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Spider-Man’s Tom Holland crushes Rihanna’s “Umbrella” in lip-synch challenge

Time to get acquainted with Tom Holland, the latest actor to be filling Spider Man’s shoes and lycra bodysuit.

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On Sunday night, the actor appeared on Lip Synch Battle, winning all the everythings thanks to his stellar performance set to Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

He really sells it, too. Dressed in full-throttle Rihanna drag, he pirouettes through a severely ferocious dance routine that made the crowd and judges go absolutely bananas.


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  • Charlie in Charge

    Oh what a time to be alive.

    I am feeling a little less bummed that the Spider-Man role was recast .

  • Captain Obvious

    Seems like it’s become a requirement for guys to dress like female singers on this show after Channing Tatum did it.

    But anyway this kid kills it as Spiderman. I didn’t think I’d ever like a recast of Spidey… especially one so young. Glad I was wrong.

  • Terrycloth

    Wow..he can act and definitely dance…I wanted to see more .Can’t wait for the movie. .

  • Danny595

    Disgusting. Why does this website relentlessly promote crossdressing? The editors have manhood problems.

    • bmcdonall

      Oh Danny59. Where to begin really? “Disgusting”? By whose standards? This kid has 100 times bigger balls, soul and sheer charisma and talent than any small-minded keyboard warrior. “Manhood problems?”. Sorry, this is real manhood: fearlessness in the face of tiny minds.

    • owllasers

      Sounds like it isn’t the editors who have problems with manhood.

    • chris451

      How sad that you have such a narrow view of what manhood can be.

    • Charlie in Charge

      Ooh, get her.

    • Jack Meoff

      @danny595 were you loved and held as a child like ever?

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