The Hobbit Will Feature Gay Wizard, Sword Fighting, Dwarf Tossing

We already knew that gay funnyman Stephen Fry would appear in Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings prequel The Hobbit (and everyone knows that hobbit is just new gay speak for short bears). But there’s also Gandalf the Gay, a bunch of beards swishing their swords together, some hardcore dwarf tossing, an all-male choir and two hobbits fighting over the most fabulous ring ever. Bust out the chain mail and mead—next Christmas is gonna be gayer than all of Lothlorien.

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  • Jasun Maark

    Gandalf The Gay?


    I’d expect language like that to be used on a site run by a bunch of douchebag straight high school students.

  • Kylew

    @Jasun Maark: seconded – it’s a shame to see such an important gay resource as this site dropping to the depths of gutter journalism time and again. And I don’t think it’s being uptight to ask queerty’s journalists to at least show a bit of respect to fellow gays, even if they can’t extend it to straights.

  • WillBFair

    I’m sorry. This I cannot allow. Lord of the Rings may be the finest work of literature of our generation. That director Peter Whatshisface did enough damage to it, although in fairness a couple of the scenes were kick ass. But this goes too far. Let no one henceforth meddle with the purity and overall fabulosity of Tolkien’s work.

  • Steve

    Tolkien’s work was a glorified bedtime story, and dry as hell.

    Peter Jackson just cut out the boring 80%. I think the hobbit will be much easier to work with though, it’s far more actiony.

  • JohnAGJ

    Realy, Daniel?

  • dk

    Aidan Turner! This movie needs lots more Aidan Turner.. *faints*

  • Martin

    Steve… Stay with the zombie films. Books take brain to understand…

    And yes its so disappointing from Queerty

  • Jeff

    LOL the character Gandolf isn’t gay, even in the LOTR movies he’s not faggy even if the hobbits can be.

  • Kylew

    @Jeff: No, but the actor who plays him is.

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