Someone Please Throw a Drink in Bad Girls Club: New Orleans Tasha’s Face

In case you haven’t been watching Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club—which  showcases some of America’s most upstanding, sophisticated and demure female personalities—on this week’s episode we found out there’s a lesbian and a homophobe living under the same roof. Now that’s some good television!

In the current season, Bad Girls Club: New Orleans, the house has divided into two cliques: There’s the fun-loving, goofy side consisting of Nastasia, Tiara, Angelic and Judi. And then the judgmental, “we’re better than all y’all” side with Tasha, Priscilla and Shelly.

During the fourth episode, “Can I Bayou a Drink,” a few cracks started to show on the judgmental side’s veneer when Priscilla meets a local named Tony. The two hit it off and Priscilla is excited she has met a nice, good-looking guy—according to her, all the other girls have been attracting “trash.”

But Priscilla’s usual partner-in-crime Tasha, isn’t impressed. She concludes that Tony is a bitch with no balls because he doesn’t call Priscilla first. When Tony worries he might not be dressed for the occasion after receiving an invite to a group dinner, Tasha exclaims, “What a faggot!”

In  almost every season of BGC, one cast member identifies as a lesbian—or bi, or at least a bi-curious. Shelly (right), this season’s lesbian, is immediately shocked by Tasha’s outburst and takes issue with her use of the F word (though we don’t see her say anything to Tasha’s face the first time she uses it).

Tasha soon decides Tony’s nickname should be Fagete “because he looks like a faggot.” When Shelly tells her “I don’t like that word,” Tasha responds, “Wellll, you know it’s not personal so anyways…”

Amazingly Shelly still tries to negotiate with this trifling homophobe, offering Tasha a less offensive option: “you can call him gay.”

“What’s the difference, it doesn’t matter, I’m not talking personal.” Tasha responds. Shelly explains that it would be like, instead of calling her a lesbian, Tasha were to call her a dyke.

Tasha can’t believe Shelly is sooo sensitive. “Honestly, I’m not being rude to anyone that’s gay but Shelly’s so serious about this lesbian thing. It’s like she just came out of the closet and she wants the whole world to know.”

Shelly, who’s not the strongest personality in the house and isn’t getting any support from the housemate sitting right next to her, offers one final plea: “I’m just saying, if you want to, can you please just call him gay.”

Shelly explains to the camera, “It’s an ignorance thing; some people don’t understand that certain terms offend certain people.”

“Yo, it’s not personal!” Tasha tells her.  “Shelly, you’re being crazy!”

When Tasha sees Shelly’s bothered by her using “Fagete” again later on, she walks through the house shouting “Fagete” to prove her point that she will use the word if she wants. Because she’s mature like that.

Tasha explains to us in an aside that, “Shelly’s takes everything so serious. It’s not like I’m calling him a faggot. Like whatever, even if I am, I’m not calling [Shelly] a faggot. Like, people call me a terrorist, my dad’s from Iran. Like…I don’t care. I’m like, ‘That’s funny.’” Oh yes, HI-larious!

We’re really looking forward to the next episode, when we get to see how less-than-excited Tasha is about Shelly’s girlfriend coming to visit. In the preview, Tasha explains to Priscilla, “I don’t know, I’ve never had anyone as flamboyantly gay as her. ‘I’m gay! I’m a lesbian! I want to go to the gay parade! Oh my god, look at the gay people!’ Everything is about her girlfriend. Y’all aren’t even married.”

Um, ouch.

Below is a clip of Tasha from the third episode, where she does an “ex-specially” good job of showcasing how eloquent and well-spoken she is by explaining how she probably wouldn’t have taken the time to get to know Shelly outside of the house because all she knows about her is that she’s a lesbian with a girlfriend. But isn’t the reason that’s all you know about her because you haven’t taken the time to know her?

Our head hurts.

Bad Girls Club: New Orleans
airs Mondays at 9pm EST on Oxygen

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