Sia Vs. Sarah

Sia Is Not Here For Sarah Palin’s Use Of “Titanium” After Her CPAC Speech


If you’ve never heard Titanium, out bisexual singer/songwriter Sia’s collaboration with the ubiquitous David Guetta, listen to it right now.

It’s an awesome and inspiring piece of pop perfection made for and about anyone who just won’t give up when they’re continually knocked down by life.

Anyone that is, except for Sarah Palin.

Joe My God shared a tweet of Sia’s reaction to La Palin’s use of the song as her exit music after her CPAC speech, and needless to say Ms. Furler was not pleased.

So, the antigay mother of an equally homophobic daughter uses the music of an out and proud bi girl who specializes in the gayest genre of music there is as her exit music for a speech at a conservative conference.

We simply have no idea why people continue to doubt Sarah Palin’s intelligence.

No idea at all.


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  • cr3md3lacr3m

    Very odd choice of song…

  • balehead

    it’s not enough to complain about this exploitation…She should sue…..Palin has the money now…

  • Elloreigh

    Maybe it’s ignorance, or maybe people like Palin do know and just don’t care. Anything that furthers the personal agenda of people like that is viewed by them as ‘fair game’.

    Seriously, how egotistical does a person have to be to use that song in an effort to portray themselves to the crowd as some kind of martyr/survivor?

    No doubt the echo chamber at CPAC ate it up.

  • Mdterp01

    I will never forgive John McCain for springing that woman on intelligent people.

  • SteveDenver

    @Mdterp01: It is McCain’s eternal STEAMING STINKING SKID MARK of a legacy to have inflicted Palin on this country.

    As for using SIA’s music: why can’t right wingers use their own stars. I’m sure Ted Nugent has a theme song fitting for Palin.

  • Ruhlmann

    @SteveDenver: Cat Scratch Fever?

  • Harley

    @Ruhlmann: Wasn’t that a reference to syphillitic lesions? Yes. It fits.

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