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  • meego

    So, that’s what he’s into now. ;)

  • Dave

    Greyhounds are Greytest!


  • TimBo

    So over this guy he is starting to get annoying

  • Jeffree

    @timbo: Davey’s just “starting” to get annoying?! You must have a higher threshhold for suffering :-)

    I admit that the dog is cool, though. Greyhounds are great pets: smart, affectionate & good-natured, mostly!

  • Chris

    Awwes. Davey is still cute.

    Saving the world one gayboi at a time.

  • meego

    He really should do something about those moobs. Picture him at 50 with saggy, flabby moobs. He’ll have to wear a mansiere :)

  • WillBFair

    I so agree. He’d have a pretty body but for the man boobs. He could wet nurse the 7th Fleet with those things.

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