Short Stack: Richard Hatch To Survive Jail

• Thousands of probably forged signatures are forcing the Massachusetts legislature to consider a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. And we thought Christians were supposed to be honest. [365 Gay]

Richard Hatch Survivor check

Richard Hatch, winner of the first season of Survivor, is being held in prison because the judge thought he would flee the country after being convicted of tax evasion. If Big Rich is trying to pull a Martha, we hate to be the first to tell him that neither does he have as many fans as Martha nor will his story be as interesting (we doubt Rich will be knitting any ponchos in jail). [Boston Herald]

• A cop in Jamaica is called gay by a prisoner and retaliates by setting the guy on fire. What ever happened to “I know you are but what am I?” [Jamaica Gleaner]

• The biggest non-surprise of 2006 has occurred with Nigeria’s ban of same-sex marriage. We only wonder whether it was introduced by the fundamentalist Muslim or Christian camp. [Life Site]