SUICIDE (HOAX?): Terrel Williams, 17, Hangs Himself In Bedroom Closet After High School Beating (Updated)

No, no. Not another one. Please: Beverly Hills native Terrel Williams,, 17, hung himself in his bedroom closet Oct. 13 after enduring torment at his high school. His mother Cheryl found him in his bedroom, dead. (Update: There’s some evidence this might be a hoax. See below.)

The suicide came hours after an attack by five high school classmates, who threw Williams into a brick wall at Clover Park High School in Lakewood, Washington, reports LGBTQ Nation. (Note: See below updates. The school is near where he died, we’re told, and Lakewood is where his family had a vacation home.)

His boyfriend Daric Rawr, 16, says he was unaware of the attack and was en route to Terel’s house for a family dinner when Terel’s mother Cheryl called him. Terel had to be driven home from school after the assault. Daric describes his fallen partner: as a “compassionate, fun loving, outgoing person who enjoyed life to the fullest. He loved life, but felt the need to take it, because [the bullying] didn’t stop … respectful, whole hearted people like Terrel, and the growing number of others, shouldn’t have to feel suicide is the answer, because bullies won’t stop.”

Terel’s suicide note reads:

I’m sorry to my immediate loved ones, but I feel suicide is the only way out. I felt coming out, and being happy with Daric, was the best thing I could’ve ever done. But I didn’t think it would lead to my death at an early age. Today, was the record worst day of my life, some kids at school stole some of my stuff that I got from people I really cared about, and that really pushed me over the top, next to being shoved into a wall, and my ribs being broken.

Cheryl posted to Terrel’s Twitter account:

My son meant the world, and high school bullies pushed him over the edge. I hope and pray, that no other child ever has to go through what he did. Bullying isn’t worth it. Why can’t people just be nice?

Bizarrely, Terrel suffered a gunshot wound Sept. 31 during an apparent robbery while visiting New York City. Terrel would have turned 18 on Saturday. He is at least the second gay teenager to take his life this month, and the eighth in two months. I think I speak for every reader when I say our hearts are with his family and friends.

UPDATE: Efforts to locate a Terrel Williams at Clover Park High School turn up no student by that name. Moreover, a reporter working on the story could not locate a coroner’s report in either Pierce County or Los Angeles County. A post on about Williams’ supposed gunshot wound in NYC has been removed. Local media have yet to report on the story, possibly because they are also having difficult tracking down a Terrel Williams.

A Facebook search for men with the name (including ambiguations and the name “Terrel Allen Williams”) in either Washington State or the Los Angeles area yielded little; one profile does exist of a Terrel in L.A., but there is no profile picture or additional profile information. A page on about his suicide lists no unreported information. The Twitter account “MemoryOfTerrel,” where his mother Cheryl supposedly left a note about his passing, has been set as private; it has just 32 followers; its bio reads “In loving memory of Terrel Allen Williams. 1992- 2010.” Previous tweets, obtained by seeing other users’ retweets, include, “Sitting with my eldest son, and husband in our backyard, watching the stars, thinking of all the memories we had here. We luv u Terrel” and ” Your memory will never fade, your personality will always shine, your shadow will live forever.”

The Twitter profile of boyfriend Daric Rawr (bio: “Ex Radio Host, Deactivated Disc Jockey, Mile High Radio Head, LGBT/YoungAdult/Romance Author. Available In Stores Now”) uses the same background image as “MemoryOfTerrel.” It includes tweets from today messaging other users about being bullied and Daric’s “loss.” Daric’s Facebook profile (which is actually a Page, not a regular user Profile), which hadn’t been updated since Oct. 7, now includes a link to this Queerty post.

We’re working to track down additional information about Williams, and it’s too premature to label this boy’s supposed death a definite hoax, but crucial elements to this story are missing. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE 2, 10/22 12:05am: Daric writes us in an email that Terrel’s suicide is “not a hoax.” The reason some of the details (like location) don’t match up is because of initial reporting errors, he says.

To begin with, his death is not a hoax. A reporter i had spoken too, misread what i had said and streamed across the internet that he was hear in washington, but in fact was not. I have repeated this, to a number of people already.

I have not decided to reveal where he really died, because of this problem exactly. I had no intentions of intentionally saying he died in washington, he merely only had a vacation home in washington in which he was at for not even 2 weeks before he passed away.

My words are being misconstruded, and even being put into statements i never said on some websites (Yours being one of the only correct ones).

I do not think, unless asked by the News Tribune tommorow that i will reveal any further details until given permission by his mother.

I have apologized for the public mishap. I’ve also come across what you are talking about, which recalls my attention to typing in “Terrel Williams” on google even “Terrell Williams” or anything close to that nature, you’re going to find DOZENS of a man with the same name as my friend.

I think that is where people are getting mixed up, they see one thing about the actual terrel in one place, and then see about the other one in another place.

And also, some of the negative comments i’m sure your website and others you see are going to receive, as i’ve just seen myself have absolutely nothing to do with terrels death.

On one website, i was just involved with a public sparring match over what is written about myself on the internet. I again, said on the same website, what you’ll find about me is entirely speculation and rumours. Why are their things on the internet about me? I write books for a living, and thats how the internet ordeal with my name even started.

I don’t understand how my own life before terrel even came along got drug into this. The only wrong thing you have in your news release of Terrels death, is the name of his school, and where he died. I dont recall ever saying he went to Clover Park High School, it was Near clover park high school in which the situation took place.

The reasoning behind very little of a digital trail, is his mother is finally as of this morning allowing me to speak out. She had a right to privacy, after what happened to her son, and i couldn’t violate it, by talking to the media until she gave me permission

Tommorow morning [Friday] at 12:30 i have an interview/meeting with the Tacoma News Tribune, in which the lady informed me, than will the story be publicly available for people to view.

UPDATE 3, 10/22: Sadly, more evidence points to this story being fake. The photo of “Terrel Williams” (airquotes on purpose) is actually of Donny Lumpkins, who worked with the organization YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, and is unrelated to this story (we’ve blurred the photo to illustrate the point). Which means this post has now turned into not the story of another gay teen suicide, but how Internet pranksters managed to spread fake information about such a sickening issue.

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  • Scott from CA

    This is getting more and more out of hand and my heart weeps for every single one of these young people.

  • ewe

    Permanent solution to a temporary problem. He was almost out of high school. There are countless people whose lives do not even begin until after high school. I know because i am one of them. Very sad. Not to mention he is an adorable cutie as well. These teens are in CRISIS and not able to cope. I hope the school expels those disgraceful tyrants that brutally attacked him and the police charge them all with a felony at the very least.

  • tallskin2

    I am speechless!

    Another one!

    Poor kid.

  • scott ny'er

    And I bet those mofo bullies are laughing about this right now. Are these kids who commit suicide are letting these bullies relish in their power.

    AARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! It’s so maddening to keep seeing these posts appear.

    So tragic and sad.

  • scott ny'er

    What I don’t get is, why all of a sudden? Is bullying LGBT peeps up? Is it just we have more tools like Twitter, Facebook, the Internet that makes more people aware of these suicides, where before I would have never heard of a Washington hanging in NY? It’s crazy.

  • jack e. jett

    Wow…..each one of these blows my mind more than the one before. This guy was really handsome. Sad.


    @scott ny’er: 10000% Co-Sign.

    The bullying scumbags may cry crocodile tears and the rightwing nutbags may feign sympathy but you know damm well each one of them are laughing their vile asses off that another Gay teen has killed themself……………

    In a sick and bizzare way these suicides are actually empowering these reprehensive bully scumbags………..There are dozens of places to seek help…….

    Call the Trevor Project. 866 4 U TREVOR

    They will talk you down off the ledge……..Your life is worth a million times more than any one of those who have tossed hate upon you. Don’t waste yours because of their vile misguided empty bigoted lives………….

  • dave


  • Cam

    The sad thing about this is….there isn’t an upswing in these suicides, they were always happeneing. But remember, for years and years the press wouldn’t print anything about anybody’s sexuality to “Protect them and their family” so a suicide because of gay harrassment didn’t exist as far as they were concerned.

    I have a feeling we are just getting public confirmation of what has always been happening to these poor kids.

  • oldgayvermonter

    Who are the five who assaulted him…names and addresses please!! And could some good folks out in that area administer some payback for this? Really? Please? Seems to be the only language they might understand. Time to say enough of this crap and protect those who can’t really protect themselves. I may be too old to give out a beatdown, but there must be some good folks who could put all that gym-time to good use.

  • Dallas David

    Another tragedy. My heart goes out to his family . . .

    I didn’t find any mention of this in any of the local media in his home town, which strikes me as odd. Usually when a student dies of something like this, the school has counselors available and they have some sort of public assembly, and the news has a story or two.
    But I couldn’t find anything . . . what’s up with that?

  • Adam

    I guess when you are tormented by others’ hate, it does seem overwhelming. So sad. And so very sorry for the pain his family and boyfriend are enduring.

  • Comixbear

    @Cam: I feel for the lost youth and their families, but I also feel that there might be a small upswing in the numbers, due in part to the attention on them right now. I know in my depression as a young man, part of thoughts of ending my life was in hoping that the people left behind who I felt had wronged me would feel upset over what they had done. Now, some of these kids might be feeling that with all of the attention on the deaths of bullied gay youth, that those who hurt them would pay. Unfortunately, there is no way other than stop that thought other than encouraging the kids to talk rather than act on their problems like this. We don’t want to lose the attention on the problem. I just hope that all of the backlash will have more affect on the bullies on the ramifications of their actions rather than on kids contemplating suicide and thinking that this will help with the focus on their deaths.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Rick Gold: …and this from the Homocon party that’s defending Carl Paladino.

  • Brandon H

    We all act like we can really influence someones decision to commit suicide, but as much as we try to eliminate bullying and ensure that things get better, the actual decision is out of our hands.

    Its a shame, and scary and makes you feel hopeless yourself. But its the truth. Theres really not much more that we as adults can do untill attitudes change, and again, that is out of our hands.

  • Sug Night

    Why are bullyings against LGBT teens up? It’s trickle down homophobia. People in positions of authority (senators, politicians, teachers, school officials, professional atheletes, rappers, etc)are spewing hatred toward us, which tells people it’s OK to bully and discriminate and hate on us.

    Face it, we are the last remaining minority (with the possible exception of Muslims in some circles) that it’s OK to openly discriminate against, to make fun of in public, to hate on publically. Why? Because it’s not against the law in many places in our own country to deny housing, marriage, adoption and other civil rights to us. We have been relegated to the back of the bus and THAT is why it’s OK to beat on us in many peoples’ eyes.

    FIGHTING BACK is the only way. Suicide gives them what they want, less of us. How do we fight back, any ideas?

  • pc

    It’s “hanged himself”, not “hung himself”.

  • Dallas David

    @pc: Correct.
    Men are “hanged” to end their lives,
    Porn stars are “hung.”

  • Are human beings inherently sociopathic? (John from England)

    @Sug Night:

    What about the gay community? Or commenters on this site or other sites or gay blogs in generally who are just so mean?

    People are mean.

    I think there are a lot more sociopaths-mild symptons-in society then we let on.

  • Brian

    People need to man up and stop offing themselves. It is lame. Grow a pair. I was abused and made fun of by people my whole childhood and I didn’t kill myself. Grow up.

  • SFPol

    Thanks Obama. You helped another one over the edge.

  • ron

    Oh well…just a knee grow.

  • TIm

    So sad.

    Really, we have a long way to go before we are treated and accepted as equals and while we, as adults, know it get’s better we need to make sure kids in all walks of life know this truism.

    I also believe the political climate of hate and separate and definitely not equal is contributing to the ill will that surely trickles from intolerant parents to create intolerant bullying kids.

  • TR

    ‘Grow Up’? Are you kidding me? This is heartbreaking. I agree with whomever said it was out of our hands, but what the fuck, during something so tragic, why cant there be support instead of mockery?
    R.I.P. Terrell. You were beautiful.

  • TR

    ‘Grow Up’? Are you kidding me? This is heartbreaking. I agree with whomever said it was out of our hands, but what the fuck, during something so tragic, why cant there be support instead of mockery?
    R.I.P. Terrel. You were beautiful.

  • Jer W

    When I was 17 I attempted suicide. I was living in small town eastern Washington, the only openly gay kid in my school because I couldn’t hide it. I took one of my dad’s pistols, put it to my head and pulled the trigger.

    It clicked. Then nothing.

    I pissed myself and cried. I cried so hard. I could never work the balls to try again because I believed I was not meant to die.

    But I know what it was like. The slurs. The hatred. The lonliness. The outcast feeling. And I can say that part of me did die that day. The hopeless part. The victim. From that day, I was proud of me.

    I hate that these kids are going through this. And I pray for the day when people learn to accept each other and the hatred will be bred out of our genes. Until then, I hope that the news reports will at least get word out about the support groups that exist.

  • Michael

    @SFPol: You idiot.

  • B


    How are you blaming Obama?

  • sftimes

    @scott ny’er:
    Neither bullying nor LGBT suicide is up, only media/social attention of it is.

    The reality is that suicide is the second highest reason teenagers die in the United States, and that LGBT teens are between 30% and 40% more likely then their straight counterparts to commit suicide. 1 in 3 teenage suicides is a person who is LGBT (not sure if this counts those who are gay-perceived or not). These numbers have been consistent as long as there has been research into it. This happens ALL the time, but typically NOONE talks about it.

    For whatever reason, the media, and therefore society, has found this worth reporting on now. I suspect the increase of reporting is partially due to the high profile nature of the “It Gets Better” project, combined with the New Jersey suicide. The web casting of his romantic romp is “culturally interesting” enough (think non-comedy, gay American Pie) to have grabbed the medias attention for a few minutes. I hope something substantial comes from this brief period of social focus on the issue.

  • Justin


    “Just a knee grow…” Are you serious? Do you think you’re being funny? Cute? Grow the hell up. The LGBT community needs solidarity at this point, not to divide ourselves on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, etc.

    Black LGBT individuals have an incredibly difficult time with their sexuality– often times, the black community is extremely harsh to them, and they can feel alienated from the LGBT community as a whole. Comments like that are just as hurtful as the bullying that Terrel suffered. You should be ashamed.

  • Matthew

    I’m speechless, this is the 10th in two months. How can this not be in the forefront of our nation? More server punishments should be handed down to teach all bullies a lesson. The 4 main channels should all have a news brief in prime time about the consequences of being a bully and also help the gay youth who are contemplating suicide by putting up information of local places they can go for help(LGBT Center) in there specific town. This has seriously got to stop!

  • Fitz

    Jesus. What a sad loss. What I would give to be 17, in love, with a good family, and to be 1/2 that handsome. Some assholes at school will be long forgotten once you get going in your wonderful life, don’t let a crappy moment become your swan song.

  • ewe

    @Rick Gold: remind me to spit on your grave.

  • ewe

    @Brian: People like you hang around because you crave negative attention.

  • ewe

    @ron: You are severely autistic right?

  • magoo

    that photo isnt Terrel, and is now being circulated as him…. GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT.

    rest in paradise Terrel, and i hope justice is brought upon those who did you wrong for their intolerance and their ignorance.

  • Luis Miran

    WHY?!?!?!?!? When will this stop?????

  • Chitown Kev


    The black community in BEVERLY HILLS?

    I’m not even about to respond to what appears to be some racist troll but since someone on the Oakland University thread said that Corey Johnsons death was due to Oakland University’s proximity to those black homophobes in Detroit than I can only surmise that Terrell’s death is due to his proximity to those rich white homophobes in Beverly Hills.

  • Annoyed.


    dont insult severe autistics please, they can be the sweetest people…

    (kind of like…saying a person is “so gay” as an insult- is wrong, so is using a severe mental handicap- as an insult -is, well, wrong.

  • B

    No. 5 · scott ny’er wrote, “What I don’t get is, why all of a sudden?” Some combination of three things are going on:

    1. More press coverage due to other suicides that became national news.

    2. Random chance (listen to a Geiger counter and you will hear bursts due to the events following a Poisson distribution). This effect is the cause of “crime waves” that seem to occur for no apparent reason and then go away.

    3. A possible “copycat” effect where, after reading of other suicides, others try the same thing.

  • tjr101

    Is it everyday now? This too sad, my heart goes out for his family and friends.

  • Brian Miller

    We have prominent national homophobes like President Fraudrack Homophobama to thank for these tragedies.

  • JumpingUp

    In cases like this people always blame those who they have a personal obssession with. So some of you are blaming Obama, some of you Paladino, some of you the African-American church homophobes…… And all of it is somewhat speculative to say the least. I think it’s just a bunch of really mean-spirited people who liked to bully and one guy who didn’t have the capacity to endure it anymore. (And, not to make light of his suicide at ALL, but other people both young and old probably committed suicide for a variety of reasons today).

  • Sexy Rexy

    @Chitown Kev: Chitown, it’s a lost cause to argue with trash like some of the racist queens who post their BS here. Another young gay person has taken his life, and someone had to go to Hallmark to buy some race cards. Fuck him. My heart is busted up for Terrel.

    Someone posted that everyone goes through this, or something to that effect. They are right; we do. Some make it through, some don’t. But no one goes through it unaffected.

  • Hilarious

    @Chitown Kev: For whatever reason these ignorant bigots seem to think there are no white homophobes and all black people are homophobic. Ironically it’s the white homophobes funneling millions into pro-hate campaigns and stripping away all of our rights, yet the mysterious and unseen black homophobes are the ones who get all the venom.

    It’s almost as if they think white people don’t have massive organizations literally dedicated to hate. Who could really be that stupid?

    I mean if you’re going to hurl venom at those of a particular skin color then it should be those who went out of their way to organize extremely large and prominent hate groups.

    Then again there’s so much irony in racist gay white people complaining about homophobic black people that I can’t help but laugh.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Unacceptable. When I hear politicians or the media personalities disregard people like this or use them as a nexample for their own twisted ignorance/hate fueled logic.. Its unacceptable.

  • Rob

    It is all very sad indeed, but everyone is acting like this is a new thing. This has been going on forever. I was one of the first male cheerleaders in my high school in the early 80’s. Believe me it was not a cake walk. I was trash canned a few times, punched in the stomach more times than I can remember, kicked, had food thrown at me, beat up in the locker room, and I’d say half the time it was by the mexican chicks. This was a school in Southern Calif. where you’d think things would be a bit more progressive. I’m sorry this has happened to these young people, but in no way is this new; the internet and interest in the mainstream media has brought it forward.

  • Hilarious

    @Chitown Kev: For whatever reason these ignorant bigots seem to think there are no white homophobes and all black people are homophobic. Ironically it’s the white homophobes funneling millions into pro-hate campaigns and stripping away all of our rights, yet the mysterious and unseen black homophobes are the ones who get all the venom.

    It’s almost as if they think white people don’t have massive organizations literally dedicated to hate. Who could really be that stupid?

    I mean if you’re going to hurl venom at those of a particular skin color then it should be those who went out of their way to organize extremely large and prominent hate groups.

    Then again there’s so much irony in racist gay white people complaining about homophobic black people that I can’t help but laugh.


    Re-posted because apparently the ignorant racists who troll Queerty can dish it but can’t take reality. Truth hurts, huh? Flag it for no reason again I’ll just re-post it again.

  • T

    The friend “writes books for a living” wow, he must have a very dedicated and patient editor.

  • N

    I think this is a hoax, mainly because I’ve seen that picture in a ‘rate my looks’ thread on 4chan, and because of the names (“Terrel” rhymes with “Sheryl”, and a last name like “Rawr” does not sound like an actual name) There have been a bunch of topics about gay bullying and suicide on 4chan lately and this seems like the kind of joke a 4channer would pull.

    If it’s not a hoax, my deepest sympathies to his family and boyfriend.

  • Daez

    @scott ny’er: Its because current parenting skills SUCK. I wouldn’t be surprised if bullying has actually dropped since there has been a crack down on bullying for the last 10 years.

    However, we teach our kids that they are precious little pieces of art that should be loved and doted over, and in the end they can’t handle it when someone breaks that illusion.

    I am willing to bet the vast majority of people on this forum were bullied and maybe even tortured at certain points in their life, but yet they are still alive because they had parents that taught them that you will never be able to control the actions of others so the only thing you can control is how you respond to it. They had parents that taught them to fight to survive instead of giving up in the ultimate act of selfishness.

  • Tessie Tura

    @T: wut u meen? He rite good.

  • Daez

    @Sug Night: Yes, its trickle down homophobia to blame. That is why, when being gay was listed as a mental disease, you couldn’t even be seen with your partner in public and Stonewall was getting raided just because it was a gay bar we didn’t have as high of suicide rates as we do now!?!

    The difference? Back then we prepared kids for the inevitability that life sucked and doing what it took to survive it was the most important part of being alive.

  • Daez

    @TR: Maybe because suicide is a selfish act done by selfish people with absolutely no foresight. Seriously, its probably better that these people offed themselves. It saved the country the thousands of dollars it would have taken to support these people when every time they got a bad report from their boss they rushed off to find a rope.

  • Daez

    @Justin: Maybe the black people should stop being homophobic before asking the gay people to stop being racist. JUST A THOUGHT!

  • Daez

    @Brian Miller: Yes because GW was such a great president that he tried to amend the US constitution not once but twice to forbid gay marriage and so many teens killed themselves during that time…

    Yup, lets all blame Obama. God forbid we blame the parents that couldn’t teach these kids that life sucks but living is still better than being a selfish prick and deciding to kill yourself.

  • Jo blogg

    Darling boy….
    Love and strength to your family right now.

  • Jo blogg

    @Daez: God help your children if they grow up with mental health issues.

  • Kim

    @Daez So only Black people are homophobic? Most white people I know well are both homophobic and racists and most are related to me ,unfortunately.

  • B

    Just in case there is any confusion, No 29 and 41 were written by different individuals, both posting as “B”.

  • KMA

    What’s the update on this? Is it a hoax or not? The Advocate took this article off their site. I’m having my doubts about this story

  • Dallas David

    @KMA: It doesn’t add up, somehow. As I posted in #11 above, I couldn’t find any reference to this fellow near the Washington city. So, I don’t know . . .

  • rjp

    I am really glad that I turned 13 at the height of the Gay Rights Movement in 1977.

    I felt very sure that I was just AOK and the bigots in the media, family and school were just monsterous people as bad as those who held back Native Americans, Chinese, Woman, African Americans and every other minority in this country – Irish, Italian, Poles and French Canadian immigrants were all dispised at some point and thought of as sub-human.

    I came of age in a time when good people had gained control of the media. Sadly we now live in an age when the worst people control our video boxes.

    However – we also live in an age when there is great support for gay equality. So I do wonder if this is anything new.

    My gut it is not.
    Just as sad.
    He looks like he would have made an amazing man if he had allowed himself to grow up.

  • ron

    Yawn. Mass hysteria perpetuated by a low-class media. Psychology 101. Dozens of straight teens commit suicide every month in a country of over 310 MILLION people. It follows there will also be a few gay teen suicides. It has always been so. Nothing new here. People die every day. The weepy hand-wringers need to get out more. You will die too, probably sooner than you imagine. Maybe not suicide but in another form someone else will find sad.

  • The Artist


  • JumpingUp

    Something IS fishy about this story. Now it turns out that photo is of a guy named something Lumpkins? Who is unrelated to any gay suicide story?

  • Activists Need Your $upport

    These difficult times make us recognize that we cannot make progress until we punish these bigots. Help us do that. Help us take this fight into the streets, churches and homes of bigots. We should be having angry rallies, but we need your help. Please donate now before more children die: We know the enemy is Christians. Help us confront them. Pay for your equality instead of hoping for it.

    We are leading the way. Please help us attack those that are attacking us. It is the only way to win and we are professionals. We know how to do this. We just need your financial support. Give now. Give like you are serious, WE are.

  • JumpingUp

    At No. 67 : Shouldn’t you be taking the battle to mosques and Hasidic synagogues too?

  • KMA

    @no.67: You’re a bigot and your message is filled with hate! About the Terril Williams deal: I really think it’s a hoax. Still nothing on the Tacoma News Tribune about this story as Daric Rawr stated there would be.

  • mason

    the kid in the picture is NOT terrel williams its actually donny lumpkins who is alive well and very shaken up by his photo being bounced around the internet…you need to remove this pic

  • Jeffree

    If this story is really a hoax, I hope all the people involved with it get charged with every possible applicable pun.ishment…..

    If it’s true, then I offer sympathy to Williams’s family & friends.

  • tallskin2

    @Activists Need Your $upport – I’m with you 100%.

    I am so sick of followers of that wicked christian sky pixie death cult denying to the world that they have anything to do with hompohobia or that they have anything to do with gay teens committing suicide. Lying bastards.

    YOU christian filth bear a large part of the blame for the suicides because you have filled these poor kids heads up with guilt at being gay.

    The only way your vicious death cult can continue generation unto generation is to corrupt young kids. I wonder which is more evil the christian sexual kiddy fiddling or the corruption of the minds of kids, filling them with nonsense about an entity in the sky

    Now bring it on, you evil death cult bastards. Call me a bigot as well because I love it

  • Black Pegasus

    Well I’ll be damned! What the fuck is going on here!??

    Here is a video I found of the guy pictured in this story
    His name is Donny L. He’s obviously NOT the victim these hoaxters
    want him to be…SMH

  • JumpingUp

    Looks like this whole story was a hoax or a prank. Which is pretty un-funny because there are very real suicides out there as we know.

  • winson

    aww man, this is so wrong. teen suicides over issues like religion and sexual orientation is bad, but making a prank it? that is just over the top!

  • mr wigglesworth

    the person responsible for this whole situation is daric rawr (or whatever his name is). mark my words. carol williams does not exist. all of these people are daric rawr.

    to begin: he’s a stunt queen who writes stories about himself (posing as other people/journalists, of course) all over the net. he usually posts them on the “community” sections of reputable news sites to lend himself some credibility.

    see here:

    and here:

    BOTH written by the same person— holly swanson. who of course, doesn’t actually exist.

    in this laughable post, covering his collapse at his album release party ::CHORTLE:: he actually has a conversation with himself in the comments section while pretending to be yet another person, the writer of the post. hilarity ensues when the site admin calls him out:

    his inability to write coherently usually gives him away. in this case, its the juvenile use of commas where they don’t need to be that gives tips us off. one person with a singularly juvenile understanding of grammar has written all these posts.

    and its this pattern we see in his latest stunt. “carol” commits the exact same grammatical errors that “terrel” does in his suicide note. and so does daric. this one takes the cake as the saddest and most despicable.

    he invented himself a boyfriend, who he killed off. then blogged as said boyfriend’s mother. then made sure to direct folks to his twitter page, where they could “stay tuned” for a book that doesn’t exist and an album that will never materialize. because he just wanted to be noticed.

    look, some of us here have actually lost folks to suicide. this isn’t funny and its not a pedestal for attention. the sad part is, i wonder how much of terrel’s story is actually daric’s. how much he projected onto this saga as a way to exorcise his own demons. he may actually be 16– alone and trying to figure it all out and “salahi” his way into some relevance. at least i hope its something like that and he’s not sitting there cackling.

    in any case, he needs help.

  • Lefty

    I think the above post is correct.
    There’s even a piece I just read on another site “reporting” that people are “falsely accusing” Rawr of making this up – which finishes by claiming there has been a “sighting” of Rawr – from an old school friend – leaving the post office looking like he was “about to leave the country” (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist).
    Of course this whole thing is terrible and I don’t have any sympathy for someone who would do something like this, but one thing he has done – unintentionally, obviously – is highlight how quickly the media reports anything without checking it out first. Even something as serious as this is just spread around the internet before anyone bothers verifying the apparent facts of the story.
    Rather than demonising this kid – who obviously does need to reflect on what he’s done, instead of trying to continue the lie and dig his way out of it – I think just as much attention should be paid to how lax journalistic standards have become in the media in general.
    One quick google of “Daric Rawr” reveals enough to at least plant a seed of doubt in the mind of anyone who had bothered to check in the first place.
    This is a brilliant site and I read it every day, so I’m not attacking Queerty – the abyssmal Pink News in the UK is just a press-release printing outfit in comparison – this was reported everywhere before anyone it seems thought to check if it was true or not.

  • Zack Carbon

    I cannot help but find this article a bit funny. While I know the recent LGBT suicides are horrible and sad. I’ve actually known this “Daric Rawr” kid on a personal level. I used to talk to him on Twitter regularly. However, when I moved the conversation from Twitter, to Skype, a lot of the things he told me just seemed to be bullshit. I called him out on it, and just ended up blocking him so he could not contact me. I really wouldn’t put it past “Daric”, to pull something like this. He probably just wants to get his name out, and get publicity. It’s sick, wrong, and just sad, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if that was his only intension.

    Also, I say “Daric Rawr”, in quotes, because it’s obviously not his real name. At one point I had documentation that did have his real name, first and last on it. Unfortunately, I no longer have that. However, this may be just enough for me to dig around, and see if I can find it anyway.

  • Zack Carbon

    @Zack Carbon:

    Also, I’d like to mention that his Twitter account, “TheDaricRawr”, seems to no longer exist. He has either changed his Twitter name, or simply deleted his account.

  • Comixbear

    Oh, and another sign that this whole story is a fake…The article mentioned that ‘Terrel’ had suffered a gunshot wound on September 31st….There are only 30 days in September.

  • Zack Carbon

    He’s set up another Twitter account, or something. It looks like he’s just trying to spew more lies, and attempt to cover up his own ass.

  • Zack Carbon

    I would like to state that I’ve found what he has changed his account to. So, if you’d like to update it in the article, Daric’s Twitter can now be found at:

  • bystander

    So some psycho got bored of trolling the hookup sites with fake profiles and has graduated to planting fake news stories because he/she is a sad pathetic person? not all that surprising.

  • Tallest

    How did I not catch that about September. Anyway, this person is a deplorable human being and should be shot.

  • KCR

    How was this not fact-checked?

    Google “Daric Rawr” and every page has the most out-of-this-worldly fake “press releases” on D-list self-publish websites.

    Look at this:

    London’s Prestigious British Tabloid ” The Daily Beast” Report’s that The Superstar Had Gained A Grammy Nomination Back in 2000, For his Out Of Studio Single “Best Shot”. It Is Unconfirmed whether or not back then, Daric Rawr Was Known As Daric Rawr.

    Earlier This Year, Daric Also Snagged A Polutzer Prize Nomination, And Two More Latina Espanada Nomination’s. For Gaining His Polutzer Prize Nomination, The World Almanac Say’s ” This Now Make’s Daric Rawr, The Youngest Person In American History To Win Such a Nomination”.

    An Unofficial source conclude’s That The New Addition To The Outrageous Haus Of Rawr, Is One of the many Reason’s Daric Has Escalated To The New York Time’s Best Seller’s List Once Again, In a Recent Twitter Post Daric Tweeted ” Jordan Kay, May Just Retire Me At A Very Early Age”.

  • KCR

    Here he writes a news story about himself and the hoax suicide under the pen name Mark Truett:

    (His alleged books are conveniently out of print, and it’s clear that he cannot string a sentence together let alone a novel)

    By then, by now eyes across the nation have seen this name, after I, and a number of other people reported a suicide of Daric’s boyfriend Terrel Williams.

    Who is this kid? According to a comment left on an LGBT NATION report, “Daric claims to have written a book”. That same comment, sparked controversy on a wide range of media outlets whom have covered this story.

    A careful search of the name ‘Daric Rawr” via amazon, borders, barnes and noble, and a select number of book retailers a user will come to find out, the comment left on LGBT NATION proves to be falsely accusing Daric of not writing a book.

  • FagHag Mom

    I call the publisher listed on his Amazon books, he really has published two books, but they are not big sellers!! Further if you visit Amazon, The cover pictures of one of his books has the biggest typo on it, so this must not be a very good publisher!

    Daric lied to me and even sent me a fake suicide note from Terrel. I think he is one sick individual and should be prosecuted for this hoax!

  • faghagmom

    I thought you guys would want to know. Daric Rawr aka Derrick Goff is not 16, but 20 according to his publisher, Publish America. I have this phone call recorded, if you want to hear it.

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