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The 3 Supreme Court Cases Obama’s New Pick Will Decide For You

With Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retiring this summer, everyone’s started wondering who’ll replace the LGBT-friendliest judge. Republican Senator John Cornyn has already said that he’d be OK with a gay appointee, just as long as they don’t get too gay with their decisions. He may well get his wish as the AP just released a short list with 7 of Obama’s 10 possible Supreme Court nominees, including rumored lesbian Janet Napolitano. But whether the next Justice is gay or not, several of the court’s upcoming cases will certainly address gay rights. And Obama’s pick, and Republicans’ soon-to-come blocking efforts, will decide your future.


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  • doubter

    Good article over all. One thing that the author leaves out though is that regardless of whether or not DOMA is unconstitutional under a 10th (or even a 5th) amendment claim, it’s still the only thing holding the legislative branch from taking up a call to pass a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage. Currently DOMA is the dyke (pun half intended) holding a vast sea at bay. That’s not to say that it deserves to remain on the books, but one has to remember not only what it stands in place of, but also that it takes, at minimum, four Justices to approve the court placing the case on its docket.

  • reason

    It seems like the cases don’t really have the legs to challenge existing law.

    It would take a serious sea change in congress and/or nearly every state house to get a constitutional amendment pasted.

  • doubter

    @reason: i realize that. what i’m saying is that it would make it easier to rally support to “protect” marriage.

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