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  • Wordsmith

    Wait, you mean he isn’t just in touch with the feminine side of his personality? Who knew.

  • Pocket Otter

    Wait a sec—hand movements indicate sexuality? Who knew! I guess all my teachers were gay, huh? What’s next, hair color? Height? Gimme a break. Until Lautner tells you he is in fact homosexual, it’s only decent to assume he is what he says he is.

  • please

    @Pocket Otter: You should give us a break.


    it was mean to post such gif.

    And yes, a lot of gays have jazz hands and yes, you can often tell than someone
    is gay by their hand movements.

  • Way2Go

    why do you hate being gay so much?

  • Mattheq

    Oh dear. More speculation some could not care less about. Ricky Martin came out and CNN also reported the sky was blue. Same with Clay Aiken.

    Really, if they are…they are. If they’re not, so be it. If an “article” like this was meant to keep me up at night hoping that he’s gay, well…no.

  • Luke

    @geez: Any proof of that statement beyond the above GIF? There’s no actual evidence they’re lying.

  • Aki

    @geez: And how do you know that they’re lying about their sexuality? Have you specifically seen them with a man? Because that’s about all you can do to tell. There is no defining behavior that makes someone gay, and I wish that people would stop perpetuating stupid stereotypes. If you happen to move your hands like that then good: that’s what you do. Same if you happen to be a bit effeminate. That does NOT make you gay. Also, since when did the standard become that everyone deserves to be outed? Last time that I checked, Taylor Lautner has done absolutely nothing to disparage the gay community or impede our human rights. In fact, he’s an ally. So why do we or should we care about his sexuality?

  • heydrichmuller

    @Pocket Otter: Hear, hear

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @Aki: Well said, Aki. It’s no one’s business but Taylor’s and whomever he chooses to get down with.

  • Josh

    @Luke: What actually got me started thinking about it was when he did an interview with Oprah, and she asked him about his ideal lady and he went out of his way to answer the question in gender neutral pronouns.

    Is it good evidence? Of course not. But how many thousands of us found ourselves in that situation before we came out, and responded in the exact same way?

    And as much as they don’t prove anything…if he were a random Joe Schmo on the street, and you saw those hands, wouldn’t you be inclined to think homo?

  • Chadboy

    @GOD (gay old dude):


    Neil Patrick Harris, Clay Aiken, Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, Rosie O’Donnell, Portia Derossi, Ellen Degeneres, T.R. Knight, Chely Wright, John Amechi and the list goes on and on and on of people who said they were straight and they weren’t. That’s why you can’t believe them. Not to mention Anderson Cooper, Jodi Foster, Matt Boemer….

    It’s people like you that never come back and say “you were right. _______ is gay. You said it for years and it is true.”

  • Franco

    Oh Lord, get a life!

  • Jeff

    He’s got gay face, gay voice, and jazz hands. Let’s be real here there’s no way this guy is actually straight. Van Sant has processed more chicken than a Tyson plant!

    No Lautner is not my type but yes he does scream gay, not just here but in interviews when the topic of his sexuality comes up.

  • Daniel


    Those stereotypes exist for a reason. Of course they don’t *prove* someone is gay, but there *are* behaviors and mannerisms that, for whatever reason, are more common among gay men. People who claim otherwise are just denying the obvious.

    That being said, I think people are taking this way too seriously. It seemed clear to me that this was just meant to be a funny GIF to have a quick chuckle at. Sure, it’s a little mean, but being a celebrity means being a target of jokes and rumors. If Lautner has any sense of humor, I think he’d find this funny himself, whether or not he’s straight.

    Lastly, I agree that on a personal level we should respect someone’s stated orientation, but that doesn’t mean that there is no room or basis for idle speculation about celebrities. There is *plenty* of precedent for celebrities hiding their true orientations. Is it a waste of time? Sure. So is watching TV and playing Skyrim. If you don’t enjoy it, feel free to not participate.

  • mdthom

    Don’t know if he is gay or straight and frankly don’t care. But if you go by that clip his body language is diffently gay. Not only in the way he moves his hands but also his head.

  • Wordsmith

    @Hollywood Insert more outrage and further speculation!

  • Bryan

    I do think he’s gay, but he’s one of those actors whose career will be built on looks rather than talent, so he probably won’t be coming out anytime soon.

  • Bryan

    I do think he’s gay, but he’s one of those actors whose career will be built on looks rather than talent, so he probably won’t be coming out anytime soon.

    And using that gif as proof, though jokingly is silly.

  • Marcus

    @Luke: There’s no evidence they’re telling the truth, either.

    It’s kind of funny, I remember having the same discourse in regards to Zachary Quinto and when he came out, the same folks had nothing else to say.

  • Franco

    I’m often shocked by how insensitive gay men are. They appear to forget how difficult and embarrassing it was for them when people questioned their sexuality before they have fully come to terms with it themselves. If he is gay, leave him alone. Let him figure it out for himself and come out when he’s good and ready.

  • Franco

    I’m often shocked by how insensitive gay men are. They appear to forget how difficult and embarrassing it was for them when people questioned their sexuality before they had fully come to terms with it themselves. If he is gay, leave him alone. Let him figure it out for himself and come out when he’s good and ready.

  • CJustSickening

    This is the interview the gif originated it from.

    And the gif is taken from 3:42.

    I think the entire interview is ‘suspect’ worthy. Hahahaha.

  • MKe

    I’ve seen straight guys have effeminate qualities, and I have masculine qualities despite being gay. I think he’s probly straight although I have noticed he’s VERY into himself lately. Which I suppose is fair because I think he’s hotter than RPatz, who isn’t the working the whole ‘havn’t showered in a week’ look.

  • JayKay

    Talking with your hands makes you gay? Guess I’ve got some interesting news for the Italians.

  • Daniel


    Do you go out of your way to misinterpret things, or are you really that bad at reading comprehension? It’s not just that he talked with his hands, it’s the specific things he did with them that seem stereotypically gay.

  • Jonathonz

    He just seems like a modern, young guy that’s been influenced by metrosexuality. That .gif doesn’t persuade me one way or the other about his sexuality.

  • DenverBarbie

    Goddamn, look at that baby face! He is just as precious as they make them!

    In other news, it is now semi-confirmed that Lautner -will- be in Gus Van Sant’s next project. Rumor has it that the flick was inspired by this New York Magazine article…

    Taylor Lautner in (glammier) Naked Kombat, anyone?

  • JayKay

    Also it’s funny how determining a person’s gender based on their genitals is WRONG and OPPRESSIVE, but we can confirm whether or not Taylor Lautner is sexually attracted to men based on nothing more than hand movements.

  • tj

    This man is gay. I don’t see why people have a problem pointing that out. Lord knows I don’t. Never underestimate the older gay communities depressingly self effacing rush to defend a relatively attractive sexually confused young closet case though its like a sexually predatory instinct with some of you.

  • KJ

    @Franco: Exactly! Isn’t Lautner 19? If he’s gay, he’ll come to peace with that at the time that is right for him. I know for myself it wasn’t at 19. IMHO, his sexuality is his business unless he makes it the business of others.

  • Paul F

    It’s one hand that’s moving (the left) and the other is firmly imobilized under his leg. Using all the above arguments, he’s Bisexual, not gay.

  • shelly

    this is too hilarious

    besides so what if he really turns out to be gay (which I think he is)

  • Chris

    Reinforcing stereotypes is fun!

  • Franco

    Queerty, you’re very much a bully, aren’t you?

  • KT

    I agree with the others. This is how bullies made our lives terrible as children, and we ALL Know that “limp wrists” or “jazz hands” don’t mean anything. Why is this even a featured story?

  • Tyler

    That doesn’t make him gay. If he’s seen with a gay around town making out, then he’s gay.

  • Scott

    It’s not just the hands, it’s also the head tilt with chin jut. However if he was raised outside of the U.S. body language means nothing. When I first went to Europe I thought all the men were gay and I’d died and gone to heaven. I finally realized they were raised differently and don’t have the fear that U.S. men have.

  • tim

    Yes I agree with you 110%. I travel to Europe a lot and even have relatives there and the men there are more open. Here in America, men tend to be very insecure and afraid. The U.S. seems so much like a third world country when it comes to stuff like this. its weird.

  • brian


    “Van Sant has processed more chicken than a Tyson plant!”


  • ronnie n la

    Why do we constantly second guess about celebrities sexuality. I know we need gay Idols but I cant stand when a group of queens start crackling like a bunch of hens about which singer or actor is gay because he has a bit of a swish in there step.UGHH who cares.

  • Dust

    You all got it wrong! Rather than attacking each other or someone’s sexuality, what we should be attacking is the value (or devalue) that society (and people) place on being gay. Closeted or not, gay or straight, whatever, if people didn’t perpetuate such opinions and/or negative values on what it means to be gay in today’s society, this article really wouldn’t be an issue.

    I get that we live in a society with current values and opinions, but it isn’t’s changed and it continues to change. What you all choose to do while living within this society plays a role. And FYI, calling out other gays for “outing” or being “insensitive” isn’t challenging the necessity of the “closet” and in fact, condones those very negative opinions of us to begin with.

  • tookietookie

    Very gay.

  • Danny

    @Daniel (#17) – totally agree with your post.

    Those of you that insist it is wrong to gossip and speculate about it are (unintentionally) using the premise that gay = bad, so it’s bad to speculate that someone might be gay! Because gay is bad! So shame on anyone who does that!

    Yes, many of us had it rough being closeted as youngsters, and should be entitled to come out on our own terms, but if we continue to reinforce the gay=bad crap, then we’re making little progress in our cause.

    Side note: Anyone who continues to insist Lautner is straight after seeing the two youtube links posted here has zero gaydar. Boy is gay as the day is long – and I love him for it! Because gay is good. And I will allow him to publicly “come out” on his own terms, but I won’t be shamed for speculating about it on a gossip website. Gay=good, so how can it be a bad thing for me to say that he is gay? If I happen to be mistaken about it (and I’m quite sure at this point that I’m not), then oh well, no harm done. Anyone who thinks harm is done is perpetuating gay=bad and I will disagree forever.

  • Dust


    yup my sentiments exactly (post 46)

  • Mario

    @GOD (gay old dude): Mmmmmm, Ricky Martin?

    Gay is the new Denim, or black. So get with it folks. :)

  • chuck

    When I first met one of of my college friends, I swore he was a friend of Dorothy’s: speech, style of dressings, even his hand gestures. Quickly found out he had more het notches on his bedpost than anyone else. Maybe it was his way of convincing his many girls that he was no threat.

  • josh

    Am I the only one who wants to eat his ass then pound the shit out of him and then impregnate him with my seed??

    just wonderin

  • manho69

    oh he is most definitely GAY. He moves his neck and hands wayyyyyyy tooo much (even for gays).

  • Ryan

    @Daniel Villarreal

    Wow you’re an assholes for giving him a hard time like that, even if he is it doesn’t justifie making fun of his mannerisms. How sad that he can’t depend on an older gay guy not being a pathetically insecure cunt at his expense…no wonder he doesn’t want to come out for your sorry ass.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @JayKay: How come there are so few of us on this website with even a shred of common sense and decency toward a man’s private life?

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @Ryan: Good for you.

  • B

    No. 56 · GOD (gay old dude) wrote, “@JayKay: How come there are so few of us on this website with even a shred of common sense and decency toward a man’s private life?”

    Because after someone tells the guys lacking a shred of common sense and decency to cool it, repeating the same request on multiple threads, most will simply give up on the grounds that educating such people is a hopeless task.

  • Bec

    how about y’all just leave the kid alone , he has a right to privacy like anyone else , his orientation is HIS business , and no one else’s . if he says he’s hetero’ then leave it alone. if he later comes out as gay , leave him alone then too. I am sick and tired of seeing all the the b.s. on other peoples sexual orientation , like we as the public or fans of people in the media are entitled to know . no we’re not . so instead debasing and forcing someone out , maybe respect the rights to privacy of others. instead of acting like immature asshats .

  • chink change

    This is terrible. Let’s not dig into the man’s personal background.

  • stevoj

    lmao i could care less about his sexuality… but i bet those hands have read a bitch or two

  • soakman

    ….Or…maybe he’s just Italian?

  • Dunkel

    If he came out, Hollywood would stop hiring him to do to any more of those teen heartthrobs flicks or action movies(yes, he’s in one). I wish Taylor Lautner was like Haley Joel Osment but unfortunately, he won’t pick up anything else outside his obvious genre. Having said that, is he gay? Probably. Does he need to come out now? Let’s let him decide. All Taylor Lautner knows is that he has a huge female fan base and that’s getting him hired. He finally broke into the scene. If he wants to lie to people to be able to continue to what he loves to do, then let’s let him. If he’s indeed straight, then my god, he must be a skilled and crafty charmer who wants to fool some gays into his fan base by giving off subtle gay signals(apparently only gays can recognize these signals).

  • cj

    I find it as distasteful to accuse people of being gay who aren’t as I do people being too cowardly to not come out when they are, in fact, gay. It is not for us to pressure people like Lautner or Tom Cruise to be gay when they’re not. Just because you WANT someone to play on your team doesn’t mean they do. It’s selfish and cruel to do that to them. Let people be themsevles, accept their own self definition, and encourage them to enjoy life.

  • macmantoo

    I guess some casting director knows for sure if he’s gay or not. Some where along the way he’s performed for someone. From what I read lately that’s the norm. He’s been in the business for a few years. Supposly the cast of one his movies were sexually molested.

  • Denise Kelly

    It’s rather she-wolfishly suggestive about the other boyz in the wolfpack if you ask me, my dear. Those wolf-boyz in the woods (filmed here in the Northwest down by Portland) living together in some shack by the ocean getting it on without kunts, well… That certainly would be a nice Twilight sequel in my little book, maybe, kinda. :-)

  • Me


    but i bet those hands have read a bitch or two

    It was worth reading through all these comment,s just to read this. I actually laughed out loud 8^)

  • ixy

    Gurl gots some LaKeisha in huh neck swerve too, mmmm hmmm.

  • ixy

    Gurl gots some LaKeisha in huh neck swerve too, mmmm hmmm. You might *think* it’s the hand, but it’s rilly the LaKeisha that done told on hurr.

  • George412


    He is 19 in 2012 and been a Hollywood star for a few years. He isn’t 19 in 2001, 1991, 1981, etc. You forget how much easier it is for gays to come out today compared to in the past. Not to mention he is in Homowood. What 19 year old doesn’t know what they want? I was 19 in 1991 when there wasn’t the internet, no REAL WORLD, WILL & GRACE, out gay celebs, politicians. Lautner doesn’t have it as difficult as many of you make it sound.

  • jkb

    Who cares if he is? Who cares if he’s not? Who cares if Queerty says he is? Who cares? Who cares? Who cares?

    Sometimes I wish I could care about these things!

  • Dave

    1. Why in the fuck is a blog like Queerty promulgating cheesy-ass gay stereotypes????? This reads as though Mr. Villarreal called up Michele Bachmann and her ex-gay husband for their advice on how to identify sissy gay boys.

    2. Why should anyone give a fuck if he’s gay? More to the point: Why would a fucking gay blog pick on him because he is??

    3. If this were a paper tabloid instead of a web publication, I wouldn’t be surprised if your LGBT readers tore this sheet out, used it to wipe their asses after eating Tex-Mex, and sent it back to you in the mail. And I’m not so sure you wouldn’t deserve it.

  • Michael

    Though how badly I want him to come out as gay or bisexual it will probably never happen he needs to figure things out himself and tell the world when he is ready not have people spectulate whether he is gay or bisexual though throughout many interviews and web clips he does seem to be gay or bisexual though us as a community need to give him time for him to figure himself out in his own time.. I personally love him no matter what sexuality he is

  • Arden

    How completely disrespectful of the author, to write such an anti-gay slur!!

    “Who needs sign language when you’ve got waaay sassy she-wolf jazz hands like HERS?”

    Wrong, very wrong!!

  • Denise Kelly

    Get ready for Taylor Lautner, independent film star. The Twilight actor, fresh from the disappointing performance of September’s action thriller Abduction, is about to move into arthouse territory. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Lautner is finalizing a deal to team with auteur director Gus Van Sant (Milk, Drugstore Cowboy) on a small-budget film based on a nonfiction article in The New Yorker magazine that Lautner has optioned.

  • Seley

    I love fried chicken, grape soda, koolaid, I love hip hop, and can sing and dance. That MUST mean I’m black. I mean all the stereotypes point to it. Who cares If I say I’m not… I must be… everything indicates so…

  • geoff

    @ixy: Illiteracy is a terrible thing to waste

  • Fred

    Gays attacking gays… – you guys suck!

  • YouKnowIt!

    Here we go again! Good lord, when are we going to start practicing the things we preach? But, I have to admit: that was pretty gay lol.

  • Manny

    @Pocket Otter:
    You deserve a medal for common sense, something the internet is severely lacking. Thank you.

  • Rob

    @Pocket Otter: It may be exciting to the gaymunity to suppose that we have yet another celebrity to call one of our own, but Pocket Otter is right on. Having come out 8 years ago, I know plenty of str8 men with hand gestures that may bring their sexuality into question by this gay standard. but, I also know many men in the gay community who do not flail about and use jazz hands. Would that make them less gay? I like who I am as a gay man but I chose not to flail with my hands and I choose to let the “proof be in the pudding”. Common Sense and respect is not so common in our community. Pocket Otter here is a nice voice of reason. Thank you for your balanced look and how about you give Taylor the benefit of the doubt. Just say’n!!

  • What?

    It’s a shame when gay men are actually offended by anyone questioning if another person is gay like it’s an insult.

    Any of you against this article actually thinking before you type? What are you so offended by?

    If the article was about his real hair color or a secret affair while married would you be throwing bitch fits?

    You’ve let homophobes convince you that being gay is wrong. Being in the closet is not new, closeted celebs are not new, speculation about sexuality is not new. Sit down and stop trying to defend his masculinity by proving he’s not gay because you’re only insulting yourselves.

  • B

    No. 85 · What? “It’s a shame when gay men are actually offended by anyone questioning if another person is gay like it’s an insult.”

    Rather, the suggestion is merely that people mind their own business.

    One time some years ago, I was going to see a film, I think with Debbie Reynolds
    there in person, at the Castro Theater and had arrived early (parking being an
    issue). I was walking around and a presumably straight couple (man and woman)
    demanded to know where my wife was. Then they wanted to know if I was gay.

    I ignored them. The questions were rude – you don’t demand information about
    spouses, marital status, or sexual orientation from complete strangers, whether
    you think they might be gay or straight. Second, this was on a Friday evening
    in the middle of the Castro. As they say, “do the math.”

  • Dave

    @What?: Are YOU actually READING before you type? I don’t see anyone offended by the idea that Lautner might be gay. Instead, I see people suggesting that he be taken at his word rather than gossiped about, and people (like me) who are annoyed at the mindless stereotyping of gays implied by the idea that “jazz hands” means a guy is gay.

  • Luckychico

    It’s not his hand movement it’s Also his head movement and body language

  • Dave

    @Luckychico: As far as I’m concerned, the man’s mom could be standing behind him mouthing “Taylor is gay!”. The pertinent question would still be “Who’s fucking business is it to be gossiping about such a thing??”

    Why is it important to guess the orientation of someone you don’t actually know anyway? I thought we were supposed to be past the point where sirens and strobe lights go off when someone is, or might be, gay…

  • AedanRoberts

    While I do openly admit that this GIF showed mannerisms that I’ve only EVER seen gay men use it means very little.

    Frankly he could be gay. He could also be straight. There are TONS of gay men who don’t make those gestures. So it’s safe to assume that there must be SOME straight men who do.

    When it comes down to it his sexuality has absolutely no impact whatsoever on me. And until I find him naked, prostrate in my bed I doubt it ever will.

  • NoBullying

    It gets better?
    This seems like the kind of sexuality taunting we decry.

  • luckybulldog

    @GOD I have a close friend that knows Tom Cruise personally. And knows Tom Cruise has had the same male love for many years now. He knows both them and has been to their home.

  • Dave

    @luckybulldog: You’re missing the whole point. The point actually has nothing to do with whether you “know” Tom Cruise is gay; it really wouldn’t matter if you had Tom Cruise’s sworn word that he is in fact gay, together with high-definition close up footage of him having sex with a dude. The real point is this: So fucking what, and why do you care?

  • DT

    Lautner is notoriously a gay bar visitor, and a friend of mine actually dated him before he hit Twilight. So yes, he is gay. As is Anderson Cooper. Woop-dee-doo.

  • FD

    I’m 100% percent positive Taylor is straight. Yeah, sometimes he can act quite feminine at times (like that .gif), but being a fan of his for a very long time, I’ve noticed that he has a lot of female friends and their female ways probably rubbed off on him.
    Now I know you all are going to think that hanging out with girls is gay, but trust me, I have plenty of guy friends that hang out with girls, have this feminine way about them, but are straight.

  • margeaux

    @GOD (gay old dude): UMMM you need to rethink your defense of Tom Cruise I live and work in LA and in the industry and so do a lot of people and its so out about him here that to even try to defend him will get you nothing in LA but an eye roll. If he’s rumored tot be gay at this level then Taylor Lautner is gay trust me. Its out

  • margeaux

    @GOD (gay old dude): UMMM you need to rethink your defense of Tom Cruise I live and work in LA and in the industry and so do a lot of people and its so out about him here that to even try to defend him will get you nothing in LA but an eye roll. If he’s rumored to be gay at this level then Taylor Lautner is gay trust me. Its out

  • Tommy Shepherd

    Another spiteful Queerty story.

  • jjb

    “image via feast of fun”… take this all with a grain of salt. it’s teasing. and i’m sorry, no, i don’t feel bad about teasing superstar taylor lautner. i think he can handle it.

  • meego

    The dead giveaway for me was when he was on Oprah and she asked him about his ideal date. Taylor said, “This would have to be a girl, right?”

    That says it all!

    What is really hilarious in threads like these are all the rabid fangirls and undercover PR people who rush to his defense claiming he can’t be anything but straight. Anyone who has ever worked in the biz knows full well that approximately 75% of working actors are either gay or bisexual.

  • kawneekwa

    Danielle gurl, even straight guys throw a little jazz hand, specially after hangin’ with yo’ bunch all year. But don’t plan on gettin’ wit him. Oh you do. oh yes you do, i no dat.

  • Brian

    @Paul F: LOL

  • meego

    @What?: Amen to that! You hit the nail on the head!

  • Michael

    He brought his boyfriend to the People’s Choice Awards 2 or 3 years ago. It was the same night Hugh Jackman brought his.

  • ousslander

    @Danny: It’s no the speculation about his sexuality. It’s the use of stereotypes used to determine his sexuality. As in all gays talk with their hands, swish when they walk,are limp wristed, like little boys and are promiscuous.

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    If People Magazine had published this exact post on their website, we would be reading a post by Villarreal about how amazingly homophobic People is, and commenters would be calling for a boycott.

  • Danny

    To all of you that are bitching at this website for running this post, I have a question for you: you probably know what this site is all about, and if you’re so put out by what they are posting, why do you continue to visit? And why spend further amounts of time posting in protest? Why not just move on to the next website that makes you more comfortable?

    Queerty has every right to post whatever they want as long as its not defamatory. And guess what… the courts have decided that the mere suggestion that somebody might be gay… is not defamatory! Because there is nothing wrong with it.

    As far as defending Taylor’s right to privacy – hey, guess what? He made the conscious decision to become a public figure. Like it or not, that automatically means he gives up some of his rights to privacy. And there is nothing wrong with that – nobody put a gun to his head and said “you must do the twilight movies”.

  • Cam

    @GOD (gay old dude): said…

    “Jesus Christ, why can’t the gay community take someone at his word when he says he’s straight? For decades we’ve been insisting Tom Cruise come out of the closet—despite his many, many relationships/marriages to women.”

    Funny how you didn’t bring up Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken, LAnce Bass, Neil Patrick Harries, Ellen De Generous, Rosie O’Donnell, Elton John, Kristina Lokken, and all the OTHER people who at first said they weren’t gay only to come out later.

  • Danny


    In response to your comment about stereotypes, please go back and re-read post #17 – Daniel said it better than I could.

  • Matty

    Oooooh, she is waaaaay cunty, honey. Miss thang has some attitude.

  • Cam

    Oh, and I bitch about some of the articles on here once in a while.

    But I have to say that this one was hilarious. Just the right amount of snark. LOL

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @Cam: Sorry, I just didn’t have the time to list all of the gay celebrities who lied their way to success before they deemed it appropriate to spill their secret. These people are not role models, they’re closet cases who were mostly outed by the press. And even that was wrong—even celebrities have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

  • Jice

    As an expect in this area, I can confirm those are definitely gay hands, arms, shoulder movements, head snap, and a gay face all adorned in trendy gay garb. But for all we know, this is cut from a scene in his next movie. Don’t be throwing Launter shade… Bitch just trying to get paid. Gay media won’t rest until one of these fragile celebrities blows their own brains out… At least that’s how I hope that raspy-voiced scat fetishist Shepard Smith does it.

  • The Gays will make it Bachman2012 (John from England)

    @GOD (gay old dude):

    But Cam still rightly contradicts your statement mentioning poor Tom ‘the rent boy who spoke about sleeping with me mysteriously died the next day’ Cruise as a victim of the nasty media and their lies!!!

    If you don’t like it mate, why don’t you become a doctor or a nurse at a Hospice? Not a celeb who makes 10 million a movie?

  • Kyle

    His hands are UH-MAZING. He’s absolutely gay.

  • mattsy

    How sad that in 2011 a young actor like TL can’t come out in Hollywood, or the world at large. Can’t blame commenters on calling him out. Its obvious he’s gay. And I guess we’re tired of the YEP I’M GAY magazine cover 10+ years after they’ve made it and finally come out. AMEN? or AMEN!!

  • meego

    @mattsy: Exactly. Many, many celebrities came out after the bulk of their careers were over and they had already made their money. Nothing heroic about that.

  • ron

    so what if he’s gay!!

    besides I think his terrible acting skills will destroy his career not whether he is gay or not.

  • funk

    sorry peeps that hand gesture at the end where he closes his fingers on his thumb… so a gay gesture

  • Franco

    I would like everyone to take a step back and remember a time when they were young and closeted. Now think how you would feel if a blog was questioning your sexuality publicly, for all the world to see, before you were able to come to terms with it. You would have been rather embarrassed, no? It sounds like bullying doesn’t it? Shame on Queerty.

  • Franco

    If this community can’t have empathy and compassion for its youth, then we’re doomed for failure.

  • Dave

    @Franco: Shame on every shallow cunt here who feels the need to evaluate his hand gestures, pass judgment on his orientation, tell everyone how they “know” somebody who knows somebody who’s dished all the latest about this or that actor. I’m not sure what’s worse at this point: Queerty’s mean-spirited tabloid shit-stirring, or the seeming majority of its commenter’s seriously fucking disgusting and petty concern for the private lives of people they don’t even fucking know.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Chadboy: Well, Chad, have you always been out all the time to all people? When you first thought you might be gay, did you start telling everyone, every single person including your parents, grandparents, siblings, school mates, teachers, every single person involved in your life, did you tell them you were gay? Oh, and saying, well they didn’t ask does not count. If they asked, “who is the girl in your life” and you replied “I’m not dating” but did not add “because I’m into guys” then you lied too, a lie of omission.

    Its his life to live his way. I’ll take him at his word that he is not gay. If, lets say, in a decade from now he tells us he is gay, I’ll take him at his word then too. My hubby of 26 years didn’t understand his sexuality until 21/22 years old (fortunately he knew he was a homo by the time we met at 26). Lautner is 18; he has plenty of time to figure out life, gay or straight or still trying to figure it out.

  • jason

    How do you know he’s not bi? Why does every man have to be put into your gay or straight slots? Are you so desperate for categories? Have you not got better things to do in your sad lives? Why do you need to validate your own inadequacies by recruiting people to the gay brand?

  • Franco

    @Dave: Thanks Dave but I think your argument is best served without calling people the C word and lacing each sentence with the F word!!! Raise the level of discourse, don’t lower to Queerty’s standards.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @George412: Oh poor you, having to tough when others, today, have it so easily. SNARK INTENDED.

    I came out at 19 in 1980. And I slept with plenty of guys who came out at 19 in 1970ish and 1960ish. I don’t care whether or not I had it easier than them, and they never cared about it either. We all have our own paths of life to live. It is making the most of what we have, not that others have it easier.

    Lautner’s life is not your life; you had a tough time coping, why would you deny anyone else their own methods of coping. Should Lautner later learn that he might be gay, I hope he has the friends and family to support him.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Danny: Because there are many posts we do like and we do want to contribute to making the gay community a better community for ourselves and our families.

    Trashy assholey posts like this one is no different than high-school bullying. We want the right to live our lives our way and then go deny the same to some kid simply because he is way sexy and a movie star? Well that is fucked up; he deserves the very same rights to pursue his happiness as every gay teen.

    Don’t be such an enabling shit to this hypocrisy.

  • Mel Gibson

    @Dave: Dave, enough with your homophobic tirade. He’s gay. Deal with it.

  • Mac

    I find this article to be an insult. I don’t have any hand movements such as that. Does that mean that I’m straight? Seriously, why should we even care what some actor’s sexuality is? We aren’t getting them. They’re going to date someone way richer and more famous than us commoners. All we’re doing is making the Christians who say we recruit sound correct.

  • Mel Gibson

    @Franco: I was never closeted. I can’t relate to the closet. I can show empathy, but understanding is a tough one. Lots of gay men, myself included, came out despite harsh circumstances. We don’t seek gold medals because that’s what you’re supposed to do, come out.

  • hoganbcmj

    Well, you gotta admit the hands gestures coupled with the head bobbing and gossipy facial expressions do look extremely “gay,” but I agree that people should be taken at their word out of respect. It’s a person’s right to be out or closeted as they choose. It’s not for us to force anyone to admit any truth they are not ready or don’t want to admit to. Whether he’s straight or closeted, it’s really none of our business and we should give him the courtesy of respecting his word. Just because we suspect someone is lying doesn’t give us the right to claim that they are. I sure hope he is, though.

  • Mel Gibson

    @Mac: It’s only insulting to gay men with issues towards homosexuality, and who can’t cope with their homosexuality.

  • Dave

    @Mel Gibson: He could be super-duper-gay and it wouldn’t bother me. The point is I don’t care–and neither should you. You response implies nothing more than the most simple-minded understanding of what I’ve written to this point, however, so I’m not expecting any big gains here.

  • Dave

    @Franco: I see your point, but I’m not in that mood right now. Besides, as someone with both long experience in the offshore oil industry and many years of graduate school that came after that, I’ve learned to question the notion that genteel language is always the best way to achieve one’s goal. There are plenty of times and places these days in which gentlemanly discourse is seen as tedious and boring rather than learned and rational.

  • Dave

    @Mel Gibson: “It’s only insulting to gay men with issues towards homosexuality, and who can’t cope with their homosexuality.”

    A great example of the simpleness I mentioned earlier. Please do try to keep up with the conversation thus far: The gay world is quite a bit larger than the subset of men who gesture the way Lautner does in the gif above. The insult that Mac mentioned does not originate in the belief that there’s something wrong with being gay and effeminate; it originates in the stereotyping of gay men as effeminate men who talk with exaggerated hand gestures, and in the patently untrue assumption that all men who use such hand gestures must be gay.

  • Franco

    @Dave: Fair enough Dave.

  • Shellby

    Okay, first of all, just because someone uses their hands like that doesn’t mean they’re gay. What was he saying at the time? If it was sarcastic, or something like that? I don’t think that something like this should be started just because of someone’s hand gestures. You can’t just jump on someone like that and say “oo! he’s gay! he’s gay!” just because you want him to be, or something like that. Why don’t we see how he identifies and leave him alone?

    Not to mention, even if he is gay, who cares? Why is it that we have to force it out of every LGBT celebrity, sometimes without them wanting to, and if someone isn’t coming out, then we have to make something up. Hurry! No one has come out in a while! Say Taylor Lautner is gay because of his hand gestures. Come on guys. Stop worrying about this and start worrying about things that actually matter. xoxo <3

    I wasn't aware everyone had to be gay once they started acting like the stereotypical homosexual.
    (I'm gay too btw)

  • Shellby

    Okay, first of all, just because someone uses their hands like that doesn’t mean they’re gay. What was he saying at the time? If it was sarcastic, or something like that? I don’t think that something like this should be started just because of someone’s hand gestures. You can’t just jump on someone like that and say “oo! he’s gay! he’s gay!” just because you want him to be, or something like that. Why don’t we see how he identifies and leave him alone?

    Not to mention, even if he is gay, who cares? Why is it that we have to force it out of every LGBT celebrity, sometimes without them wanting to, and if someone isn’t coming out, then we have to make something up. Hurry! No one has come out in a while! Say Taylor Lautner is gay because of his hand gestures. Come on guys. Stop worrying about this and start worrying about things that actually matter, like happiness! xoxo

    I wasn’t aware everyone had to be gay once they started acting like the stereotypical homosexual.
    (I’m gay too btw)

  • Meg

    …Anybody consider yet that maybe this was just meant for laughs?

  • Beatific

    GOSH!! This is such bullshit!! I personally don’t believe it and for God’s sake just leave him alone!

  • Shellby

    Gah, sorry for the double post. My computer spazzled. :)

    (And when I said gay I meant bi)

  • Mel Gibson

    @Dave: Dave, you talk about simpleness and you’re having a serious debate over hand gestures relating to homosexuality from an article meant to be funny? Maybe you should include yourself in that simpleness because certainly a man of intellect should know better.

  • Madison Winters

    @Luke: He dated Taylor Swift, I think that is proof enough. She looks like an ugly drag queen!!!

  • Dave

    @Meg: I did consider that, but my sense of humor has not been installed yet so I really couldn’t say for sure. In any case, at this point it looks as if Queerty readers can be divided into to groups: Those who are consumed–utterly obsessed–with celebrities and knowing who is gay, who is not, calling out anyone who might be closeted, and who believe that they have every right to know and talk about the facts of someone else’s private life; and those who don’t care about the private lives of others and/or believe that they don’t have the right to know or be interested in such facts.

    I fall squarely into the latter group and I’m quite happy about that fact. It’s nice to know you’re superior for once, even if it’s only superior by comparison to a bunch of petty, banal, shallow, gossiping queens.

  • Mel Gibson

    @Beatific: I agree, his hand gestures do not quantify him as one of those filthy, disgusting homosexuals. Right?

  • Dave

    @Mel Gibson: Addressing the points I made would have been far more convincing than trying to change the subject.

  • Mel Gibson

    @Dave: Dave, why is a brilliant genius like yourself on a gossip website? Shouldn’t you be at

  • oy vey

    It’s so sad that this article gets 140+ comments..

  • Mel Gibson

    @Dave: Dave, bright men don’t argue.

  • Kyle

    @Dave: Dave is a genius on website where the average IQ is 90.

  • Mel Gibson

    …and he argues with “Mel Gibson”. ;)

  • Dave

    @Mel Gibson: Never claimed to be especially smart, but you are most definitely hurting my feelings terribly by continuously proclaiming that I am. I’ll graciously ignore your other god-awful attempts at expressing your hurt feelings and deflecting attention away from your tellingly defensive statements about effeminate gay men, except to point out that so far you’ve used both “simple” and “quantify” incorrectly, and that Queerty is a lifestyle and news blog, not a gossip site. Taken together with your defensive misinterpretation of others’ comments across several comment boards on this site, I’m beginning to understand why you mouth off when you think someone’s smarter than you are.

  • Kyle

    I love Mel Gibson.

  • Dave

    @Kyle: Assuming you’re the same Kyle, you also liked my comment about giving Nazi-like parasites something to be really be afraid of rather than trying to defeat their hatred with pathos-heavy ad campaigns. It’s okay though–you can like Mel Gibson too. :-) I guess I’m kind of naive to expect anything other than what has popped up on this board; after all, my copy of the Righteous Queer Handbook (evidently the same book Mel gets his ideas from) states clearly that in addition to all gays being swishy jazz-handing closet cases, they’re also WAY into petty gossip, backstabbing, and home decorating. Looks like I need to significantly narrow my own definition of what a gay man can be to get along at Queerty. Knowing me though, I wouldn’t wait around for that to happen.

  • Cam

    @GOD (gay old dude): said…

    ” And even that was wrong—even celebrities have a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

    Only if you compare being gay to a dirty secret or something aking to “They like to get peed on.

    The fact of the matter is, that celebs willingly give up much of their privacy. To publicize their movies they are required to go on talk shows, talk about their dating lives, their sex lives etc…. Funny how it’s ONLY when it comes to whether or not they are gay, that everybody screams about them needing privacy.

  • Brian

    Really?!? Does he listen to Cher and like rainbows, too? Lots of people talk with their hands. I don’t understand the need to “out” or speculate on this poor kids sexuality. If he says he’s straight, take him at his word.

  • Alan Brickman

    Save your gay hate for morning goods….

  • Joe

    @GOD (gay old dude): “Gay Community” LOL! Like we all get together and decide on anything whatsoever! LOL! So, you’re saying that because a gay blogger or two (or 50) say something that they speak for the whole “Gay Community.” So, thinking this way, since I’m Puerto Rican, whatever I say can then be construed to represent the entire country??? I am so totally way-tired of one person’s comments being representative of any group of people. This is like saying that the “Christians” who protest at soldiers’ funerals represent “all Christians.” Well, that’s my two cents. Have a great Holiday Season. ;-)

  • Dave

    @Cam: I certainly wouldn’t try to speak for anyone else but I can tell you that this is true for me: I absolutely believe that celebrities have a right to be private about their orientation. As a very out gay man, I assure that I don’t believe this because I think that being gay is shameful, or because I think it’s alright for others to think of being gay as a “dirty secret”. To me, it’s very simple: I don’t know celebrities personally, and just like anyone else I can’t pretend to know their motivations for revealing or hiding their orientation.

    I see my viewpoint on this as perfect consistent with my viewpoint on celebrities in general: I don’t watch TMZ or read People or tabloid magazines because I am genuinely not interested in anything that they could possibly tell me about the lives of people I don’t know. I have favorite bands (for instance) but I don’t know what the members like to eat, or where they live, or if they’re married–the music is enough for me. The same goes for movie stars.

    Honestly, one of the reasons I’ve posted in this thread so much is because I have always failed to see why ANYONE is interested in celebrities in that way. I mean, they really are (to me at least) people I do not know. The fact that they made a movie or sang a song that I liked or didn’t like does not equate to curiosity about any other aspect of their lives for me, and I don’t get why it does for anyone else. If someone told me that Taylor Lautner is absolutely, 1000% for-certain gay, it would affect me in exactly the same way as if someone told me that the guy who used to sweep the floors in the factory in China where my iPhone was made is gay–that is to say, not at all.

    So if *I* defend the privacy of someone concerning sexual orientation, it really does not have a thing to do with shame–or with my feelings about my own gayness or any other LGBT folks at all. Of course, when people out notorious bigots, I see that as a different sort of case; if you are willing to stick your nose into other peoples’ bedrooms, you should not be surprised when you get the same treatment.

  • BusterLA

    This is a shameful post. You are bullying someone who is only 19 years old and who — unless he becomes an anti-gay public zealot — is entitled to keep his sexual identity (at any age) as his own business.

    How well were any of us (gay or straight) handling our sexuality at 19? Now imagine trying to do that with an internet full of trolls discussing it among themselves.

    The only reason anyone might have to discuss Mr. Lautner’s sexual orientation is if you were about to have sex with him. And, while it may be a hard truth for some of you, in reality none of us is going to have that opportunity.

  • Gabbybear

    I agree when someone says their not or they say they are you basically have to take them @ their word unless you can prove 100% that they are not telling you a lie, & you can’t do that so go find something else to do with your time because someone’s sexuality is none of your business!

  • Gabbybear

    I agree when someone says their not or they say they are you basically have to take them @ their word unless you can prove 100% that they are telling you a lie, & you can’t do that so go find something else to do with your time because someone’s sexuality is none of your business!

  • aboy

    I’d like to see the interview this is from any one got a link? lol

  • Kyle

    @Dave: Yes, I agree with you because you were right.

  • Ben

    He has the short index finger of a straight guy, though.

  • Doughosier

    That poor guy. Straight or gay, he wants to have a career and the rumors will hurt his chances. It seems like America’s ok with an out male star who nobody wants to have sex with but a hot guy, forget it.

  • Kieran

    “Hands like ‘hers'”? Who needs homophobic bullies or coaches at school? We’ve got plenty of anti-gay bullying right here at queerty.

  • CBRad

    @Doughosier: That’s an interesting point. It seems only the leading men have to worry about gay rumors. People nobody wanted to have sex with (character actors) could be “out”, or at least didn’t go to great lengths to hide it, like Richard Deacon, Edward Everett Horton, Jack Larson, Charles Nelson Riley, Will Geer, Victor Buono..

  • Ryan

    Come on people hand movement is an act of class it does not define sexuality…..

  • Manny Roman

    Who cares if he is straight or gay. What difference does it make to anyone.

  • bagooka

    @Manny Roman: Well, if he’s closeted it makes you wonder why he’s not out. It wouldn’t be anyone’s business if he wasn’t a celebrity and there wasn’t an agreement that closeted celebrities should be outed.

  • Friend of RWR

    @Dave: Well put, Dave.

  • Danny

    @Cam: Agree with you totally here – you are spot on.

    @Dave (post #157): I respect what you are saying, but can you also respect that some of us have differing opinions on the “right” to celebrity privacy vs. the general public’s right to banter and gossip about them? Again, they put themselves out there.

    It’s great that Lautner being gay won’t affect your life at all… but maybe there is some kid out there who will see it as one more positive step towards self acceptance. If even the hunky kid from Twilight is gay, then maybe it’s OK for them to be gay?

    Those of you that are on here lecturing us on how to respect the “privacy” of public figures: All I’m saying is that I believe I have every right to gossip and light-heartedly tease people who WILLINGLY put themselves in the public spotlight for a chance to become multi-millionaires, and don’t feel I should be shamed for doing so – especially since there is NOTHING wrong with being gay. And really, I am not even “teasing”, I’m more or less saying, “based on several of the interviews I have seen of him, I believe him to be gay”. No big deal. If you feel it is, then you are entitled to your opinion on the matter, but you are NOT entitled to shame those of us that think it’s OK. We are not sitting here telling you that you MUST commence gossiping and that staying silent on these matters is shameful.

    What if I had said “based on that clip I think Lautner is left handed!” Would that be such a big deal? If not, then please explain to me the difference. Sexual orientation is no different than what hand you use.

  • Ace

    I’m pretty sure this was meant to be funny and you’re all overreacting. That gif DOES make him look kinda gay, but if he says he’s not.. then he’s not- or he’s in the closet. Either way, that’s his business.

  • Rob

    I think it goes beyond the ‘they gave up their privacy when they became public figures’ argument. If you’re gay and a celebrity, or politician, or cop, or firefighter, or astronaut, or sport star, or any kind of role model for kids, then you have the obligation to come out. As Rick Mercer says in my link above, you don’t have to wave the rainbow flag, but you shouldn’t keep it secret either. Many gay kids think they’re alone. Some can’t go on with this loneliness. They need to know that some of the biggest stars in film, tv, sports, politics, etc. are just like them, and those stars do these kids a disservice if they don’t tell them.
    Also, the more homosexuality is out in the open, the less it will become an effective bullying tactic.
    Perhaps there needs to be a ‘We are the 10%’ campaign. Or an International Coming Out Day. December 21st 2012 seems like a good time to do it. It’s the end of the world anyway, so why not go out with a bang. :)

  • chris

    @Marcus: oh wow.. i love zachary..i didn’t realize he came out.i guess secretly i’m glad.. but i knew he was a big advocate for rights ‘n stuff and since i don’t remember any great declarationsof heterosexuality i just figured he was one of the cools ones who didn’t care…hmm.. who knew ???

  • America

    Hand gestures does not mean you are one of those. Thank God he’s not one of those people.

  • kool_gal

    oh crap!! leave him alone..

  • kool_gal

    @Jeff: what the hell!! he hasn’t got a gay face or gay voice…oh come on man why dont u leave him alone??

  • Jon

    @allcommentators: I have to say that at this point we have all indulged the basest of desires in entertaining this blog like rats to peanut butter. Anyone who has commented is concerned in some way or another about Taylor’s sexuality; whether you’re defending him or speculating that he is gay. Will this blog lose views because of the heated antagonism over issues that could be addressed more broadly in the gay “community”? (I use the term community loosely because that would imply we actually give a damn about each other, but) of course not. You and I will all continue to love or love to hate this blog as often as possible because it punctuates the soporific ebb and flow of time between our surfing to indulge other desires. So please, embrace the futility of never winning arguments in commentary because Queerty is the proverbial black hole which will never be satiated.

  • savian


    wow, yall need a life

  • Pandora Harrison

    @GOD (gay old dude): Word up old dude. Sometimes we need to let the adrenals cool off and step outside of our egos for a second. I always talk in analogies, so it is a bit like the cop who took the job to help their community, but after awhile, they view everyone as a potential bad guy. Not everyone who we think is queer, is. It’s just the lavender colored glasses or wishful thinking! LOL

  • Golden

    I’m pretty sure it’s a joke everyone…

  • Joshua

    @Chadboy: Matt Bomer has never said he was straight…

  • AB

    It’s nothing, nothing, nothing, then whoa– combine the final hand gesture with the head wobble and bingo. Gay people want all sorts of stars to be gay because of their attraction, but Lautner did himself in.

  • lesas

    He’s gay. that’s it. end of story!!

    move on people

  • rufusTchristian

    Remind me what is the point of spreading stereotypes?
    He seems to be a very talented and smart guy, acting since barely a teenager. Also seems down to earth and noble guy which is far and few between with what’s coming up these days.

  • Mike

    does anyone really give a rats arse whether he’s gay, straight or slightly curved! it’s no ones business but his! he has a life, some of you really should get one of your own!

  • Mike "The Situation"

    @ Mike I know right. Freakin’ noisy people.

  • Donna

    This film is fake You can see where they just placed the head of taylor. The rest of the body is fake

  • JDC

    The legal definitions if the terms you folks are so blithely slinging around are as follows:
    – defamation: the publication of defamatory matter (matter oc a nature that will cause distress, pecuniary loss, loss of reputation, or ill will) to another about a third party via written or oral channels.
    – libel: the publication of defamatory matter through written or brroadcast materials, which typically include newspaper, written or typed communications, billboards, Internet media, and public broadcasting through radio, television, and telephonic methods.
    All-purpose public figures (e.g., movie stars) must generally prove actual malice (intent to harm) in order to recover for defamation — meaning you can speculate all you want, as long as you make it CLEAR that all you are doing is speculating. …some of you are in the wrong here.

    Your real problem, however, comes from “false light”. If you’re wrong about Lautner, this is indeed a legal invasion of his privacy.

    Think first, folks. Speculation is what it is, but be clear, you DO NOT HAVE AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT to say whatever you please about anyone, regardless of their celebrity status. Read the law before using it as an argument. Does his se quality matter enough to you to potentially have to defend yourself in a lawsuit over it? Grow up.

  • adamwolf

    @Aki: I quite agree. Besides, last I checked, coming out is an individual process, not a duty to society. And Lautner’s a kid. Some of us were thirty or older when we came out as whatever we chose to came out as. It’s not because he’s famous, he shouldn’t get that breathing space.

  • CB

    When did Ricky specifically say he was not gay? Give me a link or something PLEASE.

  • Chris

    Honestly, why does anyone care about this? Look at how many posts there on here, but how many of you even know jack about issues in the current election. This celeb-obsession is bread and circuses for you guys, and you fiddle while Rome burns.

  • fraser

    for anyone who has a problem with anyone being gay…. just think about it.

  • Olga

    Guys, really. This gif is a part of Taylor’s and Lily’s interview from Abduction promo. He was teasing Lily about smth. Are you all right? LOL…….

  • Brand

    @geez: Tom Cruise at 50 lying about his sexuality (if that is indeed what he’s doing) while marrying three times and making homophobic comments and all manner of lousy pseudo-religious judgements about other people and what they should and shouldn’t do with their personal lives leaves him open to whatever you want to say about him.

    Taylor Lautner at 20 lying about his sexuality (if that is indeed what he’s doing) while he’s still living with his parents last I heard, having a very private private life, and just trying to make a couple of bucks while he can, without having been away to college and likely without having gone through a real relationship or two to discover who he really is—again, whatever that may be—makes comparing the two the most shallow, bitter, cynical, judgemental, un-self-aware, and anti-gay statement I’ve heard today—and I caught a half-hour of the Republican debate.

    This isn’t about defamation or libel, it’s about killing the souls of young people who just want to be left alone to discover themselves and disclose their truths in their own time and to whom they please. It’s about the right to sexual anonymity for school kids at risk of bullying and abuse and being thrown out of their homes. We all have a personal journey to make in this life, only a part of which has to do with our sexuality. That is, unless other people keep reducing us to that, which is the M.O. of the other side so pretty low to throw this at someone you wish was one of our own. Reinforcing stereotypes (both his and yours for being so relentless in your self-serving quest to out him) isn’t the sort of thing that encourages trust and respect, in the other or in the self; who in their right mind would look forward to joining a community of Ted Casablancas and Daniel Villarreals?

    My advice to him (as if): you owe this crowd nothing until you find The One. You’re attractive and successful enough to meet a lot of people in your job and your downtime. When you do, don’t let career or family or fear of the media stop you from living your life for YOU and the ones you love. If you find yourself at 27 and that hasn’t happened, then it’s time to rethink if staying in the closet is cutting yourself off from your destiny. If you find yourself at 35 with discreet arranged relationships of convenience for fear your residual checks will suffer or the call to dance with the stars won’t come through, you’ve let them win.

  • John

    It means nothing. I’ve been wrong judging people as gay by stereotypical behavior in the past myself.

  • Harry

    If he is gay then he is gay. If he is straight then he is straight. It doesn’t matter. It could be possible he is Queer. Seems too often the Q gets dropped off of LGBTQ. Queer can be straight or gay. We are fighting for our rights to marry those we love, and part of that is asking for people not to “stick their nose” in what happens behind our bedroom doors. How bout we pay Taylor the same respect.

  • todd

    guys he doesnt have to come out its bizzare how quick everyone is to push people out of the closet….mind your own bussiness i dont care how famous he is.hes doesnt have to shout his sexuality at the top of his lungs…

  • Milo

    Effeminate heterosexuals aren’t a myth like unicorns.

  • Rob Moore

    @Pocket Otter: I share a similar viewpoint. Traits such as hand movements are very unreliable. If it was that easy, then 99% of Italian men are gay and 90% of Italian women are lesbians, at least the ones I have known. If he is gay, I’ll be glad to have him in the tribe. If he lives as a straight man, then let him be.

  • Joan

    Oh, he’s gay alright. Sorry ladies but yay for the guys! He’s waiting for his career to really take off and not let his sexuality be an issue in the press at the moment.

  • Dg

    That’s so stupid. I can’t even say anymore because that says it all. Give Taylor and break.

  • -_-_-_-

    @Franco: Yes. His hands convey a poetic gesture, a gesture that is undoubtedly associated with that unfortunate jester, the queer. His hands create an atmosphere; flowers bloom around his gestures, a woman sighs dramatically and swoons, birds of paradise preen. And we must take this gesture and create a loop, point at it again and again and again, to defile it?

    The ‘closet’ has become a mechanism of violence that queers use against other queers; we delight in the simple pleasure of pointing each other out, ripping the layers of protection from the body so that the exposed individual in question may be better scrutinized by the sneering public, like a specimen of filth, and then neatly compartmentalized into these ‘networks of information’ (such as Queerty, which is a shameful, disgusting little poisonous hole that I happily return to in order to better see where desire goes to crystallize and die) in order to keep close watch, to gain a foothold of control on the poor bastard. Shameful nonsense from a gaggle of screaming, self-loathing queens, the sort that Genet would have spat upon,

  • sammy

    200+ COMMENTS!!!!??!!!!


  • Daniel

    @Aki: because he’s wishing Taylor Lautner were gay. In psychology, it’s called wish fulfillment. But you know what? Just because you wish he were gay doesn’t make him gay.

  • MJ

    you know. I had a crush on him before and would’ve hoped that he was. but you realize that if you’re never really gonna meet someone in real life, why even care? and I’ve never seen any of his movies so I really don’t care. and how many guys his age are out there that look just as hot, if not hotter than him? if he is and does come out: congratulations! if not, then it is what it is. either way, the boy still has money, is still successful, popular, good looking, and very likeable. who cares?

  • Os

    I don’t like very much that according to this article it assumes that all gays are effeminate.
    And about this movement hand, maybe he is very expressive.

  • Meh

    @Danny: So not true. it’s wrong to call some a liar unless you have proof they are lying. Unless or until a person identifies him/herself as something other than heterosexual…they are and it’s no ones business if they choose not to announce their sexuality as was the case with MB AC and JF.

    When we start to force heterosexuals to announce their status…then it will be ok to do the same for gays.

  • jody

    @Wordsmith: are you serious right now?? this is a joke and a good one at that.. you fags need not to take it so literal.. damn i could only wish but either way id still fuck him gay or straight.. its never stopped us fags before

  • twilightblows

    Taylor probably is gay. Anyway–WHO CARES

    its not our business

  • robert

    Topics of sexuality don’t come up with people who are heterosexual. If the public assumes your sexual preference most times it is true.

  • Ryu

    people people -_- hand signs dont make you gay. its the lil head toss that he did that gives it away lol

  • billeeboy

    IMHO People, celebrities included, have every right to be private about their sexuality. People will come out when the time is right FOR THEM! The only cases in which I approve of outing someone is if they are publically homophobic while privately engaging in homosexual behaviour (e.g., Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, and many others). For such people, who negatively affect the rights and well-being of gays, their hypocrisy cancels out their right to privacy regarding their sexuality. I have no problem with outing such individuals!

  • LA2000

    I am more disturbed by the undercurrent of gay self loathing in Daniel Villarreal’s observation than I am by any 19 year old who wants to keep his sexuality to himself.

    What is clear is that even at his tender age Mr. Lautner, gay or straight, isn’t nearly as hung up or insecure about how he presents himself as Mr. Villarreal.

    And that’s a good thing.

  • gaiaweque

    Whoever posts things like this is as bad as the worst homophobes. “Look at the limp wrists on that pansy, Elmer!” Give the guy a break. He might just be French.

  • tucker

    holy shit
    thats the gayest thing i ever saw

  • Alexi3

    @KJ: My thoughts exactly. Remember how young he is and all he has to deal with just with the fame and money at his age that’s a lot to handle. If he’s gay, then he’s gay and when he’s ready to come out he will. I don’t know why any of us cares one way or the other – he’s not our enemy you know.

  • James

    I just wish him happiness.

  • Boricuaex

    I’d be so proud if he came out, but if not I’m just as happy. I just want him to do some gay themed movies, I think he’d be great!!

  • Michael W.

    He needs to work those jazz hands on my big cock while he’s blowing me.

  • bobnla

    oh for goodness sakes…leave him alone, QUEERTY. Get a life, don’t you have anything better to do? Taylor’s private life is his business.

  • Sluggo2007

    He’ll come out when the time is right for him. It’s his choice, not any of yours.

  • Marky

    He’s a gay ass bottom in my personal whack-off space, regardless of hand jazziness. In real life… meh. Don’t care.

  • Idunno

    Leave the man alone! Who cares if he is gay or not? And, it’s none of our business if he is or isn’t.

  • musclemutt

    It would be wrong if all these comments about hands and pronouns led Lautner not to speak freely because every jot had to be surveilled for gesture and gender if he wished not to lead the public to the wrong conclusion.

  • Kevin Wotipka

    I’ve noticed that if a man, straight or gay, has relaxed body language, the hands tend to be relaxed as well. In fact, keeping your hands relaxed helps to reduce stress and gives you better poise.

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