Straight Man Comes Out, Divorces Wife And Falls In Love With His Buddy… Now What?!

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A straight man recently realized he was gay and divorced his wife. Now, he’s falling for his friend and he’s not sure what to do about it. So he’s turning to advice columnist Colleen Nolan for help.

“Dear Colleen,” his letter begins. “After coming out as gay and splitting with my wife, I have been in contact with a male friend via Facebook and Snapchat.”

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The friend has a girlfriend, the man explains, “but he keeps sending me provocative messages and photos.”

“How do I respond?” he wonders.

“I know his girlfriend too,” the man explains, “so it’s all a bit difficult because I do find him attractive.”

He wonders: “They have no children, so would I be doing wrong by meeting him for a drink? Or should I tell his girlfriend that he has been messaging me?”

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In her response, Colleen wastes no time getting right to the point.

“Um no,” she says. “I don’t think it’s up to you to tell his girlfriend and plant a bomb in the middle of their relationship.”

“What you should do is tell him you know he’s interested, but there’s no way anything is happening while he’s still with his girlfriend,” she continues. “You could fall madly in love with him but he refuses to leave his girlfriend, so where does that leave you?”

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“My advice is to stop swapping provocative messages and, if he does leave her, then you’re free to get back in touch and do what you want,” Colleen says.

In the mean time, “there are plenty of gorgeous single gay guys out there looking for a partner.”

What do you think? Should this guy pursue his attached friend, or is he better off looking for other single gay guys? Sound off in the comments section below.