Ten Mailers New York Should Use To Fight NOM And Win Marriage Equality

NOM and other anti-gay groups want people to equate marriage equality with an attack on religion, community values, and predation on children—but they certainly don’t have the market cornered on any of those, especially as society gets exposed to more calm, rational, and openly-gay TV characters and professional athletes.

We criticized the NYC pro-equality ads featuring two milquetoast lesbians as failing to meet the emotional pitch and engagement of their “queers will turn all kids and churches gay” ad. Well, this week NOM delivered totally predictable mailers with more of the same blather, but we thought, “Why not take off the kid gloves and aggressively respond with some of our own anti-NOM postcards turning their own words back on them?” Here they are:

First, a few quick disclaimers:

We are not professional designers, copywriters, or marriage equality advocates. We designed most of these quickly on Photoshop, wrote them quickly to give an idea of possible messaging, and used some statistics and dollar amounts as placeholders just to get the general strategic idea across. Let’s leave it to the experts to fill them in later.

We tried to focus on compelling emotional issues rather than get into too many potentially confusing specifics. We used angles taken directly from the 10 easy-to-answer yes/no questions we gave to NOM earlier this week (a letter they have still not had the guts or intellectual honesty to respond to or pose to their own members). If we can keep nailing these key messages such as the rights they want to deny committed adults and the lies they tell, we keep the issue simple and easy to understand.

Also, while any commenter can easily say, “These suck” or “They won’t work,” we’d rather hear what might work better—let’s build together, not just tear each other down.

Enjoy the show…