The Courage Campaign’s Meg Whitman Attack Ad That Has Nothing to Do With Gays

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It’s not that former eBay chief Meg Whitman, who wants to be governor-slash-savior of California, supported Prop 8 that so upsets the Courage Campaign. Or that she’s just a horrible person. It’s that if she’s elected, she’s going to close the state’s enormous budget shortfall by eliminating funding public services and education while cutting the wealthy some tax slack. Well, this is a new tactic.

The Courage Campaign is mostly known for safeguarding secret poll data and blaming other groups for the failure of the No On 8 campaign. Oh, and focusing on gay rights.

But now it’s not even using The Gay Agenda to try to sway voters against Whitman. Instead, Rick Jacobs & Co. hope its new “Meg’s California” ad — not yet on TV — will convince voters to choose an alternative to the anti-gay marriage candidate.

We likey.

Because gay marriage isn’t the only issue on the minds of California voters. Even the gay ones! Fiscal responsibility. Job creation. Health care. Those things matter very, very much right now, and the Courage Campaign is wise to latch on to those issues to achieve its ultimate goal: keeping an enemy out of office. At any cost.

“All we’re doing is telling people what the Republican Party is telling people,” says Jacobs. “We’re just making sure they hear it.”

And threatening the idea that the beaches, zoos, public libraries, and even the damn DMV will close if Whitman takes office? Even with the ad’s mellow feel, it’s a hint toward the type of activist group battle ad we’ve been demanding to see. More of this please, but with the damning music of Shutter Island.

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