Subway Restaurant In France Says “Adieu” To Gay Couples On Valentine’s Day

affiche subway Rude service at restaurants is something of a stereotype in France, but one Subway sandwich shop showed gay couples the door on Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, the Subway sandwich shop in Angers, about 180 miles from Paris, posted a sign promoting a Valentine’s special for couples: two foot-long subs for about $18.75.

But the owner indicated only male-female (or “h/f” for homme-femme) couples were allowed to use it—and insisted he was within his rights because same-sex marriage hasn’t official passed in the country.

Here’s a translated version of the sign (at right):

Valentine’s Day 

Thursday February 14

Lovers’ celebration for couples (M/F*)

2 30-cm menu items for 14 Euros

Meal = 1 sub + 1 fountain drink + 1 bag of chips or dessert

*Discrimination (?): No, the marriage for all bill has not yet been ratified by the senate. So for the moment I’m using the freedom-of-speech law.

According to Yagg.com, Subway France “disassociates itself completely” from the franchise’s act of bigotry, and reprimanded the shop’s owner.  Subway regional manager Patrick Rety expressed regret over the incident: “I am ashamed… We cannot accept this in 2013,” said Rety. “We have values, we have respect for people.”

The local LGBT group, Quazar, says it intends to file a complaint under current anti-discrimination laws—though it appears the shop in question was closed by Subway on Friday afternoon. The same day, a tweet from Subway France  indicated “the poster in question was removed IMMEDIATELY from the restaurant in Angers.”

But since it was a Valentine’s Day promo, does that even matter?

More importantly, if you’re taking your honey to Subway for Valentine’s Day—gay or straight—you’ve got bigger problems, n’est-ce pas?

h/t: Queerty reader Maxime D.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Something tells me Subway pulled their franchise… and fast! As they should have!

  • beaubourg

    Discrimination is an offense in France and is punished with 6 months in jail and 45,000€ fine ($50,000). This subway was closed down and the guy is being sued by the local Attorney.

    Another topic which is in my opinion an urban legend: service is as bad in large French cities that it is in large American cities. For e.g. I find from experience that service is extremely poor in NYC and Miami, even worse than Paris.

  • hudson

    we’ve been to Paris and France in general several times and have always had exemplary service. Only once did we get a bit of attitude (in the Marais, Paris of all places) and even she warmed up after we made a concerted effort. That said, we’ve also had great service with nary an exception NYC. The worst service we’ve ever had is actually at home, here in Vancouver, BC- on Valentine’s Day many years ago. lol.

  • jwrappaport

    To the barricades!

  • Billysees

    @jwrappaport: 4


  • 2eo

    They are getting ready to fly their white flag of war.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What’s worse about this is, this franchise was on a university campus.

  • mangina

    It’s good to note that this is a Subway franchise not Chick-Fil-A. It’s good thing the company pulled the plug on the owner of this particular franchise and took action. Otherwise, I would have to add another eatery on list of businesses to avoid. (And I do loves me a footlong!)

  • figfest

    You’ve done your currency conversion the wrong way around. 14 euro is closer to $19.

  • Ann Mason

    @Dakotahgeo: We can be grateful that the culture in France has matured to the point where the Subway incident is not socially acceptable. Many of us are old enough to remember when it was okay for a business in San Francisco to do something similar to what that franchise owner did.

    It’s sad that a civil rights issue has to be addressed in baby steps. It takes centuries for some segments of society to earn the right to be treated as individuals. People who are living now have the privilege of seeing the fastest progress in LGBT rights ever. Less than forty years ago, elected officials in Dade County, Florida passed an employment antidiscrimination ordinance which went against public opinion, and Anita Bryant was called a hero for mobilizing voters to repeal the ordinance. Now there are some states which recognize marriage between spouses of the same gender.

    We’re eyewitnesses to history. Don’t forget that.

  • Evji108

    @beaubourg: That is pure bull. Nothing anywhere beats the deliberate rudeness of Paris waiters. It’s a point of pride among waiters in Paris that they treat their patrons that way. In Miami at least, it would get you fired. All my friends in Paris including the French ones would agree and it has also been my own experience.

  • David J

    It is really good to see somebody acting responsibly to help those who are unable to help themselves. Opposing homosexuality should be high on everyone’s list of priorities. Homosexuality is the cause of numerous physical, emotional and mental illnesses and it would be irresponsible for any retailer to promote it. Visit factsaboutyouth.com and click on the “health risks” link to the left for the science.

  • tpmaster21

    I think that the manger was trying to stop like two buddies in saying there a couple to get a deal on sandwich’s.

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