So Did Ellen DeGeneres Strangle Simon Cowell On Day 1?

Funny lesbian lady Ellen DeGeneres made her American Idol debut last night, as Hollywood Week kicks off. And it was awesome, because she was seated to the left of Simon Cowell, who she hates!

You’ll remember Simon’s interaction with Ellen’s predecessor was part flirting, part argumentative. But we fully expect this season to be the Simon v. Ellen & Kara show, with Randy off the side doing nothing of substance. In the meantime, we’re actively studying Ellen’s form of contestant criticism, and so far it goes something like us: STOP LOOKING AT ME FUNNY!

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  • romeo

    Did anybody watch this? Ellen’s okay, but I swore I’d never watch this again after last year. This show is run like Fox wants the whole country to be run, namely that the vote is fixed so that the KKK south always wins. Besides, virtually none of the talent rises above the level of a lounge act.

  • SouLKid

    I like Ellen but what the heck was that denim thingy she was wearing?

  • AlwaysGay

    Very funny. So far it’s turned out better than I thought. I am cautious though.

  • christopher di spirito

    I’m not an Ellen fan but I thought she did OK. Better than expected.

  • terrwill

    @SouLKid: Middle America Lesbian Chic : P

    Ellen is actually a perfect Gay for AI. She is accepted by lots of hetro woman, and now when they sit with their husbands and family to watch AI they can see that a Gay person can simply be part of a show without having to scream “look at me I’m the stereotypical Gay person”!!!

  • Dasher

    @1 -Romeo – In four short sentences, you summed up the whole situation. Fox does pander to rednecks. You’ve really caught their act. Bravo!

  • cooku

    It’s like watching chicken fry then watching it cool to room temperature. When it comes time to eat, the grease is congealed at the bottom and our fingers get oily trying to pick up what was once hot.

  • A now confused John from England

    @cooku: Can I steal that? So true!

  • Dionte

    I so wanted to watch it but I had class. Does it run on any websites like hulu?

  • Chris de Palm Springs

    She was down right wonderful. But it will be future shows we need to watch carefully. That is when she will shine or dim.

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