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  • wannabegay2

    these people are heroes. real heroes. thank you!

  • L.

    I hope this will show in my neck of the woods. I’d really like to see this.

  • johndear

    The gays there are so brave. I hope Queerty post some follow up information on this documentary like when it is coming out.

  • So Over it!!

    So the guys with the short hair is so way hot.. please come to the state where I will keep you safe!!! The guy with the dreads is a brave soul… ( thats hot)!!

    I believe that it is shameful how hate can become so infectious!! This is not what God is about!!

    One love!!

  • Dmitriy

    How much aid is america giving to this country?

    where is our supposedly gay-positive president on this issue?

  • cschulten

    40% of Uganda’s budget comes from foreign aid. Obviously not all of that is from The States. As a knee-jerk reaction I want to say “lets cut off all aid to Uganda,” but then I thought “Why hurt more innocent people.” But then I did another 180 and remembered that 96% of Ugandan’s oppose homosexuality. Hmph. Ultimately I believe that most people who profess their opposition to homosexuality do so because they are educated and live in a social climate that ostracizes and condemns homosexuals and those who support them. Why should they risk their life for a cause that could get them imprisoned, tortured, or killed? Education, or lack thereof, is the main problem in this case. The bigoted governmental powers-to-be are educating students under biased, anti-gay, Extremist ideologies. Many church leaders and politicians in both the US and Uganda not only fear the backlash of opposing the bill, but in most cases fear homosexuality itself. One would think colonial-era thought would be irrelevant in modern society. Extremists who purport these ideas hold the world back. This is a dark time in human rights. God bless the men and women featured in the movie.

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