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A gay Spanish couple tried to single-handedly take on a crowd of neo-nazis this weekend, and things didn’t exactly go well for them — although given history as a precedent, it certainly could have gone worse.

Their names are David Fernandez and Gregor Eistert, and they never intended to take a stand against fascism. They were just on a date in Malasana, a trendy little neighborhood, when an anti-immigrant stormed past.

At that point, David and Gregor decided to make out. And sure, what could be more romantic than a crowd of dangerous-looking men screaming about keeping out foreigners and brandishing photos of Franco?

As one might expect, the neo-nazis got a little perturbed when they spotted two gay men kissing. Eventually a policeman wandered over to tell them “that’s enough” and made the two men leave.

So there you have it! Love wins! Except it doesn’t, since the gay couple were the ones forced to leave and the neo-nazis were allowed to continue on their way.

Then again, what if they’d been allowed to keep kissing and the crowd grew violent? Obviously the nazis are the bad guys here — it isn’t even necessary to clarify that point — but were David and Gregor ready to go to the hospital (or worse) for the sake of a two-man kiss-in? Sometimes you have to pick you battles, and one little make-out session was probably never going to be powerful enough to force the dissolution of a racist rally.

Next time, organize an orgy!

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