Ten Mailers New York Should Use To Fight NOM And Win Marriage Equality

ADOPTION CARD – NOM uses the “gays harm children” angle a lot and they like to portray themselves as a loving Christian group. To turn this back on them, we need to emphasize that their policies would force taxpayers to spend millions just to keep children rotting in orphanages. It’s not an angle, it’s not spin—it’s a fact. Denying loving homes to needy children. How Christian is that?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our original version of the “adoption card” showed a young Iraqi girl named Samar Hassan the instant she became an orphan resulting from her parents’ murder at a US checkpoint. We found the photo during a quick image search without initially knowing its backstory. Out of respect for Ms. Hassan and the horrors of war, we have decided to replace the image with the one above. While it does show a Mongolian orphan, we consider the image as a placeholder not too far a cry from the reality of some children stuck in New York state orphanages by NOM hateful wishes.