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Stand For Marriage Maine Admits: Our Television Ads Are Filled With Lies

Know what the media is good for? Calling bullshit. Far too often — ahem — do newspapers and cable shows present “opposing” sides just to present so-called “balanced journalism,” even though one side is obviously pushing lies and hatred. Enter Maine’s News 8, which goes through the latest television ads from (the anti-marriage) Stand For Marriage Maine and (the pro-marriage) Equality Maine. And, surprise of all surprises, they find some things wrong with S4MM’s claims!

Now, the report doesn’t come and and say S4MM is actually lying (although it shows viewers how, in fact, they are just making stuff up), but it does get S4MM campaign director Marc Mutty say the ads are not meant to be taken … literally.

That is: They’re just drumming up scare tactics.