Subway Restaurant In France Says “Adieu” To Gay Couples On Valentine’s Day

affiche subway Rude service at restaurants is something of a stereotype in France, but one Subway sandwich shop showed gay couples the door on Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, the Subway sandwich shop in Angers, about 180 miles from Paris, posted a sign promoting a Valentine’s special for couples: two foot-long subs for about $18.75.

But the owner indicated only male-female (or “h/f” for homme-femme) couples were allowed to use it—and insisted he was within his rights because same-sex marriage hasn’t official passed in the country.

Here’s a translated version of the sign (at right):

Valentine’s Day 

Thursday February 14

Lovers’ celebration for couples (M/F*)

2 30-cm menu items for 14 Euros

Meal = 1 sub + 1 fountain drink + 1 bag of chips or dessert

*Discrimination (?): No, the marriage for all bill has not yet been ratified by the senate. So for the moment I’m using the freedom-of-speech law.

According to Yagg.com, Subway France “disassociates itself completely” from the franchise’s act of bigotry, and reprimanded the shop’s owner.  Subway regional manager Patrick Rety expressed regret over the incident: “I am ashamed… We cannot accept this in 2013,” said Rety. “We have values, we have respect for people.”

The local LGBT group, Quazar, says it intends to file a complaint under current anti-discrimination laws—though it appears the shop in question was closed by Subway on Friday afternoon. The same day, a tweet from Subway France  indicated “the poster in question was removed IMMEDIATELY from the restaurant in Angers.”

But since it was a Valentine’s Day promo, does that even matter?

More importantly, if you’re taking your honey to Subway for Valentine’s Day—gay or straight—you’ve got bigger problems, n’est-ce pas?

h/t: Queerty reader Maxime D.