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  • David

    Congrats to Kate! I enjoyed her work on Logo very much… I hope they hire her on full-time but SNL isn’t too keen on gays or other minorities so we’ll see.

  • AEH

    I didn’t miss “The Big Gay Sketch Show” that much. I thought it was too broad, crude, and obvious. There’s humour to be found in subtlety, you know.

  • AEH

    @JayKay: Neither are you.

  • MEJ


    You’ve never seen him naked. Hi-larious!

  • Geno

    She ain’t that frikkin funny! Who gives a hoot! Oh! And. Justice 4 trayvon or whatever his name is :0)

  • Jonny

    I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but comedienne Danitra Vance , who joined SNL in 1985 was the first openly Lesbian cast member and predates Ms. McKinnon by over twenty years.

  • Geoff B

    I haven’t seen her earlier work but I hope she does a great job and in response to an earlier post; women can be very funny. Some of the funniest women in entertainment started on SNL.

  • WinterRoad


    Danitra Vance was the first lesbian cast member, but not the first openly lesbian cast member. Her sexuality wasn’t publicly revealed until after she died.

  • Jonny


    In the book, “The New Our Right to Love: A Lesbian Resource Book” says that Vance’s “open lesbianism and feminism seem to have made her taboo on talk shows.” (pg. 288) I think it wasn’t so much that Vance wasn’t “Out” so much as it was not heavily reported in the mainstream media.

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