If you like rainbows, magic, ponies, and unicorns what are you doing reading this post? Go play “Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventures”. Game developer Ryan Creighton helped his 5-year-old daughter Cassie create the game as part of a game developer competition and she dreamed up pony-unicorn hybrid called “ponycorns” and a rainbow hopping girl who must to collect the ponies in jars. It’s not only gay-tastic but also pro-girl-power, especially in the hostile gamer world.

AfterEllen has more:

While Creighton took care of the technical end, young Cassie created all of the art (with crayons), designed the story and the characters…

This isn’t just cute, of course – it’s also genuinely heartwarming to see just how much emphasis Creighton put on the importance of Cassie feeling empowered. In one instance, he details a conversation he had with his daughter:

“You have to prove to everyone that little girls can make video games, too. If you’re very well behaved, then next year if another little girl wants to come and make a game, the TOJam people will say ‘the little girl who made a game last year was so wonderful, we’d love to see more little girls making games.'”

Yeah female empowerment! The young developer apparently knows how to court the gay niche. Now off to fight the villainous Lemon in Cassie’s crayola kingdom!

Image via AfterEllen

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