Should You Hate On Ken Mehlman For Being An Anti-Gay Prick? Or For Being A Rich Self-Serving Prick?

I’m not sure whether gay quisling and former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has given detractors more ammo by helping implement George W. Bush’s anti-gay terror campaign during 2004’s election, by donating to anti-gay candidates, by being a giant douchey hypocrite about gay marriage, getting Joe Solmonese on his team, whitewashing his record as an anti-gay opportunist by teaming with the anti-Prop 8 legal team at AFER, or with what he’s doing now in an interview with Big Think, defending the private equity industry as a group of societal martyrs who are here to do good, not get rich. Easy coming from a man who, besides being the star of Nipplegate-At-35,000-Feet, also makes boatloads of cash at the private equity firm Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts.

Is private equity all bad? Of course not. It helps a lot of companies launch, survive, and prosper in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Even companies run by gays! There’s nothing inherently “bad” about private equity. Except the “profit at any cost” motive. What rubs me about Mehlman’s position is that once again we see his beliefs are shaped by what benefits him personally and directly. He was anti-gay when it was convenient and was getting paid for it. Now he’s pro-gay now that it’s more convenient for his personal life. If Mehlman were working for a company bought out by a private equity firm that called for his job to be cut, something tells me he wouldn’t be singing the praises of the cutthroat industry.

In the video below, Mehlman argues why the current economic reform and regulation is bad. Bad for businesses! Do you know the type of people who generally have a problem with economic regulation? Not the average consumer, that’s for sure.

I’d love to see Mehlman put his weight behind something that really helps workers, businesses, and the economy: legislation that protects queer employees from being fired for sharing a single trait with Mehlman.

Mehlman also taped a segment about why Republicans should support gay marriage, a position he took after taking the position that gays should be discriminated against, because fags don’t deserve rights. Shut up, Ken. You’re a nightmare, and your clock has run out.

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  • pc

    That face is way beyond “unattractive” – and that, for me, is justice enough.

  • gregger

    He’s truly an all around ugly person, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Why are you publicizing this fuck?

  • divkid

    …or short circuit the debate by killing him. people are always nice about the dead. and i want to spare him your hatred.

    /////you cant say things like that on queerty.. people hes being ironic../////
    no im not.
    \\\\\ shut ya’ mouth , he is , he is..its a joke, jeez, youll get us arrested\\\\\

  • randy

    He literally and figuratively likes to get pissed on.

  • justiceontherocks

    he doesn’t suck. In order for him to suck, some guy would have to give him access to their dick and NO ONE is that hard up.

  • Pitou

    @randy: I wish his fuck buddies would come out and spill alllllll the beans. I bet he’s a nasty nasty pig! I bet he puts Dawsons 20 Load Weekend to shame!
    This bitch is totally a foot-tapper! You can just see it in his creepy eyes!
    This is possibly the sole Gay I wouldn’t be sad to see has taken their life. This country and our society as a whole would be fine without. Just sayin’.

  • pete

    @Pitou: OK, so maybe I’m out of touch, but I had to google the Dawsons 20 load weekend…..Now I’m sick to my stomach. You have got to be kidding me? In any case, I’m sure our boy Ken is into way worse stuff than that!

  • gregger

    How about we send him a bunch of it gets worse videos.

  • diVkid


    gee thanks, now youve gone and made ME google dawsons 20 weekend this is like a pervy chain letter. i hope it doesnt reach my grandmother shes easilly influenced. and her bowels are not up to it . their really not

  • tjr101

    This guy is an enemy to all the good that could possible happen to Americans trying to get ahead and seeking equal rights. He’s a terrorist!

  • diVkid

    watching the man talking, he has a very unusual jaw action like its dislocating. ive never seen that before. no actually i HAVE seen it before: on a snake. the man IS a snake.
    literally a republican party reptile

  • Doug Morrison

    Fuck you PRICK Slimebag

  • gregger

    @diVkid: that’s probably from blowing Dick Cheney.

  • David in Houston

    He’s a traitor to the gay community (and humanity), and he will never be forgiven.

  • Dan

    This fuck is waste of DNA. He never apologizes for his extremely ugly action against himself, LGBTQ community and basic human rights. I am a very forgiving person, but for this shithead, I admit it so hard to forgive.

  • hephaestion

    Mehlman will be greeted by the warm arms of Roy Cohn one day, in Hell.

  • robert in nyc

    Hmmm, he thinks the republican party should support marriage equality? Is he delusional like the Log Cabiners or what? Not even the democratic party endorses it as official policy.

  • markc

    What Ken did should be unforgivable.
    But if this Bitch can help me get my civil rights, then yay for him.
    We can crucify this little bastard after our rights have been gained.
    Remember queens – use him now, crucify him after.

  • Kenster999

    I hate when Republicans boast about their values, as if they are the only ones who have them. So, Republicans value “freedom” and the “value of community”… but Democrats don’t like freedom, and don’t value community? Sheesh!

  • CMan

    Ken Mehlman, like most people, has made some mistakes in life and is now trying to effect positive change in this country – especially in regards to gay rights. Instead of pilloring this man, the gay community should show some forgiveness and appreciate the fact that he is in a great position to support LGBT causes financially and through gathering support among his conservative friends. Equal rights is the end game.

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