Should You Hate On Ken Mehlman For Being An Anti-Gay Prick? Or For Being A Rich Self-Serving Prick?

I’m not sure whether gay quisling and former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has given detractors more ammo by helping implement George W. Bush’s anti-gay terror campaign during 2004’s election, by donating to anti-gay candidates, by being a giant douchey hypocrite about gay marriage, getting Joe Solmonese on his team, whitewashing his record as an anti-gay opportunist by teaming with the anti-Prop 8 legal team at AFER, or with what he’s doing now in an interview with Big Think, defending the private equity industry as a group of societal martyrs who are here to do good, not get rich. Easy coming from a man who, besides being the star of Nipplegate-At-35,000-Feet, also makes boatloads of cash at the private equity firm Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts.

Is private equity all bad? Of course not. It helps a lot of companies launch, survive, and prosper in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Even companies run by gays! There’s nothing inherently “bad” about private equity. Except the “profit at any cost” motive. What rubs me about Mehlman’s position is that once again we see his beliefs are shaped by what benefits him personally and directly. He was anti-gay when it was convenient and was getting paid for it. Now he’s pro-gay now that it’s more convenient for his personal life. If Mehlman were working for a company bought out by a private equity firm that called for his job to be cut, something tells me he wouldn’t be singing the praises of the cutthroat industry.

In the video below, Mehlman argues why the current economic reform and regulation is bad. Bad for businesses! Do you know the type of people who generally have a problem with economic regulation? Not the average consumer, that’s for sure.

I’d love to see Mehlman put his weight behind something that really helps workers, businesses, and the economy: legislation that protects queer employees from being fired for sharing a single trait with Mehlman.

Mehlman also taped a segment about why Republicans should support gay marriage, a position he took after taking the position that gays should be discriminated against, because fags don’t deserve rights. Shut up, Ken. You’re a nightmare, and your clock has run out.

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