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  • Ken S

    Really? You don’t think there are certain conservative Democrats in America who might blame gays “for being a wedge issue” that Republicans used to mobilize anti-gay voters to turn on for the ’04 election? I think you misunderestimate just how deeply and thoroughly deranged the minds of many homophobes can be. They torture logic as if it were an altar boy and they were Catholic priests the eve of “As of Now, Zero Tolerance For Molestation or We’re Giving You to The Police Gift-wrapped, For Real This Time” day

  • hottiestar

    I have another one:
    Overpopulation ;)

  • REBELComx

    @hottiestar: Oh I’m sure someone could twist logic around and blame us for that one too.
    Heterosexual society is under attack by the radical gay agenda…
    Therefore: Heterosexuals must reproduce more in order to breed out and overpower the homos.

    See? If I can come up with it, someone else could. Of course that argument wouldn’t make any REAL sense though because by breeding more, they are actually producing MORE homos. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try to make the argument.

  • Wetterdew

    Unplanned pregnancies, then. (That’s what I was expecting.)

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