A new landmark Australian Study shows that circumcision can protect against HIV in gay men who are tops. “We have shown for the first time that men who predominantly take on the insertive role in sex are less likely to contract HIV if they’ve been circumcised,” said Dr David Templeton. Men who were mostly tops had an 85% reduced risk of getting HIV if they were circumcised.

The study followed 1,400 HIV-negative guys (two-thirds were circumcised) for fours years and tracked their HIV status. 53 Developed HIV. Of those 53, only 7 were tops. The results of the study suggest 5 could have been avoided if they had been cut.

Gay educators worry that the results will lead gay men to “throw out their condoms if they’ve had the snip, wrongly believing they are naturally protected.” That seems unlikely, we’re not that stupid.

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