Screen shot 2015-11-12 at 10.01.57 AMJust in case you needed anymore proof of Joshua Feuerstein‘s insanity, the self-proclaimed antigay “social media evangelist” has released (and quickly deleted) another anti-Starbucks video in which he accuses the company of brewing “abortion coffee.”

Feuerstein is responsible for the current boycott of Starbucks, which right-wingers contend is at war with Xmas. In his latest video rant, Feuerstein claims the reason Starbucks coffee tastes bitter is because “it’s a tiny, tasteful touch of abortion!”

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Feuerstein goes on to say Starbucks overcharges for coffee because it needs cash to support Planned Parenthood and the “genocide of millions of innocent little babies.”

Earlier this year, Starbucks came under attack by some conservatives for participating in a company program matching employee donations to organizations of their choosing. Some employees chose Planned Parenthood. And because of that, we have now been graced with the term “abortion coffee.”

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“Starbucks,” Feuerstein snarls, “I’m glad that you’re distancing yourself from Christmas and anything Christ because you’re nothing alike!”

And that, folks, may be the most accurate thing Feuerstein has ever said. Indeed, the two are absolutely nothing alike. Jesus is a character from a book; Starbucks is a popular international chain of cafes.

Feuerstein uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, but quickly deleted it minutes later. Luckily, some folks were able to preserve a copy.

Check it out below.

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