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Teen’s antigay rant shows the bigotry LGBTQ youth face every day

Queerty reader has directed us to a video of a teen expressing his severe homophobia, and we feel it deserves to be seen. We must warn you that he uses highly offensive language, and if you’re sensitive to hate speech, you may want to move on.

While antigay hostility on high school campuses (or anywhere else for that matter) isn’t much by the way of news, the willingness of bigots to wear their ignorance on their sleeves has become noticeably more pronounced in our current sociopolitical atmosphere.

Permission for bullying has been given by example at the highest levels of our government, and that attitude trickles down to America’s youth, who look to adults to develop a sense of what is right or wrong.

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In the video, the boy goes on a five minute rant about an “influx” of queer kids at his school. “More people are coming into the ninth grade that are gay,” he says. “I’m also going to call them fa**ots, and if that offends you, unfriend me on Facebook because I really don’t care. And it’s not so much that they’re gay, it’s that they are flashing their gayness to everybody, and that’s the part that’s pissing me off.”

He continues: “I don’t want to see two little queers walking down the hallway grabbing each other’s butts. I just can’t take that — that’s disgusting to me.”

If a straight couple wants to do the same thing, he later explains, that’s a totally different story.

Also among his list of offenses are boys who dye their hair or “act like women.” Actually, he thinks many of them aren’t gay at all, and are only seeking attention with their “queerness.”

“To be honest with you,” he says, “I don’t think most people want to see that, because it’s not that accepted — it’s really not.”

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We sincerely hope this boy develops beyond his current state of ignorance, and it’s certainly possible that he will.

But unfortunately, his adolescent view of the world falls in line with a large and vocal group of adults who also perceive anything different from them as offensive and a threat. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that homophobia has been linked to same-sex attraction.

According to the 2015 GLSEN National School Climate Survey, anti-LGBT harassment at schools is on the decline, and we want to see that trend continue even in the face of a new government run by bullies.

Watch below if you want a firsthand look at what many kids are up against every day:

UPDATE: After this post went up, the video was deleted from Vimeo. You can still watch it below:

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  • Chevelter

    Very disturbing, to say the least. These attitudes have been around forever but they’re crawling back out from under their rocks under Trump. A confused kid.

    • ChrisK

      He’s only 15. I’d say it’s a given that the parents feel the same way and he’s just parroting them. This could be titled under “15 yo’s say the stupidest things”.

    • brooklynbobby

      He can’t be 15. He’s driving. As far as I am aware the is no where in the country where you can drive before you are 16 unless you get a special dispensation because of special circumstances. This kid is obviously not mature enough or smart enough to be able to get permission to anything out of the ordinary LOL It also doesn’t say anywhere that he is 15.

    • ducky28215

      He’s not driving, only pretending to be. Look at the background outside the windows, never changes. So he is probably doing this to get attention.

  • KiwiJello

    “…if we can’t do it, you shouldn’t be able to do it.” The he goes on to talk about hair color.

    Some guys in his school watch Lesbian porn to get aroused. There are, ya know, “two sets of tittys, two vaginas, and two butts. And… that’s, uh, whatever.”

    And then God.

    Anyone else seeing a pattern?

  • honeybear

    He’ll be bottoming in a gay porn scene by next year.

    • AlexEf

      He’ll be bottoming for his closeted Christian Republican daddy next year.

  • whatevz

    how does one flag toothless inbred Trump supporters who pretend to go to school on Vimeo?

    • Kangol

      Just a reminder: a large number of middle and upper middle class white people voted for Trump. They weren’t all “trailer park” types. 53% of white women and 63% of white men voted for Trump, and they weren’t all or even mostly “toothless inbred” types. They’re all around you, many of them wearing suits and, like Neil Gorsuch, with Ivy League degrees and wealthy pedigrees.

    • whatevz

      s-t-f-u w/your alternative, made-up stats

  • ric

    Something tells me. This kid is so far in the closet. It will be years before he comes out. Or he may come out when his parents pass away.

  • Ditamo

    Its clear to me, this teen is gay. It’s also clear that he is struggling with his on identity and can’t stand to see other be themselves, since he knows he doesn’t have the mental courage to be comfortable with himself.

    The good thing is that he is still a child, and hopeful he will one day have the character to be himself and stop hatting.

  • Paco

    “What’s wrong with acting like a guy and still being gay?”


    Wow he sounds exactly like the self-loathing closet cases that post here. And so obsessed with butts, too.

    • CaliKyle

      I agree. The quote you referenced was the dead give away.

  • wolfman6

    You know what they say – the most homophobic men usually are gay. He pings my gaydar. His family is probably evangelicals and he’s grown up with that. He doesn’t want to see it because it reminds him of what he is. Little punk!

  • FredonianFellow

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  • oilburner

    That nonsensical rant ( his words he proudly called that BS a rant) was both stupid and at times sad. He can talk all the shit he wants and whine when society and ads on television don’t either go his way or represent his narrow minded views. As long as he doesn’t behave violently he’s entitled unfortunately to talk shit and just be stupid. I just feel bad for anyone who has hear his shit talking with that inbred twang.

  • barkomatic

    He’s young, so I hope he lightens up a bit and realizes he doesn’t need to hate. Gay and straight, we all act immature and annoying when we’re that age. His line about guys running around with sparklers up their butts made me chuckle a bit. Puts a picture in my head.

  • Blackceo

    Awww..poor little tink tink. There are effeminate hating gay men who feel this way too though. They also don’t like the flamboyant gays they feel flaunt their gayness and wish that they could simply “act like men”

    I knew a guy who said similar things like this I met my freshman year in college. He was one of those dumb frat boys who just constantly had to prove his masculinity and verbalize how he didn’t like “nelly boys”. Well, he sure liked my mouth around his dick. He was one of those “don’t kiss me on the lips” ones though because as we all know its the kissing on the lips that makes you gay :rolls eyes: I haven’t seen him since college and hope he’s come to terms with his identity.

  • grethomory

    Where is this guy from? Texas, Arizona or Florida? I have seen guys just like this who become the biggest queens since Elizabeth took the throne.

    • 11jks13

      with that accent…hillbilly from the mountains or redneck from the south.

      I kinda feel sorry for him, once we find out who he really is, his life as he knew it will be over. The hate will rain down on him and that will be that.

  • Ander

    Poor kid. He’s obviously struggling with some issues concerning his own sexuality and feels the need to deflect.
    That said, he gets no sympathy for being a damn bully.

  • schwma

    He was probably en route to a Craig’s List glory hole.

  • Chevelter

    Watching this made me mad at first, too, then sad. He needs educating, and to be taught kindness and tolerance. I’m not sure many of the comments left here are anything more than lashing back. Look up the video on vimeo. It’s called “Gay Rant” – then leave some constructive, educational comments for an ignorant, fearful fellow to help find his way.

  • jason_evans

    Oh please – this is nothing new. Let’s not pretend that homophobic youth just sprang out of the Trump era.

    • chris

      No they’ve been around for years but certainly Trump and his right hand henchmen have created a new normal where bigotry feels legitimised to speak its poison and nastiness regardless of the fact laws exist to prevent it. It’s nearly 20yrs since Matthew Shepherd for example and the backward time warp that embodies the Trump White House make these troubling times and erase all progress, advances, integration.

    • Jacques

      They’re not coming up because of the Trump era, but they’re most likely being more verbal because of it. Their upbringing and the parents influence, that’s what should be changing them and it’s not. Or it’s changing so slowly that it’s not making an impression in most areas.

  • Chevelter

    Of course homophobic youth are nothing new – I was bullied in high school in 1970! – but the rise of Trump is undeniably making outspoken meanness of all kinds more acceptable.

  • Christopher

    Totally not gay guy has a LOT to say about gays. I mean… A LOT. No homo.

  • jerrett_smith

    I’ve always said and witnessed that real straight men don’t give a shit about what other men do. This video just reeks of self loathing and latent homosexuality.

    ” I don’t like peas, and I’m glad I don’t like them, because if I liked them I would eat them and I hate them.”
    ~Quentin Crisp

    • djlukas2020

      I like your comment, I have a friend who thinks exactly like this guy, but my friend plays with guys too, so I don’t get it, Is a latent Homosexuality like you said… But I think the parents have to do a lot with this guys attitude, because when we talk about this gay issue, he always said, oooh my dad always says ‘NO SON OF MINE IS GONNA BE QUEER, NO QUEERS IN THIS HOUSE’ so the screwed my friend brain. Is been hard for me to ee him struggle with his emotions, anyway like you aid it just takes RESPECT and that solves all the problems.
      Take care man



    Immature AF. Which is why it doesn’t deserve to be shown here; show it to his school principal. This teen is not famous and his views have zero cultural influence (until that is you featured them) ; .This kid is an idiot but he doesn’t deserve the inevitable death threats. Also “Severe homophobia” should be reserved for threats of violence and then should be dealt with by the proper authorities. You have no proof that this kid has actually acted on his beliefs or even verbalised them outside this video. his Pick your motherfücking battles.

    15 hours ago Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Reposting due to “awaiting moderation” — yeah right

    • Chevelter

      Since the video was anonymously posted to the internet, we can’t show it to his high school principal. This individual teen isn’t famous (perhaps on his way to infamous) but it’s an ugly close up look at the views of many similar teens, which taken in total have destructive and bullying cultural influence. It’s instructive to take a look at this sort of attitude – to feel the hate – and expose this crap to the light of day. The teen expresses fantasies of doing violence. We can only hope he won’t act upon them. If anyone knows who he is, by all means bring this video to the attention of the proper authorities.

  • Jack Meoff

    So the video is now gone. Who removed it, Queerty or the kid?

    • Chevelter

      The video is back now, thanks to a viewer who captured it before either Vimeo or the teen removed it.

  • denis_richardson

    I would be any amount of money this guy has LOTS of sexual confusion about himself.

  • Daniel-Reader

    He sounds like that oversensitivity that strikes people about their surroundings and about others’ perceptions when they first come out until they realize no one gives a crap about them and they’re not the center of the universe so life goes on. Regardless, he sounds like he needs to get out, meet some gay guys involved in sports (or whatever he deems masculine), and expand his horizon so he feels more comfortable in the world about everything.

  • Chevelter

    What a helpful comment.

  • NateOcean

    Note to self: purchase more sparklers

    (Although that might explain the burning sensation on me backside.)

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    What’s disturbing and offending to me isn’t the video; it’s the reaction and comments many of you are posting. Is it not insulting when many of you have the attitude that this boy “must be closeted”? Why is it that many of you are adamant that such hatred comes from our community, rather than the failed upbringing, and uncivil attitudes that this boy must have picked up from his environment?

    I have never been attacked, or insulted for my sexuality from a fellow gay man, closeted or not, but from straight men who hated my sexuality for one reason or another; we are setting a very dangerous precedent by blaming other gay men for such attitudes. Tomorrow our enemies will embrace what many of you are posting; they’ll throw it back in our faces and wash their hands of the bigotry that is so evident within their own ranks.

  • Kris

    He certainly fits a mold also … chewing tobacco … hillbilly accent … likely raised by uneducated parents… a good ol boy …

  • Shane110873

    This is certainly not a new phenomenon… I was in High School in the late 80’s/early 90’s, people had the same attitude then. The difference was we weren’t as visible for the most part. We all pretty much had to stay closeted or get the crap beaten out of us, at school and at home. We were all intolerant back then and hated on anyone who could actually…gasp… be themselves! However, the other difference is that we learned restraint, we learned that throwing our lifestyles in people’s faces did not always benefit us. Not that we have to change who we are as people, but I have seen how some of the gay kids act in today’s world, and they just would not have been able to act like that back then, so on one hand, good for them, but on the other, if you don’t like others doing something in front of you, you should not be doing the same thing in front of them. I am not a fan of PDA, never have been. Don’t care if you’re gay, straight or otherwise. I just have never felt the need to shove the fact that I am Queer in everyone’s face and expect them to be good with it. I feel bad for this ignorant kid. I hope he comes to realize that tolerance and peace are better actions than hate and violence.

  • Ken A.

    I know I’m supposed to be offended by this but I found the whole rant amusing. I always find bitchy straight guys amusing. It was all over the place. I think he is jealous.

  • brent_thibault

    You know what pisses me off buddy… That you’re flashing your homophobia and ignorance to everybody. Why let it bother you… Do you have naughty thoughts yourself and feel guilty… Is it because your mom and dad have passed their ignorance on to you… Were you molested… Nobody is born ignorant so you learned it from someone. Try not to be so full of hate, life is too short. If you can somehow let go of the hate you carry… Your life will be richer and your future will be brighter. Just remember Karma NEVER forgets and what goes around comes around. Peace to you.

  • He BGB

    I hope there will be a day when there will be no homophobia. It is LEARNED,nobody is Born with homophobia. Education is the solution.

  • chris

    Wow this kid is clearly tortured. He bears all the hallmarks of either a child abused by religious bigotry or a child raised in an environment that would not be tolerant of him giving in to his own sexuality issues. He has to deride the more effeminate (confident and proudly out or exploring their sexuality kids) peers at his school because clearly he has been restricted from being able to express himself. I feel terribly sorry for him – this was a cry for help if ever I’ve seen one.

  • Rob91316

    He just needs a good spit-roasting.

  • Terrycloth

    He could go to a new school but there are them “gays” there a lot of people have seen this video and probably shared it with others…when he goes to college there might be a gay alliance club’s 2017 not 1960…maybe a close friend might come out to him ..that might change his mind or someone he looks up to he had no idea is gay…could turn things around…

  • ptcruiser13

    Dude will be fine once he gets his first taste from his best bro or his cousin Dave, and after he spits that chewing tobacco out to make room for the bro’s stogie. Does Uncle Allan know he’s pretending to drive his pick up outside the public washroom? The most vocal are generally the most in-secure, right.
    I wanna tell this kid: “It’s okay buddy – it will get better… once you toss aside the whole christian, self-hating dribble they’re feeding ya” and you realize male/female, gay/straight we all love 8=D and it’s okay.

  • SFHandyman

    Kid has probably been abused with a religious upbringing. I feel sorry for him. I expect he feels strong emotions when he sees the gay guys and thinks he has to fight them because of the way he has been raised.

    I don’t think the straight boys are spending much time thinking about the gay guys. Their brains are laser focussed on girls at that age.

    I wouldn’t have posted this. He is already probably getting shit at school, he doesn’t need more from the general public.

    I hope he doesn’t do anything to harm himself and grows out of this soon. Hopefully there are some good adults who will help him talk through his anger.

  • GayEGO

    Frankly, I do not like to see straight or gay people touching each other in a sexual manner, but who am I to judge! This homophobic looks like a Mary Doogan who is swishy and dishy which is why he hates himself.

  • rbernard

    More likely than not, this boy has latency issues and is fighting them. Boys secure with their sexuality, don’t care about what other boys are doing – he really does seem to care.
    I do believe hate is contagious and this kid maybe around another hater, maybe a religious freak and this is affecting his opinions.
    I do not think people are born to hate gay folks and this is a learned behavior .

  • stephen driscoll

    That chewin’ tabacky is rotting his mouth and religion is rotting his mind.

  • seaguy

    It seems like he is from the south and probably grew up in the trailer park hearing Ma and Pa talk like that about gay people. It clearly shows he is uneducated and ignorant to say the least. Sad that people are this way still but they are the ones who got Trump elected.

  • Kangol

    Another young white gay closet-case spewing hate online. I hope his school is keeping a close eye on him, and I feel for the LGBTQ kids who have to deal with him.

  • Tad

    Someone down the road is going to find this guy in a compromising position in a public bathroom. It’s always the repressed ones who protest too much.

  • StacysMusings

    I was kinda like this when I became a Christian… It took me realizing that I was transgender for me to realize that I belong to the very group I was raging against… I still love God, but I’ve learned this type of hate speech we are hearing from this young man isn’t helpful, or biblical.

  • Jacques

    Is he for real? Is that how Americans raise their kids. My way is the only acceptable way. If you are different, it is unacceptable. First of all, kids grabbing privates and asses should not be tolerated in any circumstances, Gay or Straight. Holding hands and kisses should be accepted by all, Gay or Straight. If you can’t you have serious homophobic issues and should seek help.

  • Desert Eagle

    The kid might have a point about kids pretending to be gay to get attention. It seems to be fashionable nowadays to be gay.
    Really, even straight couples shouldnt be grabbing ass, vagina or penises in public. They act like the school whores weather they are or gay or straight.

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