SHOWBIZ: Anderson Cooper’s Potential New Boyfriend, Tyra Brings In Fresh ANTM Blood, And More!

Rumors are circulating around New York that newsman Anderson Cooper has a new beau: Our source says the silver fox has been squiring real-estate broker/aspiring actor Gavin Hammon (above right) around town—including a late-night dinner last Sunday followed by a trip back to Cooper’s converted fire station in the Greenwich Village.  Supposedly Coop is still seeing Eastern Bloc owner Benjamin Masaini, but it’s not clear if Masaini knows about Hammon.

Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels and her partner, Heidi Rhoades, have adopted a 2-year-old daughter, Lukensia, from Haiti. Lukensia joins infant Phoenix, born to Rhoades naturally on May 3. The former Biggest Loser star admitted on Twitter that motherhood has definitely softened her drill-sergeant image. “Got busted by a stranger today singing poop goes in the potty to myself at a salad bar. #EMBARRASSED”  [Daily Mail]  

Fashion blogger Bryan Grey Yambao (Bryanboy) is joining Tyra Banks on the judge’s panel for the new season of America’s Next Top Model. It was announced earlier that Banks had cut loose longtime cast members Nigel Barker, J. Alexander and  Jay Manuel. “A new chapter is about to begin soon,” Yambao tweeted this week.  [WWD]

A spokesperson for Food Network star Anne Burrell admitted what Ted Allen leaked earlier: That the shock-headed chef is gay. “Anne doesn’t feel she was outed. She has made no secret of her relationship. Her significant other is a very private woman. They have been together for a couple of years and spend a lot of time together. It is no secret in the culinary world.” [Page Six]


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  • Kelly

    @ bee: Anderson says a lot of things about himself that are not true –

  • Alexa

    Awww. Congrats to Jillian and Heidi, that’s awesome.

  • Jackie

    the guy in that pic with Anderson arriving at the Fallon show is Joey Gardner, Anderson’s assistant.

    Anderson has never said anything about ‘going for’ any man ever, that was made up in your head.

  • Paulo

    Good for Anderson and his new guy. There are rumors that Ben was cheating on AC.

  • Well

    How nice to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. The Vanderbilt fortune, no male pattern baldness, all the boys you want on a platter.

    Look at me how bitter! No wonder I can’t keep a man :)

  • Gay

    On Data Lounge the guys who hang out at Ben’s bar, Bedlam, say it’s common knowledge Ben is seeing his DJ and has been for a while. They also said Ben & Anderson have an arrangement where they can see other people. Ben has told everyone that he doesn’t love AC, never has, and only is with him to move up and because he is allowed to see others. This works well for them both since AC won’t come out.

    Anderson has never mentioned any type of man he is interested in, especially not on his talk show. Someone is delusional.

  • Gay

    Also common knowledge that Ben moved out of the firehouse back into his old apartment. So AC is now living alone and free to do as he pleases, it seems.

    If this is true I say good for Anderson! Gavin looks way better and seems a lot more respectable. Go for it Anderson!

  • Hyhybt

    Assuming the guy he’s seeing is the other one in the photo up top… if you adjust for hair color, age, and tan level, they look a bit too much alike. Just… slightly creepy somehow.

  • curt

    @Jackie: Aww seems you won’t accepted AC is gay and enjoys male lovers huh. Too bad he is and does.

  • w.e.

    @Well: Unfortunately, his mother lost her fortune due to unscrupulous business partners.

  • curt

    Well if Anderson is dating Gavon obviously he’s still seeing Ben too by those pics Tuesday.

    Congrats to Jillian and Heidi. Alot of people were shocked that Jillian was gay. LOL Really I went on and alot of people were STUNNED.

  • Gay

    Gavin works for the Corcoran Group who handled the selling of the property beside Anderson’s Hampton home. Which by the way Anderson bought that home. Could this be how the two met?

    Is Anderson buying more property, selling some or are they really dating? Look into it boys!

  • bee

    Anderson’s trying to sell the firehouse already?

  • Lifer

    Now where will Andy Cohen spend the holidays???? (With the $ of course)

  • Twinkster


    Gavin’s company is the one handling the selling of the property next to Anderson’s in the Hamptons but 2 weeks ago a poster from DL who claimed to be an insider stated Anderson has been hanging out with Gavin and the two have become very close. He also made a prediction 2 weeks ago that Anderson would be seen with another guy before this story even broke so even though Anderson met Gavin through business they are apparently “seeing” each other as well.

  • Steve

    Since Gloria was never faithful to any one man, I guess Anderson has learned from her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Gay


    So Anderson is “seeing” both men then? Or has Ben become just a friend now?

  • bee

    Maybe AC can only handle a couple of years worth of monogamy and then he gets a taste for someone new.

  • Jay

    Tyra totally ruined Top Model. It’s dead to me now.

  • mc

    Maybe Anderson is just acquiring new property. I thought he liked muscle men not pretty boys. I also didn’t see this rumor on any other gossip site so I wonder where it’s coming from.

  • Shannon1981

    They obviously have an open relationship of some sort. Big deal.

  • Halston

    I think we should stop speculating and sounding like 16 year old girls and talking about people we really don’t know. Nothing wrong with a little entertainment news or gossip but some of you sound like little bitches.

  • Kelly

    @Drew: His mother is a whore too. He takes after her. He loves men just as much as he does.

  • jj

    I dont think he has a “type”. Hes obv a total cock hungry power bottom but other than that i dont think he has a specific preference. Going through all his rumoured past lovers they all are different race/ heights/body types. I bet theres one thing they all have in common though…. ;)

  • curt

    I agree with halston. Just gossip. Gavin could be just a friend. AC took Ben to meet Jimmy Fallon tuesday.

  • Sandy


    Ben is a star fucker and will do anything to meet celebrities. That is why he is with Anderson. He uses him to try and get ahead in life because other than bar-tending he can’t do anything else. So of course he had to tag along to meet Jimmy.

    That doesn’t mean Anderson isn’t dating Gavin. Gavin doesn’t need Anderson to meet stars because he works with them all of the time selling real estate in NY. When is the last time Anderson has spent a lot of time out with one man and not been dating him? Not much! Definitely doesn’t take them out to late dinners then back to his home. He’s dating Gavin, just admit it.

  • Jay

    Gavin is just a fuck buddy or piece on the side. You see this ALL THE TIME among gay men where there’s a negotiated open relationship.

    Also it wouldn’t be surprising if BOTH AC and Ben are both cheating on each other with other dudes on the side-this is something that also is very common in open relationships between men.

  • Twinkster

    @Gay Rumors have been swirling for a few months on DL, The Daily News, and now Qweerty that Anderson and Ben were having problems and are no longer living together. There have been a few insiders that have said Anderson and Ben are “friends” that see each other off and on. I guess whenever Anderson chooses to hang out with Ben but Anderson is not happy and has decided to see other people. There was just no proof or no ID’s of the other men Anderson is seeing until now.

  • Cam

    @bee: said…

    “Gavin is certainly very goodlooking, just the type of guy AC said he DIDN’T go for on his talk show recently. Odd.”

    It is so weird, every time there is a story about Anderson Cooper on here a bunch of people come in making an effort to be the first posters and then tell the lie that he is out.

    Cooper is not out and has never stated anything about any of the guys he has dated.

    He should get some adult judgement though. Being famous and dating an “Aspiring Actor” is either a very very dumb move, or it is just a cover name for “Hooker”.

  • Cam

    @Jay: said…

    “Gavin is just a fuck buddy or piece on the side. You see this ALL THE TIME among gay men where there’s a negotiated open relationship.
    Also it wouldn’t be surprising if BOTH AC and Ben are both cheating on each other with other dudes on the side-this is something that also is very common in open relationships between men.”

    I see the anti gay trolls are on here.

    You know what ELSE you see a lot of? Straight people getting divorced because they’ve cheated on each other. That is very common in relationships between heterosexuals.

  • bee

    @Cam, I didn’t say he was out, I said he mentioned once what he finds attractive and since we all KNOW he’s gay, I applied that to what he would look for in a man. I know he’s never announced publicly that he’s gay, but there IS a clip of him talking about what kind of looks he finds attractive and what he doesn’t, that’s all I meant with my comment.

  • Kelly

    @Twinkster: So I guess Ben has been seen around his old apartment and not the firehouse?

  • Mitch

    @Sandy: Ben “had to tag along and meet Fallon” ???? Anderson doesn’t bring someone with him if he doesn’t want someone with him. What did Ben do? force Anderson into bringing him along? Personally, I think Ben means a lot more to Anderson than Cesar. He openly brings him to the Vanity Fair parties and allows all the photographs of them together and many other events, like the Kevorkian interview etc. He probably brings Ben to work and a lot of work assignments.

  • Lefty

    I want to do naughty things to Anderson’s new boyfriend.

  • hf2hvit

    @Drew: Less CUM for you???

  • Codswallop

    See, THIS is why I don’t have a problem with AC not officially coming out. It’s bad enough that all this gossip circulates on the internet, but there’s nothing you can do about that. But if Anderson Cooper was officially out then ALL this speculation would be on tabloid covers, the Enquirer, Star, etc. etc. “AC CHEATING on BF! Relationship Drama!”

    Imagine the headlines if Neil Patrick Harris was seen having dinner with a handsome man and it seemed to be romantic, for instance. “Burkha Devastated as NPH Meets Up For Tryst With New Beau While He’s Home With The Kids!”

    Would you want YOUR sex life and relationship problems, whether you were monogamous or not, reported on breathlessly by tabloids? I wouldn’t.

    Anderson Cooper has never bearded or pretended to be straight. He frequently reports on gay issues (like that “electrified fence” cretin in North Carolina), and he supports gay charities like the Trevor Project. He does more for the gay community than 95+% of gay men, but that’s not enough for some people.

    Well, it’s enough for me. I can see why he doesn’t want his private life trumpeted on check-out stand tabloids.

  • Lee

    @Codswallop: I get your point, but perhaps if he did come out and didn’t act so secretive some of this gossip would stop.

  • curt

    AC doesnt want to come out! Get it throught yall thick heads! Despite the pressure and disrespect he still is doing good things for the gay community. He could ignore all gay issues and be against but he doesnt because he cares unlike you sleazy misfits who dont do shit for the glbt demo.

  • laura

    Anderson is gay!!!!???!!

  • David Ehrenstein

    @curt: His refusal to come out is textbook disrespect — both to the LGBT community and to himself.

  • curt

    Bullshit David and you know it. Disrespect would be if he didnt cover gay issues or said anything negative about the GLBT community. The fact he doesnt want to talk about his love life or who he wants to date is not disrespect. It seems he’s wise not to the way you all carry on about unconfirmed gossip. I would want to distanced myself too. He played for trevor project, he brings attention to bigoted pastors and politicains. He talks about the harm of ex gay theraphy. What do you do but whine that he hasnt said he was gay?

  • Matt

    @Cam-I’m gay and even I agree with Jay/29. As for Cooper I think it’s sad he’s such a closet queen.

  • ron

    This banter about AC is soooo high school. Like any of you know him. It’s none of your business anyway.

  • Twinkster

    So I guess Ben has been seen around his old apartment and not the firehouse?


    @Kelly I’m not sure Kelly. Ben has not been seen around the firehouse or his old apt. Only speculation from an “insider” in January that he was moving out. He’s only been seen latly at his club working and partying.

  • Lee

    @Twinkster: @Twinkster: Anderson still took him to the Vanity Fair party(s). A pretty big deal IMO, so he must still be pretty important to Anderson. tho I guess that party was a few months ago now and things change.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @curt: I “whine” because he’s ashamed of being gay. it’s really just that simple.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @ron: What are you doing poting on this board “ron”? Queerty is entirely devoted to that which is “none of our business.”

  • Halston

    I take back what I said two days ago some of you guys are not acting like high school girls-you are acting like moronic losers. And, all this stuff about AC from some of you is just transparent jealousy and envy of the man and his life. Because if he looked like Wolf Blitzer or Bill O’Rielly and had a nobody for a mother none of you would even give a &*%$ about him or the fact he was a closeted gay person. Ridiculous!

  • Twinkster


    This is a gossip site. You are free to leave if you don’t like what is being said. Anderson is human and he makes human mistakes just like the rest of us. He gets paid millions of dollars for people to talk about him. He’s a big boy, I’m sure he can handle it. If he can’t then he’s in the wrong business.

  • Halston

    @Twinkster: If you read my first post I said that there is nothing wrong with a little gossip and entertainment news, however the way some of you are responding to this post makes me surprised that some of you are adult men. You all sound like my 14 year old niece with her friends talking about other girls at school. And its not a point of me not liking what is being said ( and you should re think that statement in another context because it can be used against you) I’m just pointing out how silly and immature some of you sound. And for people who are against bullying some of the stuff being said on here comes pretty close to it. I’m pretty sure anti gay groups say the same thing “….they’re big boys I’m sure they can handle it.”

  • Halston

    @Twinkster: Now, that I took a second look at your screen name I totally understand why you said what you said…the name says it all.

  • curt

    If i were Anderson i would keep whoever he dates and what gender private as much as he can. I dont blame him when you have lifeless nutjobs prying into his private life all day. AC should continue to keep his romantic private amongst his friends and people he trust as long as possible. None of you are entitled to know anything about his private life. If i were him i would want to distance myself as much as possible from you faceless losers. The fact is you dont know who ac is dating so stop saying you do. As much as people try to harrass him about being gay its a wonder why he hasnt stopped covering gay issues. No one seems to admire his good work on gay issues. Its all bout who is he fucking?! Pathetic..

  • Twinkster

    ( and you should re think that statement in another context because it can be used against you) I’m just pointing out how silly and immature some of you sound.


    It sounds like someone hasn’t been getting any lately? All dried up are we? Typical crab-ass chub posting on gay gossip boards acting holier than thou trying to school us all on proper etiquette. Go read your bible. If you don’t like what takes place on gossip boards, if you think we are all bullies then don’t come in the first place. Continue this argument with your miserable self. You can use this post against me too.

  • Chadboy


    Halston, are you gay? I am. I have been out for 20 years and in that time I have learned that gay men are basically junior high school girls. You are just figuring this out? If Anderson didn’t want to be in the spotlight there are many careers he could have chosen to keep him out of it.

  • Halston

    @Twinkster: Like I said your screen name says it all, so I can’t hold it against you.

  • Halston

    @Chadboy: And yes I am gay and I think you need to reexamine that staement especially for someone who has been out for 20 years.

  • Halston

    Meant statement

  • JJ. Gittes

    @Jackie: @Jackie: The guy arriving with Cooper at the Fallon show was, in fact Masaini, I know Ben personally

  • TracyDom


    … Now you are making me sad.

  • Jim H.

    @Well: Can’t give you the Vanderbilt fortune, but regarding MPB, have you considered a hair transplant? The price has plummeted in recent years; you can get a dramatic improvement with just $7k or so. Also, I can personally attest that Propecia and Rogaine both work wonders on the frontal area (disregard what official reports tell you — that stuff’s got a lot of political/bureaucratic obfuscation behind it).

  • Roger

    @JJ. Gittes: So then if you know Ben personally, perhaps you know what is really going on???? and I don’t think I am the only curious one.

  • Frank

    Too pretty for my taste

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    How much does ancient auntie anderson have to pay per day for her new ‘piece’?

  • the other Greg

    “…but it’s not clear if Masaini knows about Hammon.” Yes, it’s good that these boyfriends-of-celebrities are too dumb to be able to read! As long as nobody ever mentions it on TV, he may never figure it out?

    Well it took Michelangelo Signorile to “out” Pete Williams (serious news person for NBC), back when Pete was working for Dick Cheney, but nowadays Pete seems comfortable enough with being out. So I really don’t get what Anderson is trying to do with the “private life” stuff. If he wants to keep a low profile, and not be gossiped about, there are ways to do that such as NOT HAVING A JOB ON TV. He’s not even in news anymore, he has a daytime talk show, with the canapes and what’s the best sunscreen and so on.

    I tried watching Anderson’s new show recently but being neither a teenage girl nor an elderly housewife, I got bored after 15 minutes and had to switch it to Judge Joe Brown, or Animal Planet, I forget which.

  • rrr

    @the other Greg: This is not a normal degree of talk about a gay guy in news with or without a talk show. Let’s not pretend it is. Queerty and websites like it aren’t cataloguing and posting pics Shepard Smith’s hook ups, and their forums aren’t full of people arguing over Shep’s sex life.

    Michelangelo Signorile has known sucessful, until recently glass closted CNN anchor Don Lemon personally for years and didn’t out him at all or spill about Don’s love life with his boyfriend. Gay websites didn’t do that either.

    Anderson Cooper like any celebrity is going to have to endure some gossip and prying whether he wants it or not, but there’s no requirement he has to like it, cooperate with it, or crumble and leave his decades long career over it.

  • rrr

    @Twinkster: This isn’t a gossip site. It is primarily a news website. A collection of news briefs on gay relevant stories.

  • Bryan

    You’d think some people knew AC’s family personally from some comments here.

  • the other Greg

    @rrr: He seems likable enough, but it just seems to me Anderson has the worst of both worlds, the way he’s doing it. Since everyone “knows” he’s gay anyway, he has all the disadvantages of being out, without any of the advantages. And any time someone gets too nosy with the “personal” questions, he has to retreat into the “private life” mantra. It seems like a convoluted way for a celebrity to live his life nowadays.

    But damn, turn it on right now – Anderson is talking to Sharon Osbourne! And later he’s talking to a trainer who gained 90 pounds on purpose in order to “understand obesity”! Whatever the hell that means. Come to think of it, there’s something very “anderson” about that last one. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just go to any Walmart and find an average, ordinary fat person? Nooooo, Anderson has to find a skinny person who got fat on purpose. Typically convoluted Anderson!

  • Hyhybt

    @the other Greg: Makes sense to me. People who are fat because they like to eat a lot are everywhere, and probably even compose a large portion of his audience. People who would otherwise be skinny, but have made a deliberate effort to become fat just to see what it feels like, are unusual.

  • the other Greg

    @Hyhybt: Ha. You’re pretty unusual yourself, Hyhybt. Aren’t you the virgin who writes about sex all the time? “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” but it’s unusual. Maybe you could be a guest on “Anderson.” I’d watch that one!

  • Hyhybt

    @the other Greg: I rarely if ever write about sex, as such.

    Anyway, that instead of attempting relevance, you chose to bring up my personal life speaks volumes :)

  • Twinkster

    This isn’t a gossip site. It is primarily a news website. A collection of news briefs on gay relevant stories.
    @rrr I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your statement. I hope that was not a serious statement.

  • curt

    Off all of the so called closeted Gay public figures, it seems Anderson for some reason generates the most attention. I dont know the reason for it and why people are so obsessed about who is Anderson is dating and if or when or why he hasnt mentioned himself being gay. Whatever the case many of you seem to have an unhealthy mental state. Seriously.

  • arlo

    Anderson certainly has a type! I wonder why he’s so adverse to dating his financial equals though…it’s like he wants to be able to hold his financial standing over his partners. At least they’re all better looking than he is!

  • GC

    curt: As if being part of his personal defense brigade isn’t just as unhealthy.

  • curt

    Gc, you proved my point. Im defending anyone’s right to privacy. You arent entitled to know anything more than AC wants to discuss, so any conversation about ac’s love life is pure speculation since he hasnt dicussed what gender he likes. This neverending banter about who he is fucking is 1. for Pointless 2. Pathectic 3.Meaningless I think many of you all maybe want to be AC or envy him or living through him. Either way most of you besides a few sound like deranged, social- psychopathic losers.

  • Twinkster


    Kettle Kettle, Black Black? and add yourself to that list Curt for even being on this site and wondering who the latest guy Anderson is fucking as well.

  • Lefty

    I hope he finds a personality before he skips out of the closet…

  • teddysdad324

    It’s amazing how we are outraged when a gay celebrity pretends to be straight, thereby ‘betraying’ the. Truth about himself. But if a gay celeb, who neither denies his sexuality nor takes out a front page ad in the Times, prefers to NOT be tabloid material, we are all over his dirt like a feeding frenzy in a shark tank. I like Anderson Cooper and I respect him for his reluctance to be the latest gay tabloid topic. That’s why we have clowns like John Travolta….

  • Lefty

    …maybe his personality is in the closet too? :(

  • curt

    @Twinkster: With a name like Twinkster that says it all that you unlike AC let your sexuality define you and are mentally unbalanced.

  • Lefty

    @curt: If you agree that coming out is the only way a gay person attains freedom from the constraints of the closet, then it is only when you come out that you can “define yourself” in any way you choose.
    If you’re in the closet, then you’re allowing society and homophobes to define you.

  • Silence=DEATH!

    Anderson Cooper apparently enjoys getting fucked raw and is a total bottom with cum dripping out of his ass.

  • Dave

    I agree with Mrs. Patrick Campbell it’s clear that AC is paying for his kept side piece who is a model/rentboy.

  • Twinkster

    @ Curt read @Lefty’s No. 84’s comment. Let it simmer and then get back with me.

  • aaron

    Queerty got played big time with this Anderson Cooper/Gavin Hammon item by getting its “gossip” from Datalounge without taking a closer look at where it came from. Indeed, the story initiated on that notoriously unreliable gossip board a couple of weeks ago. Someone just admitted recently to have fabricated the whole thing to piss off all those posters who are obsessed with Cooper’s love life. I’m surprised Queerty fell for this and didn’t check its source more thoroughly.

  • Hyhybt

    @aaron: Is it really reasonable to expect that *gossip* be properly sourced and verified?

  • Twinkster


    I’d like for you to prove your theory. How do you know Queerty got their story from data lounge? I’m sure they have moles all over the country sending them tips about different celebrities. Anderson has not been seen around town with Ben in over 6 months. They used to be seen every other day in the city riding their bikes or just walking around. There have been folks saying they are just “fuck buddies”. Common sense will tell you if Anderson is not with Ben he must be dating other people. This guys name just wasn’t pulled from a hat, Queerty is not that careless. They must have reliable sources before they even decide to print a story like this but of course it’s still gossip unless it’s confirmed by the parties invovled.

    Also I read the thread you are talking about over at data lounge. The person that said he made the Gavin story up was a troll that was trying to convince everybody that Anderson and Ben hadn’t broken up when it’s obvious they have. He was busted by the the other posters and trolldar. This wasn’t the initial poster that came into the thread a few weeks ago and stated he was an “insider” and that Anderson would be seen with another man in due time. I advise anyone interested to go read it for themselves just like I did so that your opinion won’t be swayed one way or another. It’s the Gavin Hammond, Anderson’s new bf thread. It still has nothing to do with the Queerty story I’m positive they have their own moles on the case employees, drivers, staff that work with Anderson, staff at Bedlam, paparazzi. Most gossip sites do.

  • rrr

    @Twinkster: This isn’t a gossip website. It’s primarily a news website, and Queerty doesn’t even do the primary research for itself the news bits it posts. Queerty is a secondary source. The news information is scavenged from other online sources so the gossip probably is too. If Queerty actually had any inside source of their own they would have said so instead of saying just “rumors are circulating”.

  • marc

    AC is a queer duck. On his show he frequently states his aversion to foods not of his liking. I wondered when confronted by his lovers if he is as picky, or is a penis on his list of acceptable appetizers? If one can eat a penis, why not asparagus?

  • robho3

    @Well: yes dear you are bitter and if you knew anything about Anderson and his mother you will know that the Vanderbilt fortunate dryed up long ago and his mother lost most of her money from some corrupt person handling her finances. The money Anderson has he has made on his own- he works very hard and is damn good at what he does. His mother also made her own money by being a damn good business woman.

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