Were you one of the many homos whose gaydar was set aflame by that now-notorious Budweiser ad? Or are you one of the many homos who watched the ad and then said, “ehhhhh, I just don’t see it.”

According to some, the commercial shows a gay soldier returning to his boyfriend. To others, it looks like a puffy everyman returning to a generic small town family.

So: gay? Straight? Is this just a case of gays seeing what they want to see, a sort of boozy Rorschach test? Which side of the fence are you on?

In his new video, Bryan Safi breaks down all the clues, starting with the very first shot of the movie: a dude using a telephone. Gay people use telephones! Ergo, he is gay.

But if Budweiser really wanted to appeal to gays by appropriating a traditionally heterosexual occupation, why wouldn’t they just film an ad about steelworkers?


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