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  • Pep, Italy

    Loving the gay Republicans!!! Reminds me of the American Dad episode where one half of the gay couple turns out to be a diehard conservative.

    Did not watch the preview.. but gays come in all political persuasions!!
    In Northern Europe many of the conservative parties have significant numbers of gay men (and to a lesser extent also gay women) in power at a local and national level.

  • Cam

    Gee, will their be an unnecessary bitchy female screaming all the time and a fake bisexual?

  • delurker


  • Daez

    Oh Logo, educating America about stereotypical fake gays daily!

  • ggreen

    Ahh Texas still undisputedly and forever America’s a**hole.

  • xander

    Talk about a group of stereotypes writ large: guys with bowties, cowboy garb and faux-butch voices pretending they’re accepted by their fundy family and neighbours. And whining about not being allowed to join the golf club.

    Arse-List Dallas dialogue will surely include: “We’re even allowed to shake hands with straight men here, y’all, yee haw”!

    Here’s a hint that GayCities won’t tell you on their pages: The only way to survive a trip to Dallas is pretend you’re in a theme park called “Conservistan.” Works every time.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I’m sick to my stomach, being from Texas I think this is the biggest amount of stereotypes about gays and texans I’ve ever seen. I hope this shit flops HARD.

  • doug105

    As a gift, this equals an ex giving you an std

  • Cam

    @doug105: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad

    @Pep, Italy:

    Conservatives in the U.S. are bear little resemblance to the mainstream European conservatives. Most European conservatives would be considered evil socialists and liberals by current Republican standards. (Hell, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon would be run out of the party based their beliefs and policies if they were alive today.)

    The U.S. Republican Party is happily anti-gay. It champions preventing gays from having equality, whether that is in housing, employment, or domestic partnerships (civil unions or marriage).

    As for Taylor, if the guy is socially liberal and fiscal conservative, he’d find a more welcoming home in the Democratic Party. The majority of U.S. deficits were created under Republican presidents and not Democratic presidents. Moreover, the modern Republican Party is dominated by people who have no understanding of economics, but adhere to an irrational no-tax ideology.

    It’s also bewildering how anyone who is a Christian can be a Republican. In the true sense of Christianity, the Republican Party is the antithesis of Christ’s values. The Republican Party worships the dollar, the free market, and corporations.

  • George412

    Not an attractive cast. They all look the same.

  • Jack E. Jett

    The Dallas gay scene can be very starched and cliquish. So I am not sure this casting is THAT far off. Some of our gay Dems are more conservative than gay Repubs. It is a very complicated gay scene and if Logo can capture that, it will be interesting.

  • Spike

    Just a matter of time before Logo is Can’t Watch TV . . .

  • Josh in OR

    @Pep, Italy: Difference being that in most European nations, the Conservative Party doesn’t advocate for segregation and concentration camps for gays like many in the American-Hard-Right-Protestant-Christians-Only-Theocracy-Party, formerly the Republican Party.

  • Jack E. Jett

    @Josh in OR: It is sad how we have let organized religion take over our government. It has been the biggest stumbling block in gay rights.

  • Ogre Magi

    What a steaming pile of dung!

  • Pep, Italy

    @Josh in OR – absolutely true, although it doesn’t seem fair to blame Protestants only, there’s plenty of Catholic haters out there as well, and unlike the Protestants they present a much more united front (clerical hierarchy, several high-profile anti gay bishops etc.).

  • Stephen

    Kill it with fire! Seriously! Dallas?!? Well, I guess now the rest of the country’s stereotypes about Tx are going to get reinforced. (Dallas is kind of a joke to the rest of us living in the Lone Star state because they seem to BE the stereotype).

    How about A list Austin? Or Houston? Oh, wait, then you’d actually meet normal queers with real lives sans “Dallatude”…

  • timncguy

    Can’t wait to compare this with the new show “Most Eligible Dallas”. So far, everyone on that show is an ASS!!!!

  • neil

    taylor and chase definitely better looking than the NY cast and the rest of the Dallas cast combined.

  • dianshias

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  • Jay

    @Pep, Italy: But rightwing European parties who have out, prominent gays in their leadership don’t make gay bashing a central tenet of their platform, quite unlike the GOP-Taliban.

  • Sul

    “Housewives with balls….y’all!” Omfg, seriously? i’m from dallas, and hardly ANYone looks or acts like those people. The ones who do are from fort worth. The people who populate Cedar Springs would look just as natural in Pittsburgh as they do in Dallas.

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