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We called it last week, but this season of The White Lotus really does keep getting gayer and gayer. And, after the shocking final moments of the latest episode, we can’t wait to see how Sicily tops *wink, wink* itself next.

Spoilers ahead!

As you surely remember, the previous season of the HBO satire ushered viewers into its final act with a truly eye-popping cliffhanger, in which off-the-wagon hotel manager Armond (Murray Bartlett) found himself face-first between employee Dillon’s cheeks—only to be interrupted by angry guest Shane (Jake Lacy). It sure had the internet talking!

Well, now series creator Mike White has outdone himself, delivering yet another moment of interrupted butt play—with a surprising twist. Let’s get into it…

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In “That’s Amore,” hapless heiress Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) and her put-upon assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) embark for Palermo at the request of their new gaggle of gay friends, led by the wily Quentin (Tom Hollander). Their gregarious host shows them around his stunning family estate, and—if you found yourself wondering how anyone affords such a lavish lifestyle, hold onto that thought because we have our suspicions.

While Quentin woos Tanya with a night at the opera, his “naughty nephew” Jack (Leo Woodall) takes Portia out on the town, conveniently “forgetting” his wallet so that the pair has to dine and dash. Again, something fishy is going on here! Back at the estate, Jack walks Portia to her room then tells her he has to do something for his uncle.

Cut to: Tanya waking up in the middle of the night and wandering the suddenly eerie halls, following a distant sound of… moaning? When she turns the corner, she spies Jack plowing his dear old uncle from behind. Excuse us, WHAT?!

Tanya manages to go unnoticed, but we imagine that scene will be etched in her memory for a long time—just like ours!

Look, we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that Quentin and Jack aren’t related, so let’s take a deep breath. We weren’t so sure what this East England smooth-talker was doing with all those gays anyway, and this seems to confirm our suspicion that Jack’s a rentboy, or at least some sort of hired hand not strictly on a family vacation. And, if Quentin was lying about his nephew, what else could he be lying about? Fan theories have been flying around, but the prevailing notion is that these gays aren’t quite as wealthy as they appear to be—and Tanya better watch her back!

As for that scene, White knew exactly what he was doing, looking to provoke plenty of pearl-clutching. “There’s a pleasure to me as a guy who is gay-ish to make gay sex transgressive again,” the queer showrunner tells Variety in a new interview. “It’s dirty… men are having sex and you have this Psycho music underneath. It just amuses me.”

“I just think transgressive sex is sexier,” White adds. “I guess I’m old school. There’s this Gothic vibe of walking through a haunted hotel or haunted house and people are having sex behind closed doors.” The vibes definitely were very Eyes Wide Shut!

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While White remains tight-lipped about whether Quentin and Jack are actually related (“Well, you’ll have to see”), the Variety piece does provide a few other insights into the scene from the actors themselves. Woodall says reading the script left him “speechless,” but admits he dove in with no reservations because he trusted White to tell the story perfectly.

And Hollander reveals what it was like to actually film the big moment—with an intimacy coordinator just out of frame. “It’s more technical than anything else when you’re actually doing it,” he says. “You know, ‘Is this the right angle? Does this look right?’ But there was a mutually respectful energy between us, too. And on the set, the production was very tender around those moments. It certainly was around that one. We just wanted to do it right.”

But the sex scene was just the capstone to another wild episode of The White Lotus: Sicily, one that included gratuitous butt shots for Jack and Albie (Adam DiMarco), and addressed hotel manager Valentina’s (Sabrina Impacciatore) sexuality pretty directly, with Mia (Beatrice Grannò) admitting she’s “a little gay, too” and propositioning her for a gig at the bar’s piano.

There’s also the matter of the increasingly tense dynamic between über-wealthy couples, Cam and Daphne (Theo James, Meghann Fahy) and Ethan and Harper (Will Sharpe, Aubrey Plaza). Now that the condom wrapper is out in the open, Ethan admits that something happened the night the women were away, but maintains his innocence. This inspires some all-out passive-aggressive warfare from Harper, who really pokes and prods at Cam’s shady history. Fans have been wondering about a potential couple-swap moment, and even pulling for the guys to go gay, but it looks like this romantic destination vacation is going south fast.

Brace yourselves, because there are only two episodes left—and we still have to figure out who winds up sleeping with the fishes! Read on for some of our favorite Twitter reactions, and share you theories in the comments section below.

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