SHOWBIZ: New Normal Trailer, Eurovision Winner Crowned, Streaker At Baseball Game, And More

Nabbing 372 points from juries and TV viewers around the continent, Sweden’s Loreen is the new Eurovision Song Contest winner with her song “Euphoria.” Her Scandinavian homeland will host the kitschfest next year [MSNBC]

Collin Grundstrom, 22, was arrested after streaking naked on the field during a St. Louis Cardinals  home game. (NSFW pics here.) Grundstrom, who says he lost a bet, dashed onto the diamond before the start of the seventh innning.  The head of security at the stadium says Grundstrom “appeared to have been drinking.” [WDBO]

Stevie Nicks turned 64 on Saturday. Happy birthday, you white-winged dove!

Ryan Murphy’s new comedy about expectant gay dads for NBC, The New Normal, has a trailer out (below). We’re not peeing our pants laughing but it ain’t half bad. [EW]

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated that the New Normal was for CBS, it was picked up by NBC.

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  • Wow

    Check out the video performances @Eurovision, lots of talent there for sure.

    Baku itself is featured at the end of one of the videos, amazing sight at night.

  • Elijah

    The New Normal is on NBC, not CBS.

  • Tom

    Don’t blame Queerty for the NbC vs CBS mistake, they only get underwear maker bids correct (strike that, I forgot the post about the Andrew Cunanan carwash undie video filmed outside Casa Casurina in South Beach )

  • Frank

    Actually I find Eurovision way more interesting than American Idol…at least the contestants are not singing covers but their own songs

  • Oh, ok

    That streaker is 22 in what world? Either he’s balding pretty badly for a 22 year old or he got a terrible haircut on the “dare” too.

  • UsualPlayers

    I sort of liked the clip for New Normal. Yes, the guys are a little stereotypical, but overall the feel of the story is interesting.

    Also who knew NeNe was such a good actor?

  • Scott

    Looks like “The New Normal” is better than a lot of TV shows out there. I’ll be watching.

  • Zane

    New Normal actually looks really good!

  • jason

    The New Normal is the same old stereotype. Fuck off, Ryan Murphy.

  • UsualPlayers

    Well, Jason, you never anything nice to say about anything. it would be more of a shock if you did like something that if you do.

    I think you screen name is the online troll screen name for this site because I have never seen someone so negative on everything. You seem pretty miserable as a human being.

  • QJ201

    Meh the New Normal, BUT Nene rocked it.

  • Belize

    @jason: Truth? I’m pretty sure that the world would rather have 20 Ryan Murphy’s than one of you. Perhaps it is you who should fuck off.

  • Oh, ok

    Loved Nene in the promo, I also liked the surrogate and her daughter, but the gay guys…ugh. They’re such outdated stereotypes, pretty, rich, effeminate, and white is the face of “gay” over and over and over. Yawn. Modern family while still more of the same at least didn’t go for the same “pretty” types we always see, that’s at least some progress.

    While Jason is just a troll he still has a valid point for once(aside from his Ryan Murphy bashing), it’s time to quit with the sterotypes.

    Homosexuality is found all around the world, yet we keep seeing one type of gay person TV. Why? When The CW and other teen oriented networks start looking more progressive than adult ones there’s a problem.

    NBC is quickly becoming an antiquated relic.

  • UsualPlayers

    Well, not to go too deep into it, but who are the gay people who can afford to pay for a surrogate other than the people that Murphy is choosing to write about here?

    I mean- I want to have kids one day, and I assume due to cost that I am probably going to have to adopt. Surrogates are expensive. So that’s going to be a narrow band of gay, most likely white, upper middle class gays.

    Now, does that really reflect the majority? Probably not. The truth is that the Census shows that most gays raising kids down South or in NYC are black or people of color.

    So, I agree with the point that Murphy is only focused on a narrow band of gay people. But,t hen I have seen Murphy in interviews, and I think, he’s a guy who comes from a narrow background. I don’t think he can write something other than that narrow background.

    All that being said- looking at the trailer from a non-political way, Its a good trailer. Its not going to be the best show on TV (that’s left for shows like Southland in terms of gay white characters being unique), but its not going to be bad either as far as a narrow band of gay, mostly white, mostly upscale stories. That world is probably Murphy’s world.

  • UsualPlayers

    By the way, If I thought for one second that Jason was entertaining the need for a diversity of gay characters on TV, including some unique white ones, rather than just trolling I might actually have taken him seriously. But jason isn’t really interested in diversity so much as peeing in the punch bowl as far as I can tell. I mean- I would love to see a wide range of gay characters on TV- Black, Latino, Asia, Middle Eastern, Low income White, Wealthy, military, in he business world, an action hero, you name it. I would love to see our stories where the story is not even about us being gay, as much as its a happenstance that we are gay but are other things in a story so we would have to struggle with the gay part while dealing with the other things (solving a murder, or saving a patient’s life, or leading a group, or whatever). I am all for it. I just don’t buy Jason gives a rat’s behind about it.

  • Chandler In Las Vegas

    Loreen channels Donna Summers voice.

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