On April 7, the body of Dr. Srinivas Ramachandra Siras, the 64-year-old chairman of the Modern Indian Languages department at Aligarh Muslim University in India, was found. On April 8, his estranged wife filed a claim to take possession of all his property. Huh!

Though 52-year-old Mansi alias Prabha Kavimandan (is “alias” a middle name, or does that mean her alias is Prabha Kavimandan?) wasn’t exactly by Siras’ side during his videotaped gay sex scandal — him being gay might have something to do with it — now that he’s gone, she wants his stuff.

Mansi, who married Siras on December 29, 1989, has claimed that she is his legal heir. She has staked ownership on Siras’ prime property at Dharampeth on West High Court Road, a tony business area of Nagpur. The 1,800 square feet land on which stands a two-storey bungalow has a market value of at least Rs 3 crore. Originally, the family owned 7,245 square feet. After a long legal battle in 1993, it was split among the four Siras brothers. While three of them sold their property, Siras constructed a house on his share. Apart from the property, Mansi also wants her 64-year-old husband’s monthly pension to be paid to her.

Of course she’ll use some of her dead husband’s assets to conduct an investigation into his death if the police won’t, right?

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