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Swiss Air Lines Totally Didn’t Help Russia Detain Nikolai Alekseev Because He’s A Gay Activist

SWISS confirms that passenger Nikolai Alekseev was booked on flight LX 1337 of 15 September but did not board the flight. According to the information available to us, Mr. Alekseev was detained at the airport security checkpoint because of his non-compliance with the security provisions in force at Russian airports. As the airline on which Mr. Alekseev was booked to travel, SWISS and its personnel at Moscow Airport were only informed that Mr. Alekseev would be unable to board the flight. An airport’s security provisions are a sovereign matter for the relevant state and its national authorities, and are beyond an airline’s influence.

—Swiss International Air Lines, responding in a statement to leading Russian activist’s claims (and protests) the airline colluded with state officials to illegally kidnap and detain him.