The A-List: Dallas Recap: “Naked, Bacon… It’s Fine”


  • Michael

    Hilarious recap of this god awful show.No offense to fans I just can’t stand these negative stereotypes of the lgbt community.Shows like this do not help either.Solely my opinion.

  • Bigg

    This show is an affront to any self-respecting gay man. Nobody with the smallest shred of dignity would act the way these men do, and none of us should emulate them.

  • wayne

    Are the assholes that run Logo all a bunch of self-hating queens or are they a bunch of anti-gay Repubicans? I know this paid advert from Logo is supposed to make us want to watch, but the first paragraph alone proves there’s nothing on this show worth watching.

  • itsanasteroidintheshapeofanass

    This a scripted show right?? I mean these people cannot really be acting like this in real life right?? right??!!!!!???!!!!!

  • HM

    Legalize Gay…..what? Being a childish slut?

    Seriously. It’s an inportant cause, not a ‘conversation-toungesucking in the parking lot’ starting tee shirt…..and by the looks of it, NOTHING you’ll have any interest in taking advantage of….

  • Ogre Magi

    I wouldn’t watch that show if I was paid to!

  • Dave Lara

    Welcome to the big bad gay world.

    Dave L.
    Dirty Old Gay Guy

  • Trip

    Sorry, JC, but despite your best PC efforts to argue otherwise, there’s no mistaking Phillip’s mannerisms for anything but flaming homosexual. Period. Yes, it’s true that not all gay men act/behave in a certain way, but conversely, anyone and everyone who acts/speaks/flutters like Phillip is unmistakeably gay.

  • wayne

    @itsanasteroidintheshapeofanass: Considering that the NY version built a storyline around one of their guy’s future appearance in Playgirl only to have PG come out later and admit he was never going to be in PG, I’d say, yeah, this whole series is scripted bullshit. It’s like watching a poorly acted, poorly written shitcom. Why bother?

  • Angel

    I like this show !!! Maybe cause Im smart enough to know its just suppose to be fun. I dont take it too serious and I dont feel it has to represent me or my lifestyle.

  • What?

    Why is this a show? Sounds less interesting than Real Housewives already is. No thanks.

  • Ronbo

    This is a seriously bad show for the LGBT community. LOGO must have the NOM agenda in mind when they present gays as vapid, pretentious and fake. I’m for people being who they are on the inside; but, this group seems scripted by advertisers to sell crapola that 99% of gays don’t want or need. (Who the hell needs a party planner? For God’s sake we ARE gay)

    I don’t see a genuine person in the group; they are competing to be top of this pyramid of emptiness. “There’s just something obvious about emptiness, even when you try to convince yourself otherwise.”

    LOGO, call me. I’ll give you this same show only focus on people searching to fill their lives with love – instead of liquor, possessions and false images. The sex, well, we’ll keep that in there to grow the audience.

  • Ronbo

    @Angel: Angel, Imagine your co-workers watching this show and saying, “Angel is gay too.” Doesn’t that make you cringe?

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