STUDY: Gay Men Could Reproduce Through Stem Cells, Without Egg Donor

A new discovery out of Japan has the potential to allow gay men to create an egg of their own stem cells, without the use of a female donor. Unlike surrogacy, the child would be born with the DNA of both parents.

The Guardian Express reports:

The Japanese research team, led by Mitinori Saitou of Kyoto University in Japan, said that they had finally attained their seemingly insurmountable objective: creating eggs from embryonic stem cells, as well as producing eggs that will become healthy offspring.

The most astonishing part of the discovery was that the bio-engineered eggs were the fertilized in-vitro with sperm created from stem cells as well, and then implanted in the mice.The resulting pregnancy produced healthy mice, and so far, this accomplishment is a rousing success.

The embryonic stem cells used in the study were a different kind of stem cell than we are used to hearing about. When we think of stem cells, we think of umbilical cord stem cells. But this differing type of stem cell, referred to as Induced pluripotent stem cells, can be obtained from the skin cells of a mouse, and a human as well.

An advancement such as this, no matter how mind-blowingly incredible, is bound to polarize both progressives and conservatives.


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