Suspects Arrested After Carving Swastikas In, Cutting Ear Off Gay Man In Chile

Police in Santiago, Chile, have arrested four men suspected of brutally gay-bashing a young man earlier this month and leaving him in a coma, reports Edge on the Net.

We’re sadly used to reading about vicious attacks, but this one—which took place March 6 in Santiago’s Parque San Borja—is beyond the pale:

Prosecutors maintain that Raúl Alfonso López Fuentes, 25, Alejandro Axel Angulo Tapia, 26, Patricio Iván Ahumada Garay, 25, and Fabián Alexis Mora Mora, 19, brutally attacked Daniel Zamudio, 24, in Parque San Borja on March 6. The suspects allegedly struck Zamudio with bottles, rocks and other blunt objects before they cut off part of his ear, carved swastikas into his chest and burned other parts of his body with cigarettes.

The one bit of good news is that the attack on Zamudio (above) seems to have united much of Chile, including Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter, in calling for more legal protections for the LGBT community.

The foursome—who were arrested on March 9—reportedly called themselves “nazis del Centro” or “the Downtown Nazis.” Clearly they’re not up on the Fuhrer’s ideology or they’d know Nazis aren’t so big on Latinos in general.

Photo via Movilh Chile

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  • Jeremie

    That poor guy. The catholic church has played its role here too.

  • Belize

    Here’s to hoping that this boy survives this. And here’s to hoping that Chile’s protection of LGBT improves.

  • Troy

    So true. Nazis looked at Latinos as subhuman, and they in turn look like them on gays. I hope they get the chair!

  • Nick

    If they hated them so much, why did they all move there after the war?

  • MikenStL

    @Nick: So they weren’t executed for war crimes… Plus, you can look down on a group as less than you, but still not mind having them around as long as they are in “their place”.

  • blackhook

    @Jeremie: agreed Jeremie …the leaders of the Catholic Church need to be exposed for what they are …bigoted, hateful, closeted freaks. In fact, all Catholics & Christians share blame for what is going on in South America & in Africa – where Christian missionaries have gone to spread the ‘good news’; i.e., the hateful crap that comes straight from the bible.

  • Carlton W


  • Corey

    “Clearly they’re not up on the Fuhrer’s ideology or they’d know Nazis aren’t so big on Latinos in general.”

    Actually, a sizable number of Nazi fugitives fled to South America at the end of the war.

  • Amir

    “Clearly they’re not up on the Fuhrer’s ideology or they’d know Nazis aren’t so big on Latinos in general.”

    That’s not true at all… A lot (most/the original) Latinos are White and have ancestry in Southern Europe. Nazis Didn’t really hate anyone but Jews, Blacks, gays, and gypsys (did I miss anyone?).

    Poor guys, hope he makes a 100% percent recovery!

  • Tifanix

    Just so you know, these people are not “real nazis” or anything you could link with germany, they are more like the “American History X” movie kind of nazis, I mean, a bunch of idiots who think violence is the answer for everything and hate everyone whose not like them. ps: i’m chilean and live in Chile.

  • Stephen

    a lot of nazis moved to latin america. i live in Paraguay currently as a Peace Corps volunteer and there are a lot of German communities here. Some of these people are descendents of those nazis who sought refuge here in Latin America. They brought their hatefule ideology with them as they continue to devastate indigenous and black communities.

  • JayUVA

    As the war was ending, many Nazis were able to escape Germany and headed to Italy or Spain then continue on to their destination of South America, Argentina was one of the more popular destinations. Interestingly they were assisted by the Vatican providing false personal documents, and the Red Cross which was overwhelmed with relocating refugees post-WWII were instrumental in helping arrange travel plans for the fleeing Nazis.

    If they are able to convict the attackers, then even a short prison term should be enough to teach them to behave. The prisons in South and Central America are generally overcrowded, underfunded and few countries bother to even pretend to care very much about rehabilitation. And by ‘underfunded’ I mean that in some of the countries a prisoner’s family on the outside is expected to stop by to provide food. The only upside is that they aren’t as eager to incarcerate their citizens as the US tends to be which leads to mostly violent offenders being sentenced to prison. The average estimated survival rate is 50%.

  • 13Zeroither

    pretty much Nazi people hate anyone who isn’t white, straight, healthy (including mental illness), and whoever doesn’t share their religious beilefs

  • Tomás

    Hi, i’m from Chile, and I just wanted to clarify some things. First, while the 4 fuckers who attacked Daniel consider themselves as ‘neo-nazis’, more than the particular ideology they are just a bunch a low-lifes filled with hate with no one else to re-direct it to. Second, I’m very saddened to say that right know Daniel has been declared brain-dead and is expected to die within the next 48 hours. An Anti-discrimination law has been in the congress for the last 6 years, but I guess something like this has to happen for the government to do something. The Movilh, the biggest lgbt rights organization, proposed to call it ‘The Zamudio Law’. I always knew that a Mattew Shepard-like crime would eventually happen. I hope his death is not in vane.

  • Andres

    I am from Chile, and hearing this news today only made want to
    go back to my country and beat the shit out of these fuckers who did this. Maybe I am wrong,but people like these so call nazis are a bunch of retards.
    I don’t care if Zamudio is gay, I could care as much if he was straight, this is about a human if he is gay or not it does not matter, we as society need to get rid of people that r capable of killing others for no fucking reason, we do however have a reason to put in jail the responsible of this crimes for life, I hope they go to jail and get rape constantly!!!

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