Don't Ask Don't Tell

SHOCK: Knights Out’s Dan Choi Kicked Out of National Guard

When U.S. Army First Lieutenant Dan Choi uttered the phrase “I am gay” on Rachel Maddow‘s show in March, he had to expect this day might come: He’s been kicked out of the National Guard. A member of Knights Out — a group of West Point grads who came out publicly to protest Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — he received a letter informing him of his dismissal, which read in part: “You admittedly publicly that you are a homosexual, which constitutes homosexual conduct … Your actions negatively affected the good order and discipline of the New York Army National Guard.”

He’ll be on Maddow’s show again tonight.

Of course, Choi isn’t the first, nor the last, to lose his military job over DADT. But I guess we can wait till President Obama finds a “sensible” way to change — err, sorry, to “repeal” the policy.