Take Backs.

The Family Research Council honcho Peter Sprigg apologized today for saying that the government should export binational gay couples. Though he continues to oppose the Uniting American Families Act, Sprigg said “I used language that trivialized the seriousness of the issue and did not communicate respect for the essential dignity of every human being as a person created in the image of God. I apologize for speaking in a way that did not reflect the standards which the Family Research Council and I embrace.” [Good As You]

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  • ben

    Wow. That sounded almost compassionate. Now back it up.

  • Steve

    A wise rabbi used to teach: “Love your neighbor as yourself. This is the whole Torah. All the rest is commentary.”

    The so-called “Christian” conservatives often seem to have forgot that most basic command, and that lesson. They occasionally give some lip service to the idea that hated minority people are actually people. Then they go right back to their hateful ways.

    When the FRC starts teaching that gay people are people; that God made them gay, that every gay person is a member of a family, and that gay people should be loved, then we could consider forgiving them.

    As long as the FRC continues supporting policies that harm gay people, individually and as a group, any apology is just hollow words.

  • I'm So Sure, Helen

    I bet God’s image has got a much better complexion than Peter Sprigg has(is that his drag name?).

  • Alan down in Florida

    It’s like in court when the prosecutor says something outrageous that is sure to be ojected to and then promptly says withdrawn. Spew the poison and then simulate contrition. “Quelle BS.”

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