buff bernie sandersAt last, your erotic dreams of Democratic presidential candidates has been brought to life.

Send your thanks (and your money) to Nicole Daddona, illustrator of the new coloring book Buff Bernie: A Coloring Book for Berniacs. The book features doodles of the democratic socialist in swoony muscle poses, grinning invitingly at the reader.

On one page, he’s standing on a craggy surface before the White House, which seems to have been transplanted to the cliffs of Ireland. On another, he’s squeezing his bulging biceps, twisting to the camera with what looks like a slightly concerned look on his face.

He’s also seen nude, mixing a bowl placed strategically over his lap. “I’m cooking up some tasty AF universal healthcare,” says the caption above his face, which seems to be bellowing at a volume generally unsuitable for kitchens.

For her part, Nicole has some lovely lofty goals with the book. “Politics can get so angry and heated,” she said. “They tend to separate people rather than bring them together. Coloring is something that everyone likes to do — regardless of your race, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. My hope is that this book makes people take a step back and not take things so seriously.”

Related titles on Amazon: a coloring book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg that looks pretty awesome. A Hillary coloring book in which she is wearing a lot of pantsuits. And also a coloring book of Grimm fairy tales featuring the characters in pornographic situations. Make of that what you will. Amazon’s algorithms may know more about us than we know about ourselves.

Of course, supporting Democrats in any way that you can is a nice thing to do and very important. But you know what’s even more important? Voting for them.

See more illustrations from Buff Bernie below.



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