As modern civilization awaits the arrival 50 Shades of Grey to hit movie theaters today, Queerty takes this moment to celebrate the glories of gay men’s favorite on-screen hetero sex scenes. Because some scenes are so good, they transcend sexual orientation. Sexy is sexy, y’know?


Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Unquestionably the most controversial film of its time, Last Tango in Paris shocked and titillated ’70s moviegoers with it’s frank discussion of sex. The film was banned in many cities and foreign countries and Marlon Brando gave one of his most powerful and personal performances while educating audiences on the use of butter as an anal lubricant.

Wenn der Postmann zweimal klingelt

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

With her searing performance as Cora, a down-on-her-luck waitress with murder on her mind, Jessica Lange leaped from King Kong’s luscious girlfriend to one of America’s greatest actresses. This remake of the 1946 film noir paired her with Jack Nicholson as a drifter she lures into murdering her much-older husband. The film became renowned for a steamy sex scene on a kitchen table where Cora’s been baking. Nicholson’s character is ravenous but not for bread, if you get our drift. The scene became notorious at the time when rumors circulated that the sex between the actors wasn’t simulated.


Body Heat (1981)

Besides being Kathleen Turner’s first major movie role, Body Heat was an instant cult classic thanks to endless sex scenes filmed through foggy lenses with dramatic early-’80s lighting. Apparently the movie contains a plot, something involving a plot to murder Turner’s on-screen husband. But the only thing anyone really remembers is the scene in which Turner gets co-star William Hurt to do her up the butt. Lots of gasping ensues.


Unfaithful (2002)

Diane Lane, Diane Lane, Diane Lane. This movie is all about Diane Lane’s riveting performance as a bored housewife who falls for the charms of a gorgeous Frenchman with the perfect mop of black hair and lips that are just begging to be chewed. But not only is the sex hot, it is also very real, as are the resulting waves of guilt, jealousy and hunger that inevitably follow such a clandestine affair. Lane was nominated for an Oscar for this movie–and if you can earn an Oscar nomination in a movie in which you wipe your vagina clean with toilet paper while trying to stand steady in a train bathroom, you are clearly projecting some serious heat. Watch the scene starting at 1:06 in which Lane, after sneaking away from her family one afternoon, catches her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman…and marvel at her glory. It’s the scene when she sticks her glory in the air for the Frenchman to marvel at up close.


Secretary (2002)

2002 was a big year for sex movies! This one also paved the way for 50 Shades of Grey to investigate the world of BDSM, and show how a relationship held together with whips and chains can actually be built on a foundation of love. Maggie Gyllenhall plays a woman who cuts herself to relieve the depression and turmoil in her head, but finds a positive outlet when she becomes the secretary of a lawyer, a played by a delightfully terrifying James Spader, who is a master of sexual domination. A pivotal scene occurs when she types (smack) a memo and (smack) it has (smack) a typo. And that’s just the beginning. By the end, if you can handle sitting through the sadomasochistic intensity, you’ll cheer for this unique take of what is really a happily-ever-after tale. Plus there’s some sexual intercourse while tied to a tree.

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