Candy-coated controversy

Skittles released white candies for Pride. Now, the Internet is accusing them of white supremacy.

Since the dawn of delicious tarty candies, Skittles’ motto has been “Taste The Rainbow,” except when it comes to honoring Pride month.

To commemorate the occasion, the candy company decided to ditch their usual Roy G. Biv color palette, opting instead for all-white pellets of sugary goodness.

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They explain their reasoning thusly:

“During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we have given up ours to show support.”

Fair enough, right? “Wrong!” shouts the Internet, and then turns around and accuses the company of celebrating “White Pride,” possibly simply to give us something to write about.

Yes, some professionally outraged Internetters think the white bag and white candy coating is bad business; a tone-deaf misstep.

See for yourself:

Okay, Internet. Now shut up and eat your candy.