The 2 Senators Charged With Repealing DADT Are Rolling Their Eyes at the Chances

As chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, it falls on Sen. Carl Levin’s shoulders to see if pushing a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal through committee, and to a full floor vote, makes sense. And as the White House’s pointman on the repeal, Sen. Joe Lieberman is responsible for generating bipartisan support for the push. So what’s it say that neither Levin nor Lieberman think repealing DADT is even doable in the near future?

This is a tragedy of Greek proportions. Or to stick with tradition, do we actually need a third party to join the chorus of hopeless? Let’s toss Joe Solmonese’s hat in the ring, because really, he hasn’t believed in an actual DADT repeal in years.

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  • andy_d

    It means that they are incompetent farts who do not seem to want to look at facts.

  • Brian NYC

    The political reality is that there aren’t enough votes in the US Senate to repeal DADT. Levin and Lieberman know that. The President knew it too when he said he “would work with the Congress.” Later this year he’ll blame the Congress.

    That’s politics. We can’t win politically. We should stop wasting our money and our energy on this false hope.

  • stevenelliot

    No what we should be focusing on is getting a mandatory retirement age of 65 for politicians in Congress and the white house. This is our problem. while we as gays are increasingly being accepted in the american population, the country is still run by centuries old white men……..

  • Jon

    Queerty stop fear mongering! Being positive is the only way civil rights fights work.

  • jason

    When Obama was seeking our votes, he promised he would repeal DADT. He didn’t say “I will hold Congressional hearings and see what Congress thinks”.

    He won our votes on the basis of promising to repeal DADT. As such, he should stick to his promise. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t deserve our votes. And neither do the Democrats.

  • tjr101


    Obama’s promises are quite blurred. Just like with healthcare he never promised a public option. Obama never promised repealing DADT by executive order which I gather you’re hoping for. DADT is a law that has to be repealed by congress. Unfortunately one of the greatest obstacles to progress in America is this institution called the senate which is so out of touch it’s disgusting.

  • Nicholas

    This might sound stupid but i dont no who the DADT are….are they supportive of gays or not i dont know :(

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