Someone Please Throw a Drink in Bad Girls Club: New Orleans Tasha’s Face

In case you haven’t been watching Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club—which  showcases some of America’s most upstanding, sophisticated and demure female personalities—on this week’s episode we found out there’s a lesbian and a homophobe living under the same roof. Now that’s some good television!

In the current season, Bad Girls Club: New Orleans, the house has divided into two cliques: There’s the fun-loving, goofy side consisting of Nastasia, Tiara, Angelic and Judi. And then the judgmental, “we’re better than all y’all” side with Tasha, Priscilla and Shelly.

During the fourth episode, “Can I Bayou a Drink,” a few cracks started to show on the judgmental side’s veneer when Priscilla meets a local named Tony. The two hit it off and Priscilla is excited she has met a nice, good-looking guy—according to her, all the other girls have been attracting “trash.”

But Priscilla’s usual partner-in-crime Tasha, isn’t impressed. She concludes that Tony is a bitch with no balls because he doesn’t call Priscilla first. When Tony worries he might not be dressed for the occasion after receiving an invite to a group dinner, Tasha exclaims, “What a faggot!”

In  almost every season of BGC, one cast member identifies as a lesbian—or bi, or at least a bi-curious. Shelly (right), this season’s lesbian, is immediately shocked by Tasha’s outburst and takes issue with her use of the F word (though we don’t see her say anything to Tasha’s face the first time she uses it).

Tasha soon decides Tony’s nickname should be Fagete “because he looks like a faggot.” When Shelly tells her “I don’t like that word,” Tasha responds, “Wellll, you know it’s not personal so anyways…”

Amazingly Shelly still tries to negotiate with this trifling homophobe, offering Tasha a less offensive option: “you can call him gay.”

“What’s the difference, it doesn’t matter, I’m not talking personal.” Tasha responds. Shelly explains that it would be like, instead of calling her a lesbian, Tasha were to call her a dyke.

Tasha can’t believe Shelly is sooo sensitive. “Honestly, I’m not being rude to anyone that’s gay but Shelly’s so serious about this lesbian thing. It’s like she just came out of the closet and she wants the whole world to know.”

Shelly, who’s not the strongest personality in the house and isn’t getting any support from the housemate sitting right next to her, offers one final plea: “I’m just saying, if you want to, can you please just call him gay.”

Shelly explains to the camera, “It’s an ignorance thing; some people don’t understand that certain terms offend certain people.”

“Yo, it’s not personal!” Tasha tells her.  “Shelly, you’re being crazy!”

When Tasha sees Shelly’s bothered by her using “Fagete” again later on, she walks through the house shouting “Fagete” to prove her point that she will use the word if she wants. Because she’s mature like that.

Tasha explains to us in an aside that, “Shelly’s takes everything so serious. It’s not like I’m calling him a faggot. Like whatever, even if I am, I’m not calling [Shelly] a faggot. Like, people call me a terrorist, my dad’s from Iran. Like…I don’t care. I’m like, ‘That’s funny.’” Oh yes, HI-larious!

We’re really looking forward to the next episode, when we get to see how less-than-excited Tasha is about Shelly’s girlfriend coming to visit. In the preview, Tasha explains to Priscilla, “I don’t know, I’ve never had anyone as flamboyantly gay as her. ‘I’m gay! I’m a lesbian! I want to go to the gay parade! Oh my god, look at the gay people!’ Everything is about her girlfriend. Y’all aren’t even married.”

Um, ouch.

Below is a clip of Tasha from the third episode, where she does an “ex-specially” good job of showcasing how eloquent and well-spoken she is by explaining how she probably wouldn’t have taken the time to get to know Shelly outside of the house because all she knows about her is that she’s a lesbian with a girlfriend. But isn’t the reason that’s all you know about her because you haven’t taken the time to know her?

Our head hurts.

Bad Girls Club: New Orleans
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  • ChrisC

    That’s not all, on her Twitter account she (Tasha) kept tweeting about how she loves Gay people and thinks Gay people are awsome and supports them, and was responding to her Gay follwers on Twitter telling them how much she loves them…then a couple hours later she tweeted “I belive in God and think it’s wrong…but I still love and support my Gay friends”…….!?!?!? How the hell can you “Support” someone but think that they are “Wrong”. By saying that, she is directly supporting the rampant homophobia and deprevation of rights that LGBT people constantly face. I did however hear a rumor that Nastasia beats her ass this season, lol.

  • jaye

    These shows always pit the raging homophobe against the soft-spoken gay. Is it a ploy to emit sympathy for the gay community or simply good tv drama? Either way, Shelly is no Pedro Zamora and Bad Girls Club is not the platform for our battles. Good for Shelly for speaking up, who gives a shit about the homophobe…footnotes in history.

  • jason

    This is an example of why the gay community is turning against women in general. Women are frauds. They use their sexuality as a marketing ploy to appeal to men. When they say they are bi, it’s usually part of a strategy. Never ever trust female culture.

    Female culture is also extremely homophobic towards men. Women envy males and, therefore, male sexuality. If that sexuality is homosexual in nature, it doesn’t matter one bit. They are still hostile towards it.

    As for Oxygen giving oxygen to these crappy females, perhaps we should boycott anything that Oxygen puts out. Don’t watch it, don’t spend your money on it.

  • Bianca

    “Women are frauds”
    “Female culture is also extremely homophobic towards men. Women envy males and, therefore, male sexuality”

    Get treatment, you loon! What is “female culture”??? Since when are women “extremely homophobic” towards gays?

    The real hater here is YOU. You are the one with the problems as is any gay man who is misogynistic.

    Since when does an ignorant slut on some crappy tv show representative of all women?

  • jason


    You only have to look at the women’s magazines to see how crappy female culture is.

    Modern women don’t wan’t equality. Modern women want privileges. This means exploiting the bisexual double standard in order to get preferential treatment.

  • jason

    Oh, and why is it that women can walk down the street wearing either pants or dresses and no-one (including liberals) bats an eyelid? Indeed, pants for women are promoted and glamorized by the jeans companies.

    Put a dress on a man and suddenly all our dear liberal friends – including the ones who think it’s OK for women to wear either pants or dresses – are looking askance and making snide comments about the male’s sexual orientation.

    Face it – females have, through the last century, cultivated a double standard not only in terms of clothes but also in terms of sexuality. We’re now officially sick of it.

    If there are gay or bi guys out there who are sick of how females exploit double standards, start forming groups. We need to fight back against female privilege. Don’t let the bitches get away with it.

  • the crustybastard

    Oh, and why is it that man can walk down the street without a shirt and no-one (including liberals) bats an eyelid?

    Mommy didn’t hug Jason enough.

  • jason

    the crusty bastard,

    I don’t see many men walking down the street with their shirts off.

    In any case, a man’s chest isn’t a sexual organ. A woman’s is. You’re comparing apples with oranges.

    Throw anything you like at me – it won’t work. I have it all. I have the argument that will bring down the FPM (female privilege movement).

  • BamBam

    Jason mad-lib time!

    Women are (synonym for slavery) men with their (synonym for slutty) (common everyday behavior or body part that can be seen in public without anyone caring, such as hair). Men are being subjugated by women and (vaguely “going galt threat”) because women don’t accept the fact that all men are completely bisexual and as soon as they discover this they will abandon, not just women, but also (insert random group in here, ex. : “hollywood”, “liberals”, “therapists”) who are totally out to get men, despite the fact that half of them are men.

    Bad Dirty (earlier synonym for slutty) (verb-version of the synonym for slutty) (demeaning swear word for women). We need to go back 100 years to get rid of female privilege, back when they used to accept the authority of men, instead of ignoring what I say and instead (verb here that men do just as much as women: ex, “watch tv they like”, “wear clothes they like”, “prescribe antipyscotics”). I’m going to (verb) those bitches!

  • jason

    Bam Bam,

    A hundred years ago, there were equal levels of modesty between men and women in terms of their dress sense. With the rise of feminism, it’s become less equal. Women are now allowed to get away with things that men aren’t allowed to. The double standard in clothing standards and bisexuality are clear illustrations of how women have used the lever of “feminism” to achieve a less equal society.

    Such inequalities need to be addressed. Women need to be told that they will no longer be allowed to get away with it. There has to be a social movement against female privilege. If the social movement against female privilege starts with me, so be it. I’m prepared to lay down the gauntlet.

    It’s time that men of all sexual orientations woke up to the sleazy and hypocritical ways of women.


    I like these kind of women because then I don’t feel so bad when I Fuck their D.L. boyfriends.

  • skzip888

    Fake and Hetero

  • Jim


    You are kind of odd. The gay community turning against women? How much more bigoted, misogynistic can you be? You take the bigotry of one woman and condemn 51% of humanity??? What is wrong with you? Do you have issues with your mother? I mean that seriously because you constantly write horrible things about women.

    I just don’t get how you can be so hateful.

    Breasts are breasts. Their purpose is to supply milk for infants in females. But, men have been known to lactate for their infants, too. There are cultures in the world where both sexes wear only loin clothes.

    Your hatred of women is scarily reminiscent of the most oppressive misogynist cultures on earth, like Iran.

  • Opheliac


    Just fucking stop it already. We’re all tired of your bullshit.

    -An annoyed queer girl

  • slanty

    Bad girls club? More like dumb bitch club. These girls aren’t BAD at all.

  • Mike

    Who cares what Trasha thinks? Oh, excuse me, Trampa, or was it Tampons? She doesn’t think for herself. She soaks up whatever men tell her.

  • Adman

    I can’t believe this weird ho’s junior high school ear-rape techniques work on grown people, but I guess that’s the thing. None the cast members can maintain any maturity when faced with the need to garner immediate attention to themselves, so the situation will always deteriorate. What is it with sociopaths appealing to people so much on TV anyway? To me their presence in my space is like a car alarm going off. It’s annoying by design, and I never could pay attention to it for more than a fraction of a second. Booooring people with trash talk, wow. cutting edge TV right?

  • Henry

    Throwing a drink in an Iranian’s face reminds me of the Iranian woman who was blinded by acid. I looked up the case and it seems that the victim pardoned her assailant, Majid Movahedi, who threw acid in her face after she repeatedly declined his marriage offers. They were going to put him under so he wouldn’t be conscious when they threw acid in his face to punish him. Pussies.

  • Jeffrey

    @ChrisC: Good catch.

  • Quinn


    Pants? Pants??? Wow! You really have no idea about history. Women used to be forced to wear skirts/dresses (some companies still require women to wear them). It was only after the women’s movement in the West that women gained the right to wear pants.

    If you have issues with men facing bigotry because they might choose to wear skirts or dresses, take it up with the patriarchy that runs the world. That said, there are plenty of men who wear kilts–hello, Scotland!

    It’s frightening how you spew this bisexual victim stuff and blame women for heterosexual male fetishization of lesbian sex.

    Your lack of understanding of the oppression of women in our culture is astounding. When you talk about “female culture,” you seem to think that it exists in some alternate universe apart from the larger American/European culture.

    The more you write on Queerty, the more obvious your dysfunctional mindset is revealed. Seek help!


    Her eyes are so BIG. It bothers me just to look at her.

  • Brian

    Why does anyone pay attention to these people and their stupidity?

  • james_from_cambridge

    Jason is either the greatest performance artist ever (I mean he’s kept this anti-woman hysterics of his going for the past year on Queerty) or a complete idiot. Pick one folks…

  • jason

    Females seem to think that any criticism of female behavior is “misogynistic”. LOL. Get over it. Put simply, I’m not playing your mind games. I’m not going to let myself be controlled by you, basically.

    I will criticize your female behavior any damn time I feel. If I feel that women are being hypocritical, either on an individual or mass basis, I’ll call you out on it. You aren’t a special, protected species as far as I’m concerned.

    Your oppression is largely a figment of your imagination. Your desire to be equal to men is predicated on the nonsense that females are somehow inferior to men. Therefore, you suffer from an inferiority complex. Combine the female inferiority complex with the female victim card and you basically get the picture of modern feminism.

    In this day and age, nobody is oppressing you. In fact, you’re the ones who are doing the oppressing. You oppress men with your double standards and hypocrisy. The bisexual double standard is one such instance. The clothing double standard is another instance.

    Rather than maintaining your dignity and integrity as a gender, you females have morphed into poorly behaving attention seekers, claiming the right to equality on the one hand but also exploiting double standards in order to get preferential treatment on the other.

  • BamBam

    Thats right Jason, you tell them! Shame on you there womenfolk for dressing how you want!

    Remember that no one is oppressing you, if you don’t count anti-abortionists, misogynists, and assholes who can’t get any such as Jason. And that silly lil’ thing about the wage gap? That’s a manufactury of the bisexual-super-bad-no-good-naughty-bad-feminists.

    Though seriously, why would someone who claims that they’re bisexual be opposed to women wearing more revealing outfits than the Victorian era? Does Jason have huge robber baron face chops that women find a turn-off? If it is, here’s a helpful hint to pick-up girls: comb the leftover pieces of cheez-its out.

  • Henry

    Tasha is a dirty cunt and she certainly seems to be psychopathic, which may be why Charles Rozier is defending Tasha here.

  • Bee Gaga

    @jason: You can’t say that women aren’t being oppressed nowadays just go to any middle eastern country or african country and see the discrimination they face there or even sometimes in America they face discrimination so that’s just a straight up lie, and also you talk about the fact that women have double standards benifiting them what about men a man can have sex with 3 women in one day and everyone high fiving him like oh yeah you the man even his female friends are like oh player player a woman does that everyone like oh she’s a slut oh she’s a hoe you don’t think that’s a double standard and the reason why women “feel” inferior to man and worrying about getting the same treatment not “special” treatment as you put it, is because historically women have been oppressed albeit from religion, culture, or society they’re seen as only being good for house work, cooking, gardening, and baring children…though i will say in a twisted way I get where exactly you’re coming from in terms of the double standard but don’t try and flip it saying we shouldn’t make it okay to wear pants but instead make it socially acceptable for anyone man or woman to wear whatever they decide to whether its a skirt, dress, heels, whatever

  • jason

    Of course women have been oppressed by patriarchy. I’ve never denied it. In fact, I have opposed patriarchal notions for a long time. Keep in mind, also, that religious screeds were written by men. I know of not one passage in the Bible that was written by a woman.

    Nevertheless, you can’t deny that, in the here and now, feminism is creating its own oppression. As I said earlier, modern women are using feminism as a lever to oppress men. Feminism is effectively becoming a religion of oppression. Rather than being about equal legal rights, feminism is becoming acquainted with privilege.

    Paradoxically, feminism is not only oppressing men, it is also oppressing women, albeit with their consent. The latter is happening because modern feminism is encouraging women to defer to the most base form of body-selling in the form of whore-cuntiness, a deferral that makes sexist and homophobic men quite happy. Therefore, under modern feminism’s “do anything you want” notion, women are essentially regressing, not progressing. On the one hand, they are gaining privileges over men but, on the other, they are deferring to the role of man-pleasers.

    Keep in mind this very fundamental point: if a gay gene could be detetected in an unborn child, feminists would be saying that a woman has the right to terminate her pregnancy on the basis that it’s a woman’s right to choose. This permissiveness ethos underpins modern feminism, and has warped its moral compass.

  • pat

    You know, the more you read Jason’s comments, the more you realize he has mother issues. Parents sure can do a number on you.
    I hope he doesn’t put those disturbing beliefs in to play with the relationships he has with women in his life. Or maybe, this is just the kind of mindset one needs to not have any good relationships with women?

  • Mike

    I can’t believe this show is still on. I mean, these trashy hos are no Tanisha and Darlen. “YOU SURE MY NAME AIN’T FAT BITCH?”

  • jason

    My relationships with women are very fine, thanks. I can distinguish between women per se and women’s behavior.

  • Henry

    @Bee Gaga: You’re a racist cunt. Women are discriminated against in every country, not just the countries with brown and black people.

  • o

    @Henry: Lots of Christians are racist cunts, not just the Christians making comments here. They project their hatred onto other people. Why do you think they have the cross? Because they’re comfortable with projecting their sins on to Jesus.

  • JuneLee



  • Michael


    Please shutup you are not a Christian people like you are the reason gay teens commit suicides.You should be fucking ashamed of the way people like you treat people who are gay.Gay is not a CHOICE for the last fucking time growing up bigoted and ignorant however IS a choice and you chose to be both of those.People like you are the problem not people like ME. Don’t give me that shit about hate the sin love the sinner either as a Christian you should ALREADY know that HATING in any capacity is WRONG period.

  • Michael


    In the bible its also a sin to wear polyester to touch pigskin to eat shellfish etc… Gone to red lobster lately?

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