SURPRISE! The Gays Are Being Blamed For Hurricane Isaac

Try not to die from shock after reading this, but some religious extremists are blaming the gays for Hurricane Isaac’s impending smackdown on New Orleans.

More specifically, Pastor John McTernan from Defend & Proclaim the Faith — which is just as terrifying as it sounds — is blaming Hurricane Isaac on New Orleans’ annual gay pride festival, Southern Decadence.

Often billed as the “Gay Mardi Gras,” Southern Decadence attracts over 110,000 guests a year and generates some $125 million in tourist revenue, making it one of the city’s top five tourist events. This year, however, the Decadence happens to fall in the path of Isaac and on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the area seven years ago. Predictably, McTernan is not taking the coincidence lightly, writing in his blog:

The church, city and nation have not repented and the homosexual agenda is far worse than it was in 2005. New Orleans is still hosting Southern Decadence with open homosexuality manifesting in the streets of the city. It could be that God is putting an end to this city and its wickedness. The timing of Hurricane Isaac with Southern Decadence is a sign that God’s patience with America’s sin is coming to an end.

What’s a sign that the gay community’s patience with loons who have no credibility besides a Bible and a disturbing amount of free time is at an end? How about just partying any gay old way? No matter wind, sleet or shade, the gays will have their Decadence and the event is still very much happening.

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  • Triple S

    Haha, that’s actually pretty hilarious to read

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    And here I thought God was sending a message to the Repugnantans by ruining their convention.

  • Neo

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: Don’t be silly, when the fundies have it happen to them it is a sign of change and things, when it just happens to coincide with something they don’t like then it is deserved.

    Shame a few of the fundies can’t be struck by lightning.

  • Westmercian

    Here in the UK we call such religious Fire and Brimstone type people “cranks” – they issue forth their ridiculous sermons without any kind of tangible, credible evidence of what they are ranting about.

  • Neo

    @Westmercian: In America those people are called the GOP, or Mormons, though they are one and the same.

  • brent

    There are all kinds of cranks who blame extreme weather on human behavior. You have preachers like Pat Robertson or the late Jerry Falwell. But then you have you’re liberal cranks like Al Gore who also blame human behavior. And don’t think he doesn’t.

  • cartoondude3535

    Only a Gay wizard could cause a big blow like that. Yep, we did it.

  • nwilsontaylor

    Brent, you used incorrect grammar! I’m only warning you because on another post I was excoriated for accidentially mispelling a word and don’t want you to receive the same nasty treatment. You should have said “your” instead of “you’re”…which is a contraction for “you are”.

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