Closet Door Cracked?

Taylor Swift drops new album, sparks more bisexual rumors

Singer Taylor Swift surprised fans this week by announcing the imminent release of a new album. Already one of the songs on the album has sparked more speculation about the musician’s personal life.

The new album, titled Folklore, features 16 tracks, including a new song titled “Betty.” In it, Swift opines over a crush on a girl in her class.

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“Betty, I won’t make assumptions / About why you switched your homeroom but I think it’s ’cause of me / Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard. When I passed your house / It’s like I couldn’t breathe,” Swift sings. “You heard the rumors from Inez  You can’t believe a word she says / Most times, but this time it was true. The worst thing that I ever did / Was what I did to you.”

Apart from the romantic overtones of the lyrics themselves, the references to someone named Betty and to a female skateboarder appear to allude to the HBO series Betty about a lesbian skateboarder. It’s possible that Swift may just be a fan of the series, which debuted earlier this year.

On the other hand, this isn’t the first time Swift has hinted at her possible bisexuality. Last summer, she posted a picture to Instagram of herself wearing a bracelet that read “Pride” and which was adorned with the bisexual flag colors. The video for her song “You Need to Calm Down” also featured a litany of LGBTQ celebrities, and encouraged fans to support the Equality Act.