenagers like me, would make an effort to assist anyone who is having a hard time with their orientation. I think the kids would relate a whole lot better to someone in their own age group. Then horribly sad occurrences like this would never have to happen.

  • Gaygurl21

    Smfh this is crazy r.i.p lil one my heart go out to him mother…

  • Dan

    Title VII allows gay and effeminate males to be fired and assaulted legally. Can we get off the bullying bullshit, please!

  • bradley

    @Nothing: what the fuck is wrong with you just becaus e you dont aprove no one cares about you !!! now how do you feal just because someone is gay dont mean there not a bad person or that there almost the same as you exept that the mite talk funny or be WELL gay get over it the gay comunity never did anything to you so get the fuck over it!

  • ksuxandros

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  • JoshuaH

    This is so tragic. Shit like this should happen now. What is this world becoming

  • Caitlyn P.

    Asher was one of my friends when I was at hamilton but I’m at least happy to see that people care this much even when it doesnt have anything to do with themselves. I wish i could have gone back and helped him though before any of this happened i didnt even know he was bullied til it was to late because he wouldnt tell me or any of the people who he hug out with. if i had known i probably could have helped him seeing as i had gone though alot of the same things and once though about suicide myself.

  • Caitlyn P.

    oh and i did read the comments for those people who were like oh theres nothing to really go on except what the parents have said I was actually there and i was bullied constantly around the same time as asher though over different reasons and i would constantly write incident reports and nothig ever happened. eventually i got so tired of the crap that the bullies were doing i ended up getting in fights with them for most of my middle school and so far my high school life as a freshman which i am currently. so you guys who are oh so doubtful just keep your mouth shut! i dont wanna sound rude but i really dislike when people are so cold hearted as to only go on what they think is evidence. i’ve been at the school i know first hand what its like and im almost certain none of you skeptics do.

  • John

    @Ricky: No just don’t be gay, Little faget

  • baojie.chen

    May God bless the child…

  • qthomas1812

    It’s unbelievable how people in this world don’t know gay is 100% depression, all lies kids dieing cause parents are so stupid.

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