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Mike Rogers Had Ken Mehlman’s Hypocrisy Nailed. Not That The Media Will Stop Closeting Politicos

If you don’t have a hard on for Mike Rogers after watching him on MSNBC today, explaining why former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has just a few things to do before we start feeling sympathy for him (or giving him our “understanding,” as he requests), then you’re a cold, dead person. Or a Republican.

Give back the millions you earned by pushing anti-gay policies, which includes giving up that NYC condo. Meet with (befriend?) the parents of a child who killed himself because he was told, by the culture Mehlman helped perpetuate, he was less than. And, might I add, and this seems like the most obvious thing Ken could do: STOP DONATING MONEY TO ANTI-GAY REPUBLICANS YOU PIECE OF CRAP.

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  • Pillow Biter

    This here my friends, highlights the difference between Fox “News”, CNN and MSNBC.

  • Chuck


  • Ben

    Mehlman is the lowest of the low.

  • Martin Murray

    Mehlman is the equivalent of a Jewish collaborator in a concenttration.

    He is a vile, worthless piece of shit!

  • Martin Murray

    Mehlman is the equivalent of a Jewish collaborator in a concenttration camp.

    He is a vile, worthless piece of shit!


    Allegedley the only reason he decided to make any kind of announcment is that there are pretty damaging videos ready to surface showing he gets enjoys getting dirty in ways other than dirty politics…………….

    Mehlman is nothing but a selfserving selfloathing pathetic stain on humanity. I am approaching my fill of the Gays pleading for us to “give him a chance to redeem himself” After cutting a swath of destruction, hurt, and even death thru the community we are supposed to hug it out with this vile stain. The damage he planned, encouraged, and helped implement will take decades to undo…….

    We are this country’s bitches. We are the only group where it is still acceptable to openly hate with impunity. We find out that someone who now wishes to be welcomed into the community has been acting in concert with the hate spewing scumbags and some actually want to do so???? Give me a fcuking break…….I for one an done with being relagated to second class citizenship.

  • Cam

    The thing that is so irritating about this whole mainstream media. He was OUTED in 2006 by Bill Mahr on Larry King Live and not one news outlet followed up on a story about the massive hypocrisy that this guy was a closet case heading up an organization pushing for anti-gay laws.

    It was the same with people like George Rekers, you notice that stuff like that only gets reported now after the Colbert Report and the Daily Show do stories on them.

    Mike Rogers has it right, fuck understanding. He is like a guy who used to beat up his wife and kids saying that we should be appluading him and saying he’s a great guy because he’s decided to stop beating them up for a while.

  • RobInNYC

    I’d also like to give a shout-out to Cenk Uygur, who conducted the interview. He’s kind of awesome…and is absolutely right. Mehlman doesn’t deserve ‘understanding’. He deserves a public shaming.

  • Jay

    Can anyone find the video on YouTube? Can’t open Queerty at work and the video won’t play on the iPhone

  • Joe

    Mike Rogers, you rock. I wish Rogers would also go after closeted clergy as well. I’m sure there are a bunch of gay bars or public parks they cruise.

  • rrr

    @Cam: The Rekers scandal and Mehlman coming out were both reported on in the TV news (CNN and MSNBC, probably not Faux of course) before TDS or Colbert Report addressed them.

    I think part of the reason TV news doesn’t out people the way blogs do is that bloggers are pretty safe from litigation while TV networks aren’t safe from it at all. Remember Tom Cruise and Liberace were both successful in court against who’d suggested they were gay – even being right doesn’t mean you’ll win out, it’s tough to prove something like the nature of a person’s mental attractions in court.

  • Goodnight Moon

    Can we give Cenk a little credit here? Plus, he’s WAY hot.

  • tjr101

    Fcuk the two teahadist republicans giving thumbs down to the previous posts!

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